War Thunder Screenshots


Chuck up some awesome screenshots and videos if you got 'em :smiley:

Here’s a few to kick it off!






very nice love the ram


Sadly, I was on the receiving end of that!


ooooo oooooo still awesome haha


Here’s one from a recent Open Naval Test, a few from this year’s April Fools event, and a recent PvE score for small bragging rights =P





Very nice. Cant wait to try the navel side of it. More excited now that some DD’s are in there


Having given World of Warships a try, I’d say War Thunder once again blows it out of the water (sorry, not sorry).
From what I tried, I would guess (and hope) that we might have access outside of test servers for naval units by the end of the year.
It’s come a long way from 2016’s April Fools event! (Screenshots below)



Yeah it is looking good. Wasnt too sure about the earlier ships they were using like the PT boats and such…just looked like AA units in the sea.

Now the bigger DD’s like in WoWS are my kind of thing…hope they carry on with the bigger things


So far I’ve only managed to play it on a one off weekend event, so it was set “hangar” loadouts.
They seem to be using the spawn point system again (limited respawns as well in this case): so the PT boats were free/cheap to spawn, and they spawned more centrally in a relatively sheltered part of the map. Then of course you had the Destroyers which cost a lot to spawn and started further out (kind of like how bombers work in the air game), but awesome firepower. They also threw in a fighter (spawn point cost somewhere between PT boat and destroyer) and a torpedo bomber (huge spawn point cost.
I only tried “realistic” mode, and my only (minor) gripe so far is there’s no way (that I can see or find) to reload (even sitting in cap points doesn’t do it). So once those torpedoes are gone, they’re gone.
Agreed with wanting the bigger ships. Not entirely sure how they’d go about implementing them other than to give them huge spawn point costs. That said, I’d love to go nuts with a Bismarck or Yamato =P


Huzzah! More WT players! :smiley:

WT seem to have developed the naval side quite nicely from the April Fools event last year. The Galleons were pretty cool in their own right.

Nice score in the PvE!


Here are a few when i used to do a lot of flying :slight_smile: (sorry Peteah)

And one for the tankers


Ah, good old Photobucket being a pile of shite with their new T&C’s…

Can’t see the images.


Dam it…right…moving all photos over then…feck em


Use imgur dude. By far the best image host I know of.


done and edited my original post :slight_smile:


That’s some mighty-fine god rays! :smiley:
I want to try and get some decent Ansel screenies from WT.


Not to clog up the general screenshot thread.

Had an utterly shit start to this round with the Nashorn and Panther D, so whipped out the Panzer IV/70 and then turned it around…


@st00kz That Wellington above you in the first pic looks very very familiar.

YES YOU SHOULD BE SORRY!!! I have to fly on my own these days :disappointed_relieved:


These new update boosters have been rather nice :slight_smile:

This one in particular was insane! I used an 800% RP booster as well…


Have you seen this flying beast?

Attacker, with a monster of a turret!