War Thunder Update and General Thread


I reckon you’re going to fucking love the naval side of things fella. The aircraft, once they get stuck in make for a target rich environment! :smiley:


Looks nice. I wonder if the will have both planes and helos in tank RB. Be interesting to see if they are together how the helos will counter planes.


Just watching the livestream from GamesCom.

Germans are getting a new Light Tank at BR 9.

Americans are getting a top-tier AA with self-detonating shells.

French are getting some new BR 6.7 batshat light tank.


Holy fuckballs…


5:25 is all Caolan.

– edit –

This guy is well known in WT I presume… with his 2million gold???


But why can’t I have 2 of the 20mm? :frowning:


Gaijin need to get the license for Desert Strike, and make a single player campaign using these models. That’d be awesome :slight_smile:


I’m pretty impressed from what I’ve seen from Phlys videos.

I thought choppers would be sacks of shit if they were stuck to close range stuff. M163 or a Shilka would murder them, but if they can reach out and touch you at 7Km… that’s a different story.


Hes on the Dev server and they give you a load to test with.

And yeah @NaloaC…i love watching his WT vids. Makes then very fun and informative at the same time





Yeah I get to drive the warrior like my uncle commanded In the gulf war…altho the BMP2 looks way better gun wise




What in the holy shnuzzlubs is happening with this game??!! I’m impressed!


It’s becoming more and more awesome is what’s happening! :smiley:

Each of their “april fools” events generally tends to be for the testing of new ideas.

Not always, otherwise we would have inflatable tanks powered by bicycles with potato launchers and bipedal mechs with KV-2 turrets!

But things like the Galleons and modern tanks (this year), were for preliminary testing of the naval forces and the upcoming helicopters.

The flight model for the choppers works pretty darn well to be fair and Naval is a fucking great blast! :smiley:


For all of its annoyances, the game is really the only one I keep coming back to or play mostly. They keep doing so well with what ever they add and making the game better.


Update 1.81 “The Valkyries” is now live.

But only if you buy into them atm :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Well, latest update is giving me random game crashes and CTDs. Thanks.


Just in boats or tanks as well?


only tried boats. Might be the new map.