Warframe - the neverending Guide

I will make a Guide for Warframe covering all topics one by one. If any questions arrise please ask them in the other thread so this here keeps kinda clean and easy to read for new people.

Lets get started.


We need to cover a few things first as they will be required later.

Mastery Rank

For every new rank you gained for a weapon, warframe, archwing or unlocks in the star chart, you gain points counting towards your mastery rank. For every new rank you will need to pass a new test, getting progressively more difficult. You can only rank up once a day.

Mastery ranks are required for certain weapons or frames to unlock or participate in Syndicates (unlocks at Rank 3). You get a few benefits like a larger standing limit for Syndicates you can gain daily. More importantly aan unranked weapon or frame will have the mastery ranks equal mod capacity. This makes ranking up new stuff a breeze.


Unlocked at Mastery Rank 3 Syndicates are pretty beneficial to your variety. They offer Warframe or weapon augments. The former changes how warframe abilities function or add certain aspects. Example, Novas Antimatter Drop usualy fires a ball dealing massive damage in a certain range affected by the frames strength and range stat. Using the Antimatter Absorb augement the ball absorbs gunfire, dealing amplified massive damage. Another example is Excaliburs exalted Blade augment Chromatic Blade, it not only increases the status chance of the ability, but also adds an Elemental Damage type depending on Excalibur’s chosen energy color. Other stuff includes weapons or relic bundles.

To gather syndicate standing you need to add the syndicates sigil to your warframe. You can have negative ranks as all Syndicates have allies, neutrals and enemies. It is possible to increase ranks of 3 syndaicates at a time (Syndicate + Ally, neutral).

Acquiring new weapons and frames

Most frames will drop from certain bosses. Typically there are 4 parts for each of them, the main blueprint, chassis, neurooptics and the systems. Only exception is Equinox which basically is 2 frames in one, so it has 9 parts. Which part drops is pure RNG.

For example Saryn drops from Kela De Thaym (Merrow, Sedna) with these drop chances:

38.72% Neuroptics, 38.72% Chassis, 22.56% Systems, blueprint can bought in the marketplace.

Certain frames can be researched, as of right now Wukong and Banshee are fully researched whereas Volt is halfway done.

Weapons are mostly bought from the market place as blueprint, researched in the clans dojo and some of them are found in the game.

Primed Weapons/Frames

Primed versions exist of basically everything, Mods, Frames, weapons, archwings and companions. typically they are “better” versions of the original. For example, a primed continuity gives 55% higher duration at rank 10 but costs 14 points, whereas a normal continuity is only 30%. Frames and weapons usually have slightly better stats, like more armor, larger energy pool or higher critical chance and come with more polaraties.

Weapons, frames and companions follow the normal Warframe formular. You need typically several parts (frames typically 4, weapons differ) to build them. They all drop from specific relics, where each has its own drop table. They always feature 3 common drops, 2 rare and one “epic”. It must be noted that that the same item can have different rarities for different relics, so always try to get the most common rarities for that item!

Relics can be found in endless mission types or bought for faction standing from the syndicates as bundle. The relics can be upgraded with void traces to increases drop chances for the relics rarer items.

The typical approach for farming for a specific item is to find what relic is needed and farm it. Then use that relic in the void and hope for the right drop. To open the relic during your run you need to find 10 Reactants. At the end of the run you can CHOOSE from all drops of every peson in your team, so 4 player groups are recommended.

Primed mods

Primed mods are obtained slightly different. Baro Ki’Teer appears once every two weeks on the weekend, I think the next time is this weekend. He will bring an assortments of items which are bought for ducats which can be exchanged for primed parts, the exchange rates differ widely. Rare parts can yield up to 100, common only 10 ducats. The ietms sold change every time, typically its a few primed or rare mods, weapons, skins, cosmetics and quests. He usually appears on the relays which changes every time too, relays are unlocked at mastery rank 8.


Warframes - Mods

You will find mods which can be used to alter your frames. These vary from simple health boosts, strength upgrades to ability changing mods like the augments discussed earlier. All frames/weapons come with a certain mod capacity, based on the frames rank and to some degree your mastery. As long as your mastery is higher then the frames rank the capacity is equal to your rank, afterwards it matches the rank of the frame. You can double the mod capacity by installing a Orokin Reactor in the frame, or a Catalyst for your weapons.

