VR Headsets - need some help


So, my sibling is looking to get a VR headset for her partner for his 40th birthday. He has alluded to the fact that he would love a VR headset and system over the years, so that’s our current go-to option for him.

Now, I know that the Vive is the best there is available, it’s hardly up for debate, however, what I am considering is the Occulus Rift S and donating my current PC setup for him to use to run it.

Current rig is an i7 5870K (?), nVidia 2070, 256GB M2 SSD, 2 x 1TB HDD (which I’ll remove) and a USB 3.0 expansion card.

That should surely be able to run pretty much anything on it, right?

General thoughts?

Don’t go Oculous… sorry, “Facebook” Rift. They are soon to put in place new T&Cs which will require you to have a facebook account to log in.

Total joke.

5870K should just be OK. How much RAM? Minimum 16GB imho.

nVidia 270 is pushing it too. I’m on a 970GTX and it runs ok… more than playable - some games do get a bit jerky though when there is a lot going on.

Also, throw in fans in ALL available bays. VR generates heat. Lots and lots of heat.

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Aye, 16GB of RAM in there too.

CPU is hooked up to an AIO cooler and there are 6 x 140mm fans.

GPU should be more than enough for VR. I take it Jes replied before you edited it from 270 to 2070?


I use 5820k with no issues allbeit on Vive. ALSO 12 GB ram. Most issues I have had is with USB3 on the new headset but previous was all good. 2070 should be grand.

Yes - Originally said 270.

RTX2070 More than good enough…


New rift 2 “leaked” today.

Budget and controls dependant, have a look at the HP revebr G2. I think they are taking pre-orders. Youtube for a lot of comparisons vs rift.

But yeh, facebook rift… Mind, the money etc behind it is quite large…


Echoing Jesters thoughts on the subject of Facebook VR


The Quest 2 certainly doesn’t seem like a solid option, nor does the Quest 1.

However, the Rift S is the only viable option for them. They aren’t in a position to double the budget to €1100 to the Vive.

I believe Rift S support is ending. But that may need confirming.

Look at Reverb G2 if the above causes dramas

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It’s a nice looking unit, but with no ETA on delivery or availability, it’s a bit of a moot offer at the moment.

edit: Release is at the end of October apparently. Shipping to distributors on October 14th.

Though, for €600 it’s something to consider, but when is it out???

Birthday is in 3 weeks time.

Look at reviews for teh G2 - seems teh controllers aren’t great… But the HMU is.

Quest 2 is on pre-order, apparently and when combined with the link cable (optional) performs decently. But Facebook.

What about Vive Cosmos? Its about 600?? Not entirely sure. Inside out tracking. So from the headset without need for lightbox.

I’m torn between being practical and just getting them the Rift S as it’s their budget, and getting the HTC VIVE Cosmos as it’s just that much better and with a good track record.

The HP is a nice unit, but it’s too far out.

I cannot push the Valve Index as it’s just too much.

I can get the Cosmos delivered to the local Currys / PC World, which would be handy in terms of warranty and it’s actually cheaper due to the shipping costs tied with the HTC website.

The Rift S is simply half the price of the Cosmos.

I should just get the Rift S, shouldn’t I?

For value yeah. I can defo say that the first VR Experience will be simply awesome anyway.

The Rift S spec seems higher res than my first generation Vive. Which blew me away and of course I was still using it until recently in Half LIfe Alyx for example and was not deterred nor was I aware of any lack in performance. I only ventured into the new model for DCS to really maxmise the immersion.

So yeah, as a first step into the VR world I would probably say go with the Value. Then after a couple of years enjoyment he can decide his own upgrade route.

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Thanks Scotty :slight_smile:

We all know how easy it is to just go down the route of “oh, if I just add another hundred quid, then I can get X. But then if I add another 100 quid again, I could even get Y!”


I would get reverb… :rofl:

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Ended up going with the Rift S for them in the end.

If he enjoys it, then he can invest money and get something shinier down the road.

Hell, they’re getting my current rig along with it, so that’s something :smiley:


I am very interested in the Reverb 2. Will be keeping a close eye on that one.

Facebookery can fuck right off. I got out of that shitshow years ago, no way am I sliding back in just because of a birbe in the form of a cheap VR headset. I would want a handjob at least.


If you look on YouTube there are many comparisons between a few headsets. Overall seems that the FOV is lower than Rift / other one, but the screens are FAR clearer and crisper.

TBH, once I’ve moved, got settled etc and seeing monies, I may well sell my rift s and go with the reverb. MTB is a priority over this, though.