VR Walking shoes

@Jester after our conversation about controller movemetn in VR Games, stumbled across these!

Not for me like but suppose the solutions are coming. I also found some very nice looking M4 and SCAR rifle models

At £500 though! not for me.


Looks pretty cool, and as said on discord, does look to be well supported game wise… But at that price point … Noppaaaaa. Lol

You just got a hotas setup, I wonder if you could use the rudder pedals to do the exact same job as the shoes?

P.s and Jester, It looked pretty cool until I saw the video :joy

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That is an interesting point Ronin. I wreckon that is definitely possible. Could be a weekend experiment that.

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There be a few different oprions for footwear stuff and various haptics. I seem to recall there’s a mini-treadmill thing knocking about…

As got gunstocks - there are also many choices. Can do REAL cheaply with some plastic plumbing tubing and joins from a DIY shop. Also, I beleive there are various 3D printed options available…

I get my knowledge from a couple of oculus / VR groups on facebook :smiley: