VPN, who uses what?

Who uses what? I’ve just changed to Plusnet and they seem to block a few sites I would use. So looks like I need a VPN now.

I literally just changed from my old one (around 1h ago), Iron Socket, to privateinternetaccess. So far seems ok, MUCH better download rates, reacts much faster when serving and so far no websites blocked!

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i have a tunnelbear account i use for faffery and i’ve never had any issues with it, or run openvpn on a vps in whatever region you want to appear to be in if it’s a fixed lcoation? Depends what the sites are and what you’re trying to do i guess.

I’ve thought about a VPN for a while since I sub for a Socks5 Torrent Proxy through TorGuard who are offering me some VPN package deals for being a loyal customer.

It’s need for a few torrent sites that I use once in a blue moon for random music that’s hard to get else where. Plusnet seem to block these from my quick testing this morning

I use Mullvad and am very happy with it. 5 euro a month and i can get up to 15MB/s on the wireless network.

You can use it on 3 separate devices or just install it on your router

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I use TunnelBlick to make a tunnel to my server if I’m remote, which I can then access anything from.

I also use PrivateInternetConnection when required.

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Just signed up for this, seems to be working a treat. Can you get a mobile app?

I don’t think mullvad have a mobile app.

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Hey Hammy,

I’m with Plusnet also and found they do block a lot of torrent sites. I use Chrome as my browser and have a plugin call SetupVPN which is free. This has enable me to get to the blocked sites with no problems and start downloading. Its free, so worth a look.

Also, I have a list of site which are not blocked if you would like them PM me?


that would be lovely Nasty


Do these recommends still stand? I’ve been pointed to Forces TV thing which only works abroad with the suggestion that I get a vpn to use it…

Mullvad works great for me

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Still using mullvad without any issues

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I’m using NordVPN, but that’s mostly so that I can share it with my brother whilst he’s working in Beijing, as it’s now pretty much the only one that doesn’t get nuked by the great firewall.

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Apparently NordVPN had a data breach back in March 2018 and never told anyone about it:

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Ars has an article on this too and links through to some security bod who gives a no/no list for different providers - original:

Link to the guy’s rant:

I use TorGuard for a SOCKS5 torrent proxy and I’ve only really had issues with having to change the IP/port every couple of weeks, otherwise I’ve not felt like they’re dodgy, although I don’t use a VPN and I’m not a national dissident who’ll get murdered if they find out what I’m trying to hide.

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But you are now on a list of possible national dissidents who’ll get murdered if they find out what you’re trying to hide.

And now so am I.

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You were banned from Saudi Arabia. Reason: Just in case.