War Thunder Update and General Thread


Yep…plane and tank look like they should be good to get…and looks like i will be getting 500 GE for free too :slight_smile:


Well, since there is a sale on, I got another year of Premium (7,500 GE instead of 15,000). Ooops :slight_smile:


Lol…thought about it but only get to play here and there do would be a waste


Version 1.73 is now out and so are the French forces :slight_smile:

Gonna have to hurry up getting my KpZ-70 so that I can get that new light tank for the Germans.


Ooooo, there is a 5x RP boost for your first victory with each nation today.

I’m going to see if a 500% RP booster stacks with it :blush:


Full change log for the new update here:



3 GAMES, 1 OF TANKS AND 2 OF PLANES, TO GET MY FREE TANK AND PLANE…STILL NO WIN GRRRRRRRR… and diddnt see i had caps on till the end and cant be arsed to delete and start again even tho it woul have been quicker than typing all this out :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, if it’s any consolation, I used up a 500% and a 600% RP booster in two loses. :slight_smile:


Get your XP games in today before 11am! 5x RP booster dies after that.

I’ve been getting 20,000 - 38,000 RP for the wins so far :smiley:

Making some very nice advances in the higher tier tanks. Makes a big difference when the grind is so fucking slow, even with premium.

Also, I miss squad play :frowning:


yeah…that winning part…hmmmmm…

and yeah…i know what you mean about squading up. Prob for me is i generally get on after 22:00 and then misses and little one are sleeping in the same room :frowning:


Yeah not managing that. Had a cracking game last night, stealing victory from the jaws of defeat in my trusty F4U on the map where there is only the A runway to cap. I sacrificed my first plane getting initial cap then we just got hammered for a while, blue bar was low enough I think a lot of people had given up, but we turned it around. Some great “for real did we just win that?” in the chat. 8 kills, a cap, loads of assists (F4U)…

Also is it my imagination or has something been done to engine and cockpit? I noticed in previous games last week and over the weekend that my engine was getting destroyed or my pilot was getting insta-shotted very early in a flight and I was having success doing the same thing in the above game.


Have played a few rounds in the planes again…god im rusty. But i remember the last time i played planes my engines and pilot wee like glass.

Loving the new sounds on the planes tho :slight_smile:


As with PhlyDaily, having jets buzz low when you’re in tanks sounds fucking awesome, especially when they do a proper strafing run :smiley:


:slight_smile: yeah i love watching Phlys channel


Yeah thosae engine noises really blew me away last night. First time I’d noticed them as I had the earphones on


I need to turn the engine noise down, it’s just too damn loud!

Also, I have activated an 800% RP booster, hoping to win my first game with the Germans… I’m going to lose this.


EIGHTY ONE THOUSAND, ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY (81,120) RP! From a single game and it wasn’t even that good a game! :smiley:


Oooooo. I see that you cannot camp in the enemys deployment zone now.

Have a 20 odd sec to get out like if you go off map :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s something they introduced in 1.71 and refined for 1.73.

They reduced the area a little bit in 73, but still kills the enemy tank if they are there for more than 25 seconds.

It’s a nice thing to have, especially if you’re being mauled, but if it’s a completely 1-sided game, then it makes no real difference sadly.

Using that and spawn protection gives you a chance to at least take someone down before you get mullered.


Ahhhh didnt know that…shows how much ive been on the winning team lol.

And 4/5 won for the tanks…


I’ve gotten the tank challenge done and have 2/5 with the planes.

I only have one Tier III plane and that’s for germans.

Thankfully it came with 10 backups :smiley: