War Thunder (F2P)

This here thread is for the general discussion of War Thunder in all its forms: Land, Air and Naval.

Post up bits and pieces of updates, progression, rants at FUCKING SNEEKY BREEKY STRONK RUSKIES and anything else related to the game. I’ll have a separate thread on screenies and awesome games :slight_smile:

Log on, squad up and let’s wreck some shit!

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Update 1.71 is on the way and we’re moving to the Cold War era proper!

New tanks by the shed-load, new planes by the hangar-load, new types of weapons and armour abound!

Also, Rank 6 is coming too. Hopefully that means that there will be no ATGM (other than the british STRV-81) units in Tier 5, because they can all fuck off in my opinion!

These include;

M60A1-ERA (explosive reactive armour)
KPZ-70 (for both US and German)
M50 Ontos (designers were on drugs)
T114 (MOAR drugs!)

Some videos on the update:

Finally got internet up and running in the house, desk top plugged in and running despite being surrounded by boxes and not having my comfy chair! :slight_smile: Steam auto updated Blood Bowl 2 already, now doing a 6.4 gig update for WarThunder…if I get the time to play it!

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I’ve been grinding away on the Ruskie side of things for a change and getting all the lower tier stuff levelled that I hadn’t gotten around to yet.

I have the entire German Ground Forces tech tree researched, but have to ace another 10 or so vehicles.

Yeah i have to go back over and get all the little add ons that they have added to all the tanks that ive already researched.

Still putting what time i have into TIII Japs. Only a few more to go then thats all TIII done across the board…unless they have added others in since i last looked at the other nations :roll_eyes: