War Thunder Update and General Thread


Now that naval forces are out for all… boats got a lot busier! :open_mouth:


I’ve started boats on the Russian wing. Playing tier 1 up to BR 1.7 … boats aren’t great. But my fully researched YAK-1 just rips the shit out of pretty much everything with it’s cannons.

Happy days.


Trying to get used to the boats and trying to realise how bad you are getting hit and the damage model.
Keeps surprising me when suddenly I’m wiped out in a few seconds burst from a small boat and I didn’t realise I was getting hit.

Looks lime the small boats (br1 to 1.7) is all about quick game play.
Might have to play around with putting buttons like the buoyancy pumps closer to wsad


Nice to see you briefly in a game Jes :slight_smile:


There’s a bit to take on board (ba-dum-tish!) when you start cruising around :smiley:

You can take a lot of punishment in comparison to say tanks or planes. That being said though, one good strike on your ammo storage and there’s nothing going to save you. Even a lowly LS Class or G5 salvo of machine gun fire can ruin you in the smaller tiers. Even in BR 2.0 - 3.7, you’ve got to be careful.

I’ve found that with the faster torpedo boats, you just cannot stop moving, because it allows you to play around with your target and give your gunners a better field of fire and it means that the enemy has to readjust their aim and lead to make the next salvo on-target.

Jes and I, charging around in VS-10 boats with 12 x 13mm machine guns would utterly shred targets and then have 8 torpedoes ready to go as well.

Some of the torpedo boats get crazy expensive to repair (Type 140/141 for the Germans @ 27K SL) in comparison to something like the MZ1 (5K SL), so be careful of that.


Loving the OD-200 with AP Incendiary. Watching the hit graphic… the shells go through the nose of the enemy boat and come out the stern. Taking everything out in between. Evil.

Oh, and yeah Stukes - great to see you on. I think I need you on my friends list :slight_smile:


Hit a bi-plane with a 45mm shell. It literally turned to Lego.


I don’t seem to have access to the boats, only things in research are planes, tanks & choppers (which I can’t play as not in cbt) Am I looking in the wrong place or do you have to buy a pack for access??


Make sure you have either the Ruskis, Zee Germans or Uncle Sam selected.


Nope, yanks planes tanks choppers, jerry planes, tanks, ruskis planes tanks & choppers. No boats anywhere.

Just looked & when I go to change battle type (from AB planes to AB ships) it says required: One of the Naval pack.


I’ve tried getting some of the testers stars for the choppers, but out of the last 10 Tier V games I’ve played with yanks, I’ve won 3. Not a hope of getting in. Still, gotta save them SL. Even the cheapest American choppers is 750K SL!


Yeah…don’t think I will be flying choppers any when for a long time. Tier V tenk or plane needed. I’m only tier III :unamused:


Honestly, despite how satisfying it is to blow up a fucking IS-7 with a random shot over a hill (M60 Sabot shot just lobbed over the crest of a hill and ammo-racked), Tier III really is the best of the lot. Still enough variety between units (I still fucking hate Jumbos and King Cobras) that things are good fun and the pace is a bit faster.

Tier V, you’re going up against crazy-sloped armour and APSDS rounds… which suck.


Yeah I’ve watched enough of phlys Vida to see how top tier works and even he says it’s just a fit back and snipe across the map name up there. I know it’s a bit different I arcade as you can see better where the enemy are but I agree that the fun is TIII and below.

I’ve had so much more fun getting the other modules in the lower tiers that came out after I had researched it all.

I want to get to higher tiers but think I will just play lower tiers and keep researching the higher ones and play them now and again. Just a pain you can’t play another tank to research another tanks upgrades :slight_smile:


So the Naval Closed Beta Test is getting an overhaul ahead of version 1.83 being released, which sees the introduction of the british navy.

This also means that all progression with boats has been wiped, for all players, across the board.

Meaning that Jes, along with any non-premium players sank a shitload of SL into buying units and now lost them all. They did announce that this will happen with every access to the CBT or update done on it, but I had completely forgotten :frowning:


Yeah I did wonder why today I couldntplay boats. Seems I missed the notes yesterday.

Guess it’s all start again then :roll_eyes::slightly_frowning_face::confused::cry:


oh. great.


Yeah, it sucks ass. I probably spend well over 1 million in repairs because of the Type 140 alone.


I was going down the Germans to get to the Destroyers but i might start on the Brits and then the Russians for something different.

Sorry…ment to say Russian while i wait for the Brits :slight_smile:


I’d got to Tier III on the Russian and German side. I don’t understand the reset to be honest.