War Thunder Update and General Thread

Yeah I logged in and wondered what was going on. Started researching the American missle launcher thing

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There’s double points for squadron activities between the 11th and the 27th of this month :slight_smile:

Perhaps we might team up where we can? I am also looking at the US ATGM unit. The Russian cruiser could be good too. Took the ATGM for a test drive yesterday, it can fire a 2-shot salvo almost instantaneously! :open_mouth:

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Yeah i didnt know what i was doing when choosing so i thought as i play tanks more (sorry Pete…please dont hurt me :)) ill go for that one.

But sounds like they are here to stay so when we have finished one, we can go and research the others too

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Yeah, they’re here to stay! I’m looking forward to what they might bring out for ze Germans!

The nice thing with the US ATGM is that the turret can look over obstacles, as it’s just an APC chassis, so .50 cal shots will fuck you up.

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The squadron XP boost has been extended for 3d 14 hrs at the time of typing :slight_smile:

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Special event kicking off on 2nd August.

For anyone still cranking out research on German tanks, time to get at least something into the Coelian, Panther II, Tiger 105 and MAUS… because they are going bye-bye!

If you have at least started research on them, they will stay in your research tree, otherwise, they’re going to be hidden from your research options.

Saw Phly had a vid out about some tanks going but haven’t watched it yet.

Dont think im any where near them atm

There’s about a 2 week window. At the very least, I would heartily recommend getting something into the Panther 2 as it is just awesome. Good rotating turret with a fucking high-velocity 88.

Hmmm… i have to get the A done (alnost there) and the F. Might leave the Yanks alone for a bit

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OK. So used up some “free” research to get to the Panther II and got some RP on it but i wont be able to get to the others.

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Of the units being “pulled” it’s the most fun to be honest.

The 105 is a beast, but it’s not tougher than any other Tiger II, just has a bit more boom to it.

The Panther II is the fastest of the line, has an excellent gun, good turret speeds and can actually reverse properly!

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Now this is a trailer!

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Where did they get the inspiration for that lol :roll_eyes:

Is very good tho

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Iron Eagle?

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1.93 “Shark Attack” has been released:

I’m gonna have to get the Finnish fighter :slight_smile:

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Omg… Cals gunna do planes :slight_smile:
I saw Phly use that new M1 round on helos and it works really well.
Also I’m gunna gave to put more effort into boats if they are adding more big ones in like the Pensacola

I’ve actually been grinding the ever loving fuck out of boats recently.

The grind to max out the 4.0 motor boats (75mm auto-cannons / 30mm Oerlikon chaincannon) is fucking painful. They’re almost as much as an Abrams to research and so are their components.

Again, I’ve just been focused on the German tech tree. I even bought the flying-dakka-barge! :smiley:

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How weird, I went though Oerlikon in Zurich on a train the other day.

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I did a thing, 1st battle and then second battle back