War Thunder Update and General Thread


You lucky bastid everytime I come close to getting a blue print…it will always go between them all and give me a shitty trial one :)…but then again…your logins are a lot more than mine lol


thx for doing the logins Cal


No worries fella.

I got the Sturmpanzer unlocked for you and made a start on the wheeled skud-fucker (SkDfPz or whatever it is, I have nicknames for a lot of them…).

I also might have been really tired when I did the login on Monday and got confused and used the skill points on the tanks rather than your planes, because I’m an ass. Sorry dude. I’ll make it up to you!


LOL np dude. Thx for doing what you did


Well look what the Brits are getting for ground forces…


Ohhh fuck yes…but it will take me an age to get there lol


You’re talking 380,000 RP to unlock it.

1,050,000 to buy it. Another 380,000 SL to train it. Another 1,050,000 to Expert the crew. :confused:


Holy fuckballs! I just decimated an IS-6 and IS-4 with the Ontos!

6-shot recoiless AT shots with crazy armour pen, pretty quick reload speed.

I’ll try grab a video of it from the replay.



Yeah that thing can decimate if you get it right.


Well looky looky what’s on the way…


Muahahahaha, when the Ontos goes right, it’s just hilarious! :smiley:

Took out an IS-6 and then a MAUS!


PhlyDaily put up a nice video yesterday of him annihilating the new Tier 6 BR 9.0 tanks with the existing Raketenjagdpanzer II HOT with impunity. Reassuring that they can be annihilated easily enough.

Hell, even the Challenger can be knocked out by a Pz IV F2 with a shot to the lower glaices… in theory anyway.

The high-end stuff is cool and all, but for me, it doesn’t hold the same level of appeal as Tier II and III. BR 3.7 - 4.3 is the best balance (with ground forces at least) of unique attributes and good gameplay.


Update 1.77 is being released tomorrow (Wednesday) :slight_smile:


As of this time now…08:24…still no update :slight_smile:


ok…updating now as i type :slight_smile:


It’s a hefty one too! Over 5GB I think? I only sat down to the machine now and thankfully Windows had autoloaded the launcher when I booted the machine :smiley:

Considering the complexity of bringing in the new vehicles, that had such high-tech armour and weapon systems, I genuinely applaud their approach to actually explaining how they try to balance these monster!

I have gripes with War Thunder, nothing too major, usually just some petty things like how my perfectly aimed shot for the crew compartment managed to ricochet off a fucking headlamp at 250m and does no damage, mixed with a bit “Sneeki Breekie Ruzkie Stronk” favouritism. Overall though, I think they have done an amazing job with the game throughout. It is one of the best F2P titles out there.

I know I don’t fly planes all that much (I just can’t get the hang of high-skill manoeuvring), since what I generally do is fly straight at someone, wiggle and angle a bit and hope to fuck that my salvo does something. In ground forces, I know I have a bit more competency in how I deal with things :smiley:

Now, it’s time to grind!


Yeah they have done a nice job. I know in Arcade the angleing is a little off and i need to remember that when i get penned when in RB i know that it would bounce…but over all it is a great game and the only one i always come back too.

The grind is going to be big for me…almost finished TIII for the frenchies…then not sure what ti go for on TIV


Do you mean which nation to go for?

It’s a tough choice to be honest as you have a suite of heavy hitters and fun tanks to choose from!

US has the Bulldog (so much fun in CQB), T34 and the Super Pershing.

Germany has The Jagdpanther, Tiger II, RU251, Sturer Emil, Ferdinand…

Ruskies have the IS2-1944, T-44 and the T-34-85 & D5T variant.

UK have the Caernavaon, FV202, FV4005 and the Centurion.

Japanese and French though… French have some interesting ones, but the Japanese don’t have too many interesting or fun ones.

You know I’m Germany all the way, but you do love the Super Pershing :slight_smile:


Yeah…i was thinking of the Yanks with the SUPER P :slight_smile: