War Thunder Update and General Thread


YAY…I’ve actually made it to 365 logins…after all the years of playing…I’ve made a full year lol


Nicely done!

I’m on Day 874 :slight_smile:


Thanks to a few peeps here :grin::blush:


@Jester considering what we were talking about over the weekend…

“Grass no longer returns to an upright/natural position after vehicles have driven over it;” :smiley:


Here are some genuinely interesting development notes for “Scout Vehicles” in the near future.

“Scout” a target (essentially marker-light them) for your team.

Join in on Airstrikes even if it’s already on (fighter, attacker or even a bomber!)

Help to repair ANY team member.

Link to notes and list of designated scout vehicles:


Oooo ill read up more later but those points sound very nice


@NaloaC @st00kz I’m away this weekend for cadet crimbo camp so can either of you do my Friday & Saturday logins plz ??

Take the planes out for a spin too if you want :slight_smile:


I can do your logins today and tomorrow fella :slight_smile:

Also, fucking hell look at the weapon options for the cheese-eating surrender monkey jet!!!


I’ve done Pete’s login for today :slight_smile:


Cheers buddy. Was going to do it tonight but no need :slight_smile:


I know it’s a big ask during the festive period but I’m away up jockland at my siblings from sunday to wednesday afternoon so can @NaloaC @st00kz do my logins for Sunday, Monday & Tuesday plz ???


Sure thing dude :slight_smile:


yeah we got it sorted buddy


I think we got all those logins sorted for you Pete!

I’m off down to Kerry for a couple of nights now, could you good folk do my login tomorrow for me please? Just the 31st, I’m back on the 1st anyway and I’ve done my login today.

I think I might actually manage to get both of the festive quest tanks!


Np buddy. Will sort it out.

And nice on the tasks. I’ve had no chance at it. Would have liked them too


Huzzah! I have 10 of the 11 Festive tasks done. There will be 15 in total. I need 13 for the M10 Ersatz!

It’s a Panther, disguised as an M10 :smiley:


Hey Cal. My turn to ask for a fav :slight_smile:

Can you sort out my logins for sunday, monday and tuesday please as i will be in Iceland :slight_smile:
Thx buddy


Peter Andre sales pitch worked on ya then?!

FUCKING ICELAND! Awesome sauce dude! Make sure you bring every last penny that you have with you. Pricey as fook over there.

Obviously, yes I will sort you out :slight_smile:



And yeah dont i know it. Been looking at prices of things and defo will not be getting pissed over there :slight_smile:

Been trying to get over there for 2 years now to try and see the Northern Lights. Was supposed to be for our 10th wedding anniversary but things kept getting in the way.

And looking at the weather for when we are over there…we may not see them :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Dude, you and Tracey will have an epic time! :smiley:

Also, on a random note, I got a KV-2 1940 blueprint in my login today! First blueprint I’ve gotten from a trophy box! :smiley: