War Thunder Update and General Thread


That extra plate on the turret does make it a pain to kill if it’s hull-down, but once you get that, you can grind for the T34 which is an absolute monster to square off against. Squishy hulls on both, but solid turrets!


Weather is playing havoc with my speeds here… Still got another GB to go.


Just about to give the new graphics and sounds a go :smiley:


OMG OMG OMG OMG…the sounds…the sounds are just so amazing now. From the main cannon firing to hearing mg fire wiz by you, to the aircraft buzzing over head…i just love it. Feels so much more immersive.


It’s one hell of a changelog! :open_mouth:



@st00kz dude, can you do my login for me tomorrow? I’m in the north on work.


Yep np prob matey. Got it covered.


Legend, thank you!




1,000 days of logins on this :smiley:


Nice going matey…and what did you get for it…a test drive in a M2 ?:slight_smile:


A single +500% SL booster :smiley:


So… ummmm… it’s looking like Cruise Missiles are being implemented in this years April Fools Event!


Ummmmm …OK…this could be interesting. Always loved their April Fools …but could this lead to MLRS tanks or nuclear subs :slight_smile: lol


I guess technically we already have a few MLRS units, like the Russian Katyuska, US Calliope and German Nefelwerfer.

Modern ships or something?


Yeah thought about those tanks after I hit reply :smile:

And yeah…more likely something to do with the ship side of the game again. More testing disguised as something fun for us :wink:



This should be interesting :smiley:


Sorry, it’s NUCLEAR submarines! I always look forward to their April Fools events. Been superb for the last few years :slight_smile:


4.4GB update today, bringing it to v1.79 “Project X”

Here’s the full changelog: https://warthunder.com/en/game/changelog/current/830

Honestly, the changelogs really do show just how much fucking detail they put into this damn thing!


Yep. Dloaded already at work.

And yeah…there are sooo many tweeks that they keep doing to make it a great game


It’s the fact that they find the actual manuals and historical documents for each vehicle type and operational parameters for each one that I find awesome. Oh, actually, the Tiger II P had 12 more horsepower than we had in game, so we changed that. :smiley: