Vigor. Not DayZ

Vigor is an Xbox One exclusive as we want to focus our development to provide the best possible experience for the players. Xbox Game Preview allows us to do that while developing a game for console. We also want to build a strong community and let our players help shape and improve the game before its full release.

I have signed up for the beta. I do not own an xbox.

Lots of Saabs and Volvos. :slight_smile:

Looks really good though, for a release trailer. I’ve owned a Russian gasmask like that. Can’t-See-Shit. Can’t imagine why you’d wear it if you didn’t need to.

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I remember watching some videos on this recently and it look interesting.

ooh, the closed beta has started, and i have access!

still don’t have an xbox…

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Contact the developers @adrock, say that you thought an XBOX One would be included within the beta, and when can you expect delivery?

I mean, they can’t expect you to give up your precious time analysing a beta of their game AND expect you to provide the hardware to play it on, right?

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i do feel like they’re being quite demanding. Had i known at the start of the week i could’ve got one cheap on prime day, but their poor communication meant i didn’t read anything about the game until Wednesday, so they’ll need to step up.

raised a ticket with bohemia, they’re going to send me an xbox one :smiley:

but they need to finish up working on DayZ first…