War Thunder Update and General Thread


It’s so that everyone starts off on an even keel (they make it too easy!) when it goes live for all.

I don’t think that 1.83 will open it up to everyone (maybe they will), but it must be getting close.

Still remember when it was only German and Russian tanks in the whole ground forces update and everyone thought it was fuckin’ amazing.

The boats are indeed fun though.


God this Reserve boat for the Russians is killing me :confused:


The G5???

If that’s the one, it’s a persistent thorn in everyones side, all the way up the ranks. Vicious little fuckers.


Yeah the G5. Still very stock atm and learning how to use it.

Hit and run by the looks of it. Have to bide you time to pounce.


1.83 is indeed boat season for everyone or as they say Open Beta Test. Therefore I shall be able to join you on the high seas from then :smiley:


Petah is gunna ditch the plane in the drink and scramble aboard a boat :slight_smile:


Oh, they refund the spent silver lions. That’s not too bad. Now got 2.5 million.


Oh this is funny as fuck. Playing German with the little LS class gunboat… Easy enough to get enough points to get a plane in the sky.

Turn up with my fully kitted BF-109 E-1. Rip the shit out of EVERYTHING. I mean everything. Don’t even need bombs, just short cannon burst. Took 3 boats out in one strafing run.


1,200 days of consecutive logins as of today :blush:


Oh… so they do! I’m now sitting on 21 Million SL :smiley:


New update is out now. Masters of the Sea.

US, RUSSIAN and German boats open to all. Great Britain - Available to Royal Navy CBT participants.

Helicopters are now open to all.

And lots more to list here but you can have a look here:




Holy fuck, that’s a big update!

Still, the ZiiP Navy will be out in force now! :smiley:


All ready loving the Brit reserve ship :slight_smile:


I might be tempted by some boating


It’s well worth checking out since there is a nice mix of both aircraft and naval units.

One massive plus about it is that it researches both planes and naval units, not just naval.

So, as you play with boats, it will let you research naval stuff, but when you spawn in as a fighter or bomber, those units earn RP for air units.

Shame it doesn’t work for ground forces actually.


You never know…they may change it…maybe…


@Hammy you should try it out buddy. No where near as arcade as WoWS (the waves mess with your aiming if choppy or going too fast) and your pet hate with the torps is not there. They have to be used more precise and miss most of the time (unless you get silly ppl who just love to sit there or fail in straight lines). There is no torpedo spam


Press “Q” to bring up the Torpedo guide indicator :slight_smile:

Jes figured that one out and it makes the world of difference :smiley:

Once you select a target in naval games, your guns auto-track them. Also, when you have the torpedo indicator on, it will show you the direction to fire in. Also, you can press Q multiple times to select a specific torpedo tube.


Yeah i found that out. If you fire off the torps without the indicator on it seems to launch both at the same time.

Press Q to bring up the indicator and you can launch one at a time.


Well best round ive had so far :slight_smile: