War Thunder Update and General Thread


Today’s one? Yeah np buddy


@st00kz Dude, any chance you can do my login on Wednesday please? :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting on my laptop to be delivered.


NP matey. got you sorted


So day 600 logged :smiley:
And i get a 500 SL booster :confused:


Hey, that means you can afford more stuff! :smiley:

Get a good round and you’re talking 60-100K! That ain’t anything to frown at!

I honestly wish I could donate some SL to folk. I’m sitting on 15.8 Million at the moment.


Yeah that is true. I was on about 7-8 mil but spent a load on crew training as im going back through the smaller tiers gettting the crew updates and other little mods they bought in ages ago


So, been loving the naval side of things lately, but I think it’s time to dip my toes back into tanks again, maybe even some air time! :open_mouth:

New premium and hard to get units up for grabs between now and the 8th of September.

Get stuck in folks!


Ummm i should really get some air time in too.

As for the events…ive learnt that i do not have enough time to get these done :frowning:


Thankfully, there’s only 3 levels of achievements for the tanker gift. It’s only a Tier 1 wheeled Skudfuck (SkdFz whatever) with what looks like the cannon off a Panzer IV F1.


Yes you both bloody well should get some air time!!! And drag Jesticles along too


Oh… fuck… yeah…


I bet you’ll all come flying with me when this is released!!!

Yes I miss flying with ZiiPsters :frowning:


I reckon you’re going to fucking love the naval side of things fella. The aircraft, once they get stuck in make for a target rich environment! :smiley:


Looks nice. I wonder if the will have both planes and helos in tank RB. Be interesting to see if they are together how the helos will counter planes.


Just watching the livestream from GamesCom.

Germans are getting a new Light Tank at BR 9.

Americans are getting a top-tier AA with self-detonating shells.

French are getting some new BR 6.7 batshat light tank.


Holy fuckballs…


5:25 is all Caolan.

– edit –

This guy is well known in WT I presume… with his 2million gold???


But why can’t I have 2 of the 20mm? :frowning:


Gaijin need to get the license for Desert Strike, and make a single player campaign using these models. That’d be awesome :slight_smile:


I’m pretty impressed from what I’ve seen from Phlys videos.

I thought choppers would be sacks of shit if they were stuck to close range stuff. M163 or a Shilka would murder them, but if they can reach out and touch you at 7Km… that’s a different story.