Furthermore mods require a certain amount of points, which can be reduced if matching its polarity with the one in the slot, effectively halfing the required points necessary. One can “generate” polarities by using formas once your frame/weapon hit level 30. By this you can’t boost the mod capacity but reduce the mod capactity necessary with each forma used.

As the Orokin reactors and catalysts earlier, Formas are expensive (and time consuming). They should only be used if you love a weapon or frame.

Building your frames is a little science project in itself. Each frame has 4 base stats affecting your abiliies, duration, strength, efficieny and range. Typically it is better to build with your abilities in mind, and to midly adjust the mods used to suit your playstyle. Its better to play to the frames strengths rather than shoehorn your idea into it, chances are there is another frame matching your playstyle better. In general there is not one right build, people have different preferences. I like my frames a bit more beefy, with slightly more efficency, others love pure glass canons.

Each frame, or ability requires different approaches, lets use Novas Molecular Prime as an example. The ability covers an area, affected by range, and changes the move and attack speed of the enemies, plus if they explode deals damage. The speed and damage is affected by the strength stats, its duration is affected by duration and how much it costs by efficency.

Two appraoches are useful for this ability, either using lots of power strength(>100%) to get the enemy to snail speed OR reducing the power strength (<100%) to speed them up. This might come in handy to speed thorugh infested defense missions, often done to farm credits or ressources. Additonaly you have to mod for range, some efficiency and duration.

It would be beyond crazy to make a list of every mod ever, but I can give you some quick advice.

Exilus mods are for a special mod slot, they give small boosts to main stats or simply have some nice utuility, like handspring for example or power drift. They are mostly obtainable on Lua.

Corrupted Mods are very versatile, they are dual stat mods. One stat is affected negative the other possitive, they can all be found in the Orokin Vaults opened with Dragon keys (Derelics). Four player parties are advised if you want to keep your sanity. Overextended for example lets you increase the range of cost of power strength. Most of these are very frequently used and lots of builds are based heavily on these.

Aura mods add mod capacity equal to their rank, if the polarity matches it is even doubled. Auras help everyone in the team, making certain combinations extremely effective. A 4 player max rank Corrosive Projection for example strips all armor from the enemies, making room in your weapon slots for other elements. Energy Siphon can help with energy regeneration, Growing Power is very situational but can be awesome if trigered right. Steel charge is another typical choice, especially for melee based frames like Excalibur or Valkyr.

The other 4 main stats are your frames Health, Shields, Armor and Energy pool. These can be effected too, Vitality, Redirection, Steel Fiber must be mentioned here and Flow. Other options are Vigor changing Health and Shields or Armored Agility which helps your beefier frames to keep up wand gives a nice armor boost too.

Other important utility mods are Rage, restoring energy based on damage received, Augur Message which is part of the Augur set, Handspring for increased knockdown recovery speed and Natural Talent for faster cast speeds.

Mods which are basically never used are resistance mods.

If you need some sort of quick guidance I can recommend FlareEyes Imgur page. He has builds to all frames, primaries, secondaires and melee weapons. It should give you and idea where to start and then adjust the build for yourself when you know what you want.


Warframes - fun for every taste

Lets have a look at all the frames currently in the game. Enjoy, I tried to add some humor, maybe went a bit overboard though… .

Ash - The true ninja. Awesome offensive beast frame, Shuriken (with the right augment) can be used to strip armor, smoke screen makes you invisible and Blade Storm elts you dish out the pain like no other.

Atlas - Want to build One punch man? Get this frame then :smiley:

Banshee - Heavy CC frame, can dish out some damage too with Sound Quake, sort of an earthquake or go as melee glasscanon with the use of Silence.

Chroma - Tank frame with some great damage buffs, fan favorite

Ember - The incarnation of a glass canon, likes playing with fire

Equinox - Extremly versatile with good mixture of cc and damage.

Excalibur - Sword frenzy frame, Radial Blind is great for blinding the enemy, Exalted Blade if modded right turns you into an energy sword wielding killing machine. Bit like a Jedi, … swoosh swoosh

Frost - The original must have for defense missions. He can either freeze the enemy, put up an almost impenetrable globe or start a “snowball fight” with avalanche.

Gara - meh

Harrow - Want to have the ultimate badass when it comes to synergy? He can chain the enemy to the ground to deal massive damage with headshots, regenerate his health or energy while killing the enemies or have increased crit chance and headshot damage. I fucking love him! Only downside is that his quest line is based quite late after 2nd dream, which I don’t wanna spoil. So unless you pick him up in the market it will take you a while until you get him. The quest however is fucking amazing!

Hydroid - Hentai tentacle CC frame which is used to farm. Make all the Tsundere fall for your questionable slippery arguments.

Inaros - The sun god Ra, at least he looks like him. He has no shields which makes him ideal for the Rage mod. His speciality is that he regenerates life when he melee finishes an enemy. Additonal his abilities synergize very well with that, like his first openening up enemies to finishers, devouring them while restoring health, becoming a sandstorm. You have to pick up his Quest blueprint from Baro Ki’Teer, he is one of the best tanks in the game and quite unique.

Ivara - Lady Ninja, so a Konuichi? Forget Loki the frigging poser, Ivara is the real queen of stealth. One of my favourite frames to do spy missions. She has an insanely fun kit, from stealth arrows, noise arrows pulling enemies attention, guiding arrows into the target via Navigator or simply taking her bow out and mowing down enemies. Get her, just have shit tons of nitain ready…

Limbo - You don’t wanna get your hands dirty? You wanna chill out in every defense mission ever? Play Limbo, hide in the parallel dimension. Joke aside, he has quite the nice kit. Wanna stop time itself? Banish enemies to a different dimension? Just play him already, just be ready for a struggling through the quest for him.

Loki - Wanna be in stealth mod at all time? Join the Loki Master Race today. Play one of the biggest one trick ponies with no real skill required. Surely, I exaggerate a bit but for me Loki is only used for Spy mission, or sometimes high level sorties. His invisibility make him a good choice for that but for my taste he is a bit too bland.

Mag - Talking about bland frames, do you know Mag? One of the old starter frames, she got a few nice abilities to deal with shielded enemies and to some degree armored once. She used to dominate high level Corpus missions and destroy everything in sight with her Crush and Polarize ability, two massive wide range attacks attacking primarily enemy shields and the enemy itself. Unfortunately she got a bit rebalanced, still strong but weaker than the unstoppable force she once was. She is kinda the direct opposite to Loki, more varied in her abilities, but got is her frame ugly and bland. If you want to make something the target of attention use your Magnetize, or just buy a tennogen skin already.

Mesa - The pew pew cowboy frame. Like pistols, old westerns and headbands? Mesa is your frame of choice!

Mirage - The trickster reincarnate, since I unlocked her shortly before her Prime release I fell in love. Her kit covers everything from pure damage boost (weapons), to massive AoE CC and damage, combined with a stunning elegance. Like a certain weapon which is a bit weaker? Has the weapon a big aoe or range? Did you try it with Mirage and her Hall of Mirrors augment Hall of Malevolence? Just get her, like right now! The quest is decent btw.

Nekros - The farm and creepy frame, use Desecrate all the time every time while grinding ressources. If you like company because everyone around you is bored of staying non stop in endless missions to farm shit get yourself buddies with Shadows Of The Dead. Enough said.

Nezha - A tanky frame I really want to get into but can’t. Some of his abilities are really nice and have great merrit but he doesn’t really click with me.

Nidus - Move along Frost the new king of Defense is here. With a unique system this frame shines if he wants to make an area his territory. He starts a bit weak but as time goes by and his mutattion stack grow he gets almost unmoveable and a damage dealing/absorbing beast.

Nova - Surely beloved for her Molecular Prime she is also used frequently on PoE for her ability to move super quickly thanks to Worm Hole. Its hard to find tougher mission where no one mentions or wants to bring at least one Nova. Her Molecular Prime is just a great combination of damage source and CC, while her augment Antimatter Drop synergises very well with it. Bit energy hungry though.

