War Thunder Update and General Thread


Yeah not seen any real hackers. Only hacking i know of is on RB where ppl drop their graphics so there are less bushes and can see tanks easily.

Apart from that, as Cal said, there are lots of WTF shots.


But at least we have the kill-cam now so we can see what the shot was.


Unfortunately I see them quite often in Air AB & have seen 3 bans mid game. The main thing with these cheaters that I’ve spotted is where they all come from; Russia, Poland & Turkey, all from high profile clans too (ones that compete in big WT tournaments). Even been in 1 game where it was so blatant by 3 players from a Polish clan that everyone reported them then Returned to Hanger (heard a day or two later all 3 were banned)


So how do they do it in air AB Pete?


Aimbot, speed hack, anti-G force hack, invisibility, map warping are the main ones, more so the first 3.


Hmm OK…thx for that.

I must admit I tried planes again when playing at work…but it didn’t grab me as it used to. Altho I must admit I was aceing up all the low rank ones and the ones that came in after I stopped playing planes. Might be a bit different playing higher tiers.

Went back to tanks and starting on the Italians…having way more fun again than the other 2 modes.


Had a couple of good games in planes this morning. Thought I’d ace my last 2 Japanese planes at 3.7 - managed it but last game was a loss against average 4.7 planes. Best pilot of enemy team had a 5.0 plane in his lineout. What am I missing with these loadouts?


Odd that you got up-tiered more than you should have.

The BR difference should only be +/- 1 difference, unless it’s greater in planes?


In planes the BR can be +/- 2 (it’s even an award to shoot down planes 2 BR higher) I’ve seen plenty in T3 battles with a single T5 jet in their hanger & the rest are T3, it’s a crap loophole allowing planes of too great a tier an advantage in lower tier battles that imo gaijin need to close as it spoils the game. The jet player either totally owns the game or a piston plane gets lucky & shoots it down BUT more often than not the jet player has several backups so you don’t really get rid of it.


Ah, I thought it was 1 across the board. Christ, a difference of 2 would have Panzer F2’s going up against Tigers… (3.7 vs 5.7).

The award for killing units of a higher BR is certainly there for all modes. It is hilarious when you see something like a PanzerJaeger (2.3) taking out a T-34-85 (5.7) :smiley:


Day 1,300 login completed :blush:


My War Thunder update is that the War Thunder Tanks suck! It’s all about the plaaaaaanes baby!!!

So I re-installed World of Tanks and played a few games to dust off the cobwebs. Some nice new maps, they’ve shuffled some tanks around, moved bushes, added ridges, all very pretty. Some things haven’t changed though :smiley:


Paris is a VERY shit map! lol.

O and it seems WT is being installed on my PC… :open_mouth:


And now the fun of seeing if I can remember ANY account details… lol.

I MIGHT leave it be until one of you folk is available on VOIP to talk through stuff afore I set up and mess it up :smiley:


I can forsee many a :PHANTSRAGE: before you come to say…Hey…its WarThunder :slight_smile:


What could you POSSIBLY mean? :slight_smile:
Ima try flying shizzle first as Steam have refunded Il-2 games cos of controller issues… Tis for playing VR, so I foresee much throwing up on slippers. :smiley:

EDIT:- O and I got HOTAS for joystick en route… Now, knowing my luck the fekin thing and flightstick thing won’t be compatible…


Well, seems I can’t play it out of VR… Bleh. Next is to figure out how to adjust curves / reduce sensitivity / adjust deadzones for the controls as I find the controls VERY “laggy”.

So, err, yeh.

Seems I can’t do this shit either! lol Practise, methinks… I only flyin in shizzle too - not paddling nor armouring.


Some times the Italian tenkz just work :slight_smile:


Linus Tech Tips has a Warthunder Starter Pack promotion on:


Free Premium Vehicle (Galers F3F-2 Aircraft or M2A4 Light Tank) + 3 Days Premium access.

I imagine new signups only - but good if you haven’t played this yet and want to get into it.


Fuck yeah! Only 14K more RP to go on the Leopard 2A4.

This has been an obscenely slow grind! I dumped so much RP into the tanks before it that I’ve not actually played the A1A1 or the 2K yet, and if I play them I’m going up against Abrams and shit like that.

Slowly but surely. :slight_smile: