Urgent chrome dramas

O hai. Erm, Chrome is being a nob on my pc - opens but sits in the task bar. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, shut down and unplugged, nothing.
Halp! As I can’t figure how to get bookmarks into Firefox! :rofl: :rofl: On my phone it’s fine…

Don’t you import bookmarks when you install Firefox - not sure Chrome will export bookmarks to a competitor.

Press Ctrl + Shift + O. this opens Book mark manger. Then the 3 dots top right, there is an export book marks in there.

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Didnae work as it just opens chrome bookmark manager in the task bar, so I can’t do anything.
Is there a way that ff “pulls” bookmarks as opposed to “push” from chrome?

Have you tried opening it in safe mode?

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Nopes. But via the medium of facebook and this suggestion - now sorted. GREAT shout, Hammy.

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Well, Opera did the same thing…

However… As I have HDMI connection to TV, which I RARELY use whilst PCing, it is likely that the browsers were displayed on that “monitor”… So, as initially suspected, looking like user error! :joy::joy: