War Thunder Screenshots


A lovely, flawless round! Only lost my gunner at one point to a Stug F, charged him and took him out in return!


Some wonderful curb-stomping rounds from the last few days :blush:

This was 13 kills and no deaths in the Pz IV G :smiley:

Not played Tier IV Germans in a while. Ru-251 grabbed a point and wrecked a few things and some assists. Then the Jagdpanther came out and unleashed hell!


I had one use left in a simple 30% SL booster, so decided to have a cheeky round this morning… Worked out nicely :smiley:

12:0 not too bad at all. Seriously, Tier III is where it’s at, but you do run the risk of getting up-tiered against Jumbos and the like. Even KV-1’s aren’t much of a problem any more.



My best round on boating-arcade-simulator so far… I think.

…and nothing particularly happening here… other than a peaceful cruise with @n0tch


Fucking nicely done!


Nice going Jes. And n0tchyp00 is playing boats? Fai**


We had a lovely cruise in our Nazi torpedo boats and then had a splendid pub lunch before an afternoon nap.


Possibly the best round I’ll ever have… need to dig out the video. Not even sure what happened tbh. One minute I was going head long into the ‘B’ point… saw about 4/5 or so ships surrounded me… thought “that was silly, I’m dead…” - then just went berserk and murdered everyone…

Happy days.


Wow nice going Jes


A few shots from the naval side of things recently. NO idea how that last one happened (triple kill from a single torpedoe!).

Fear these things…

BF109 E7 hoping for a good run (it wasn’t)…

MZ1. Slow, but can pack a punch!

Kills are in the bottom right.


Lost count on how many close calls like this I’ve had since starting the beta…

About 60 seconds later I managed to weave that ship between 4 torpedoes launched at me by a destroyer.

After getting my MZ1, 140 and Leichte utterly annihilated by enemy ships, I took to the skies and realised the magnitude of what I had to deal with…

Jester and I did not fare well this game. Jes got one-shotted out of the sky by what I think was a Bofors 40mm AI-controlled gunner and I got ammo-racked twice.

The balance around the BR 3.7 and 4.3 range is tentative and questionable at the moment.



Ok, so not so much a War Thunder screenshot… but related.

In warthunder, it is annoying to get hit in your ship by Kamikaze - sometimes destroys you. Sometimes doesn’t.

Equally, sometimes a lucky shot hit your ammo store and blows you up.

Here is an ammo ship in WW2 getting hit by a Japanese Kamikaze pilot.

Note: That’s not a nuke…


Holy fuck.

I’m starting to get my eye in with long-range ammo-rack kills on other ships now. The MZ1 with the AP cannon rounds has such a nice rate of fire that you can put a few salvos downrange in no time at all.


Again… the details in this.

My engine got hit and I started leaking oil everywhere.

Had a fucking beast of a round in the Type 1924 destroyer!


It also transpires that you can drown… I got rammed by a destroyer and he rolled my ship. held me upside down for too long and all my crew drowned as a result! :open_mouth:



Soooooo want to play boats…surely they have had enough testing :slight_smile:


I reckon they will have it out to everyone by christmas.


Might actually get me back into this with boats


The gameplay is a really nice mixture of naval and air.

You get 3 spawns with boats and 2 spawns with planes. The planes do require sufficient spawn points in order to go flying.

When you start the game, you already have 3,000 spawn points and a plane requires 3,600. Generating a full 3,600 through ships and planes is extremely difficult and I have never even come close to getting a 2nd plane.

The AI gunners on the boats aren’t be best, but they can certainly knock some of the less agile pilots/aircraft down, but beware of incoming bombs/torpedoes. Even aircraft cannon fire can fuck up the smaller torpedo boats and gunboats.

I think Naval is probably the most forgiving of the gamemodes that they’ve done so far. A Tier 1 reserve craft can actually go up against a Destroyer and come out on top if you’re smart with your movement and get your torpedoes off on-target. I know I’ve lost dozens of Destroyers to little G5 russian torp launchers!


As long as the torps aren’t as annoying as in wows