Vred makes tiffiin!

Might not be tiffin as you know it but its no-bake and has all the same ingredients.

About to set the raisins soaking so I’ll snap some pics as I go and post em up!

Looking at making 3/4 different flavours:

  • Dark chocolate, almond and cointreau orange: Dark chocolate, blended almonds, cointreau soaked raisins, blended oaties biscuits and chocolate rice crispies topped with whole and flaked almonds.

  • White chocolate, almond and malibu: White chocolate, blended almonds, blended vanilla custard creams and malibu soaked raisins.

  • Milk chocolate, hazelnut and dark spiced rum - Milk chocolate, nutella, blended hazelnuts, blended oaties biscuits and black spiced rum soaked raisins.

Picked up a pack of Pecans aswell so thinking of doing a chocolate bourbon pecan tiffin with a caramel base or topping.

I’ll post pics!

Rasins soaking:


Huzzah for Kraken! :smiley:

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Sounds fuckin lovely, though goddamn it man you were so close and then you forgot the macadamia nuts and pistachios. SO CLOSE.

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Also, side-note, unless you’re hiding a bottle of cointreau out of shot, you’re using Grand Marnier. No need to pretend you ain’t classy, we know you fine. It’s okay, you can admit you’re using the good stuff. You deserve it :smiley:

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Derp! It was a substitute in the ASDA delivery, they bumped me to this but I keep saying cointreau! :grinning:


I take it once you have made them you are sending a “party” bag to each of us… :wink:


White and Dark chocolate done:


Other two made!

Left is milk chocolate dark spiced rum and hazelnut, the right is milk chocolate bourbon, pecan and caramel.

I forgot to take a picture but when I came to get the raisins for these two both lots had almost completely absorbed the alcohol because I’d left them over night. I know you do this for stuff like christmas puddings but it hadn’t occurred to me to try it with tiffin.

All four:

The white topping has too much milk so its not set, a couple of nights in the fridge should set it the rest of the way. The dark is way nicer than the last lot of dark I did which was something I was hoping for by excluding the extra cocoa a lot of recipes call for and throwing in a little bit of extra syrup and a splash of milk.

I’ll do a cross section picture when I portion them all up and post it up.

I’ve also got loads of chocolate, biscuits, raisins and nuts left over so I’m going to think up what to do with them - have an idea about another rum one using the bottle of Diplomatico I got for christmas!