Vermentide 2

Just saw its released this week, anyone interested? I played a bunch of Vermentide 1 but got a bit bored because of the lack of variety and people to play with. I might give this a shot if more people pick it up too. It seems each hero can now specialise in 3 sub classes plus more enemies. I’m not sure how much the gameplay mechanics changed though .

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I know Vred has the Beta for it and was enjoying it, especially the range of enemies.

I picked up the first one cheap and thought it was great. I’ll probably pick this up if I haven’t already broken the bank this month…

I bought it as it was 10% off and not too expensive anyway. I like it so far, variety is still an issue but the different (sub)classes really play different. I feel like the balance is totally off though.

I have to work my ass of to do damage with my Kerillian at lvl 8, a lvl 3 Kruber just has to stand in front of something and slaughter and still comes out on top in damage done/kill count. Espeically his ranged weapons does insane damage.

I really enjoy my bow and dual swords though, I have to get to a higher level and get more talents, I think the Elf is quite reliant on that. Probably go for crit based bow build first and then try a back stabbing dual sword once unlocked!

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