War Thunder Update and General Thread


Remember that using ALT+1, 2, 3 or 4 changes manual control of the various guns on the ship. Hugely important if you have a plane buzzing you and your main gun is a cannon. Change to your multiple LMGs.


When you literally kill everyone single person you come across…

14 boat kills…




Ever wonder why your screen starts to go dark when you bank too hard in a plane in this?

It’s because your pilot is going through this:


depth charges are ACE. Especially on initial point captures… circle of smoke… little PT’s rush in… 8 depth charges on 3 sec fuses…

BOOM BOOM BOOM… hehehe. My point.



OK, please stop updating this as it’s tempting me too much… :sob:



Shoosh you :stuck_out_tongue:



Managed to match Jesters killcount in Naval battles :blush:

Flak barge for the win!


Oh boats now too?



I’ll revert you to my previous post schpooooon :slight_smile:



I just had my first boaty game - very frenetic, lots of people donut-ing and trying to ram. AA guns seem surprisingly effective. Need to go out but will investigate more of this.

Not enough seamen though…


If you win 5 games in Naval and finish the round in a boat, you get the MLRS Ruskie boat.

Challenge ends on the 6th I think.


If you have Tier 5 or 6 stuff that you’ve recently unlocked and still haven’t researched any parts or FPE for, you’ve got 4 months to grrrrrrrrind the fuck out of them! :smiley:



T5 or 6???..*grabs binoculars to look that far in the distance


Yeah, I got all excited about helo’s then noticed they’re not for noobs like me…


Awwww, Phly has now become officially sponsored by Thrustmaster :blush:


Hey?? What?? Not seen his last few vids yet.

What’s phlee got himself into?


Update 1.85 Supersonic now live. Missed the size at start but think it’s about 5.5GB