War Thunder Screenshots


When you should feel happy that you’ve done all you can…


PvE missions?



For both planes and tanks, real and arcade (iirc) Once a day PvE missions vs waves of enemy. Some good stuff to get, as many respawns as you can afford. Just hope your enemy isn’t Russian…


That’s applicable to any part of the game.

I’ve played a few PvE missions, but only a few. They’re ok, but I question the intelligence of some of my team…


'Twas a hell of a round :smiley:

More kills than the rest of my team put together. Did I get greedy? :smiley:


So greedy that you had to start shooting your own team :smile:

And what’s with rolfstomping lower tiers :slight_smile:


What’s wrong with roflstomping Tier 3? :smiley:

At least there I know exactly where to get kill-shots… not like T5, where I have to deal with STRONK ROOSKIE!


Muahahaha, fuck your armour! :smiley:


We’re they using paper tanks? Their armour broke quicker than a fat girls spanks


The joys of a side-shot with APC-R rounds with a fuck-ton of Armour Penetration :smiley:

And then hitting the ammo-rack and making all the ammunition inside to detonate!


Something something Roflstomping :smiley:


Nice going. Im going to start trying realistic battles soon. need to get more aware of the surroundings and not rely on teh arcade way of things :slight_smile:)

Plus I need to get my TIII Japs done so i can get on to something else


I’m grinding the shit out of Ze Germans to get that new light tank in Tier 6.

I wouldn’t mind trying out Realistic stuff a bit as well, but knowing that there are those feckers who are ultimate bush-wookies will be annoying.


So my 1st real go at realistic. Not too bad. BR of around 2.7. Forgot to put rockets on the Typhoon tho :slight_smile:
And there was always one enemy around our airfield that attacked as soon as i took off from repair

Was good being a bit slower and not just rushing into things and having to look around. Still need lots of work tho :slight_smile:


Nicely done fella! :slight_smile:

I might give Realistic a go this evening.

Would you believe it, I actually managed to complete a Rookie Commander GE Wager :smiley:

500 GE in the bag! Get in! I guess that streak of Rolfstomping Tier III worked out well for me :smiley:


13 really is the magic number for me :smiley:


Putting these videos in here rather than making new threads for them :slight_smile:


Nice but i have no idea how the 122 missed you when he came through the smoke


That was the whole point of the smoke! Block clear line of sight, especially as they would be providing overwatch on the B point.

It was sloppy of him though to say the least.

Watching the video back, I like the heat shimmer off the smoke grenades after they’ve been launched :slightly_smiling_face:


yeah i saw that too. Looked cool