War Thunder Screenshots


What makes them annoying?

The hit detection in WT is superb. I’ve dodged torpedoes with less than a metre of space. Some of the larger ships can actually take multiple torp strikes if you manage to keep them hitting the same space and that space doesn’t hold anything explosive.

You get a warning for incoming torpedoes when they are close enough, giving you between 400-500m warning as they approach. Some boats can manoeuvre quickly to dodge them, but it is difficult with others. It also depends on what the travel direction they have relative to your ship.

I’d upload some video, but it takes so fucking long for me to upload anything from here :confused:


Its not as bad as that Hammy. Planes will only be able to launch 1 torp at a time and you have to be pretty close to get it to hit from what ive seen.

Other boats/ships, that i have seen, cant launch 5 or 6 at a time either. @NaloaC / @Jester, could you confirm what ive seen in game play vids


Destroyers can launch a staggered salvo of 6-8 torpedoes if you don’t have the lead indicator activated. They will travel in different trajectories depending on the launcher position. There’s normally a 1-second stagger on each launched torp.

With anything that launches torps, you can activate the lead indicator, which shows you a green arc where your torp will travel once you launch and show the expected trajectory of your locked targets (marked as a grey arc). If you don’t have the indicator activated and you press “launch torpedo” your ship will simply launch its fully compliment of torps in a single volley and they will travel along their dumbfire paths.

You can get an ‘upgrade’ to your torpedoes where they travel slower, but you get an additional 8Km range.


It was a speed and range thing for me made the too hard to avoid. Plus they did so much damage.

But this is sound interesting


Well, to be fair, they are torpedoes. You get slapped by a 533mm Torpedo with 280Kg of explosive material, travelling at 81Km/h… it’s gonna fuck up your day :wink:


My plane haz two cos I iz spechal. :slight_smile: BOOM


Sample of the 140/141 in action :slight_smile:


Nice torps :slight_smile:


Aw hells yes! A couple of cracking rounds from yesterday:

And some impressive BOOM!

I think the dude on the platform might be dead from the blasts though…


I’ll sort out a screenshot or two later BUT this one is purely for @st00kz.

Tonight I unlocked my 7th & final Ju87-B2 skin :smiley:


@RoGuE Would love to see it petah but it’s not there.

I have also started to get back into planez. Started aceing up my Brit’s and doing the low lvl stuff that’s come in since I played em


Cos I aint taken any screenies yet Joe :stuck_out_tongue:
Posted that last night literally just before I went to bed, would you like to see all 7 skins ?


Yes, but skip the 4 skin :wink:


Oh yeah!

This was a low-end Tier VI game going up against BMP-2, T-62s, Leopard A1A1 and a bunch of other nasties. Dunno how I survived with almost no damage taken, but the TOW missile on the Bagel Panzer is epic!