War Thunder Update and General Thread


@st00kz Planes dear boy, planes is where it’s at. Surely sonic booms is what you should be aiming for ?


@RoGuE I was waiting for your comment lol. You know what…I probably will as not touched them for well over 2 years maybe


So a bunch of my mates from uni have started a whatsapp gaming thread and they’ve leaned towards War Thunder as their pick up n play title :smiley:

I’m gonna try get them to come onto the forums, but I can’t promise much.

Had a few games yesterday at Tier 1 with them and had a good laugh. Then we did a custom battle with an M3A1 Stuart and an LVT (both Tier 1) against my Tier 6 Bagel Panzer :smile: They did actually manage to kill the bagel once, but only because the Stuart managed to get stuck under my lower glaices and put 15 rounds though the hull :smiley:


Must admit i am having fun with the T1 planes again but im missing the tatical side of playing the tanks


Aye, that’s what always interests me more about the ground forces, there’s just that bit more variety to the game.

Got a bastard of a jumbo in front of you and you can’t pen the bastard? Figure out a way to outflank him!


I’m the opposite. More often than not tanks is just me getting mullered by tanks of a much higher tier. Where-as in planes I get to kill planes a couple tiers above, if I fly right…


Saddle up with me partner, I’ll have you slaying tanks in no time :slight_smile:


We tried that man! I kept getting stuck in mud! Shit tanks lol


I’m going to put up a post this week about the typical places to aim for for things up to Tier 3.

I just unlocked the TAM for the germans… only cost me 2.5 million to buy, train and skill :sweat_smile:


I have downloaded the thing! Perhaps, one day, I might even get around to playing the thing!


How often do you get hackers in this game? I’m the first to admit that I suck at tanks, but at just under 0.9km away I’m at full speed moving sideways at right angles (making a T with him at the base) from him and I ah fuck it I give up on tanks


I can’t really say that I’ve come across genuine cheaters at any point.

Insanely lucky shots that make you question their validity? Lots.

I know I’ve pulled off a 1.4Km blind-fire shot across a map and ammo-racked some guy in a KV-1.

If you know roughly where the enemy team is going to come from, then you can kind of predict where to aim and let loose a shell or two early-game to get a lucky shot.

Otherwise, being able to pick out a target at that kind of range requires having a maxed out gunner / commander spotting skill along with expert qualification or ace.


Meh - I’m just venting. Frustrating week. Well, year so far actually lol


Yeah not seen any real hackers. Only hacking i know of is on RB where ppl drop their graphics so there are less bushes and can see tanks easily.

Apart from that, as Cal said, there are lots of WTF shots.


But at least we have the kill-cam now so we can see what the shot was.


Unfortunately I see them quite often in Air AB & have seen 3 bans mid game. The main thing with these cheaters that I’ve spotted is where they all come from; Russia, Poland & Turkey, all from high profile clans too (ones that compete in big WT tournaments). Even been in 1 game where it was so blatant by 3 players from a Polish clan that everyone reported them then Returned to Hanger (heard a day or two later all 3 were banned)


So how do they do it in air AB Pete?


Aimbot, speed hack, anti-G force hack, invisibility, map warping are the main ones, more so the first 3.


Hmm OK…thx for that.

I must admit I tried planes again when playing at work…but it didn’t grab me as it used to. Altho I must admit I was aceing up all the low rank ones and the ones that came in after I stopped playing planes. Might be a bit different playing higher tiers.

Went back to tanks and starting on the Italians…having way more fun again than the other 2 modes.


Had a couple of good games in planes this morning. Thought I’d ace my last 2 Japanese planes at 3.7 - managed it but last game was a loss against average 4.7 planes. Best pilot of enemy team had a 5.0 plane in his lineout. What am I missing with these loadouts?