Warframe - Plains of Eidolon

Warframe comes out with a massive update this year. Not only will they rework one major game subsystem (the focus system) but furthermore adding a complete new open world with massive “boss battles” incl. a new faction, craftable weapons and on top of that a new quest system.

Just let that sink in, a FTP game gives Destiny 2 a run for its money in regards to updates. Not only is the moneytisation system very fair but the whole updates is free. Weirdly enough almost no one of the game media gives it any attention.

I link Devstream 98 where they explain most of the new additions, and a summary of TacticalPotato.

If you never played it, give it a go. I had a few guides in the old forum for it but it seemed to never gain much attention. Which is strange for me, it has an aweome movements system and excellent gunplay and melee abilities beside some awesome warframe abilities. Only the story quests are bit spread out. All of it is free, you can jump in and play a little with and if you like what you see stay a bit longer. But be warned, its a bit grindy :wink: . I personally pick it back up ervy now and then.

EDIT: changed the start time of the video to Plains of Eidolon.


I tried to get into Warframe and while I do enjoy the game I play very infrequently. The update looks amazing though so will definitely give it a try when I have some free time.

Story spoilers

Quick reminder, PoE is planned to drop this week on PC. Lots of informations are already out, including the new focus system.

If you want to know whats going on I recommend either AGayGuyPlays or Tactical Potato.

Its a massive update, if you want a quick run down by someone new to the game, try Skill Up’s video. It’s not up to date but gives a nice overview without massive spoilers (he has a spoiler warning in there).

If you never tried Warframe, I HIGHLY recommend giving it a try it after the big patch is released.

A few major points with the update

  • new reworked Focus system, including a rework of the Operator, new comsetics for them (you can craft them, mostly)
  • possibly a new Quest line
  • completely new open world that you can roam freely, including using the archwing mode already in the game, new quest hub, ressoruce gathering and more
  • new weapon crafting system

Just to give you an idea what you will get yourself into. A massive new world with pretty big lore and above all, insane amounts of variety to gameplay. You like setting the world on fire with fire dropping form the skies stunning and damaging your enemies? Being the sneaky stealthy guy cutting throats is your thing? What about a tiny fairy dual wielding pistols and cutting through everything with razorblades? Or maybe a berserker running around wild, a spore based Warframe doing aoe dot damage? Do you like bows, grenade launchers, electric based wips, giant swords, energy based shotguns?

The downside? GRIND! Everything you see is crafted by ressources you find, from blueprints. The latter are random drops from certain “missions” whereas the ressorces drop in certain regions. I would say its certainly not a negative, actually the contrary. Everything you see other people use is obtainable by not paying any money. You might just get more of it :smiley: quicker.

Other downside? The underlying gamemechanics are noit very well explained. Initially no big deal but later content is not beatable with understanding the fundamentals. Therefor the Wiki page is essential, with providing informations to these mechanics and how they interact. Also droptables, DROPTABLES for everything, bascially telling you if you find a new interesting weapon where to get teh parts for it. In theory you can do the same ingame with the Codex but I’m kinda old fashioned and the wiki is easier to use :smiley:.

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Tactical Potato uploaded his full epic battle with one of the new Eidolons. I can’t wait to try the same, still need a bunch of prepartions for it though. .