Nyx - A the unbeloved swan of the Warframe Comunity. Every now and then you see a rare Nyx raoming the missions, everyone thinks to himself, fuck that skin is gorgeous and her abilities powerful, why don’t I play her more frequently. Something you forget again after the mission ends, almost as her Mind control ability works on the players too… . Incredible CC frame, very underused. Probably because there are better frames out there?

Oberon - Jack of all trades was never better suited for any other frame. You can do damage, heal , buff everyone and cc the shit out of the enemies … but you’re not great of any of them. Still if you need solid frame to play and you are not sure what imbeciles … ahehhh players are in the sortie, choose Oberon. He can do everything!

Octavia - Want to play DJ in Warframe and create the most astonishing beats, recreate popular music with your synthesizer for hours rather then playing the actual game? Welcome, look no further.

Rhino - RHINO STOMPS KILLS stupid GRINEER. Must smash and cc

Saryn - Saryn, my beloved waifu … I might be a bit opinionated but she has so much good stuff. Her Spores combined with Molt and/or Miasma make for some good damage opportunity. With Toxic Lash giving a nice melee buff and the Regnerative Molt augment giveing you some live back she is an incredible versatile frame. Not only does Spores damage, but its also a debuff to the enemy, enemies affected byspores and hit with a melee attack buffed with toxic lash gives back energy. Combine that with some of the best TennoGen skins and you might get an idea why!

Titania - The Fairy frame, one of my favorites that I take out every now and then and just fly around annoy enemies. I’m not sure why I love her more, for her really nice ability kit, ranging from buffs, CC? Maybe the fairy skill making you tiny and change to Archwing mode flying around using your equipped melee weapons mods for the melee attack and the secondary mods for her main attack? Defintely the fairy thing, fucking love it.

Trinity - The weird adopted stepchild of DE. This frame got nerfed … aeh I mean “rebalanced” more times then there are frames in this game. Go ahead count yourself … I’ll wait… . She has some of the best support abilities in this game. Need health? Well Of Life! Excalibur run out of Energy again and is crying? Energy Vampire! Die a lot and need a damage reduction buff? Link! Your imbeciles of team members … you need better friends man … still die left and right? Blessing! If you like playing the support or healer in MMOs, Trinity is your best choice. Did I mention there is TennoGen skin where she looks like a futuristic Knight?

Valkyr - You know those weirdos in the game screaming a lot, running around like Berserkers cutting enemies to pieces while being in invulnerable for a short time then they fall over and die? Yeah thats Valkyr, … I used to do that. Still for that time you feel like a god slaughtering everything in sight, smelling the blood of your enemy … . NO. I’m OVER THAT, I needed years to get off that drug…

Vauban - Throws balls around for all kinds of CC while looking like a dumb Joker. Hilarious.

Volt - If you want to run against a wall because you have a 200% speed boost, use Volt. If you want to use the Transistor Shield augment to get more damage from your Discharge and obliterate everything in your way, play Volt. You can be fucking Storm!

Wukong - Monkey King flying around on his massive polearm, extending it knocking enemies to the ground, or manifesting the massive polearm and killing everything in sight.

Zephyr - Fly like a bird, dive bomb into the ground or hover in the air while being protected by Turbulence and surrounded by friggin tornados. She is the next frame to be primed this March!


Added more points to the first post: how to obtain frames and a short guide to primed frames and weapons and as how to obtain them! Also a quick introduction to primed mods and how to get them.

Weapon damage

To mod your weapon you need to understand the pretty complex damage model. I will make a very brief explanation not to confuse the shit out of everyone, if you want more details later, use the links. A really good video was uploaded on Tactical Potatoes channel. It included all informations needed, but due to its details can be a bit tough to take in.

In general enemies have 3 different types of health, thats normal “flesh” health (red), armor (yellow hp bar) based health and shields (blue hp bar). There are several damage types all effective against different “health types”. You have 3 physical damage types impact, slash and puncture.

Typically, Slash is effective against health, puncture is good against armor and Impact is good vs. shields.

Not only has each damage type a specific damage buff against certain health types, but additional can also proc status. This chance is dependent on your base status chance of the weapon and your mods that you use.

Each of the enemy factions has its specialty, Grineer are good with armor, Corpus are good with shields, Infested with health and corrupted are a mixture. Each faction has more advanced versions of their speciality. For example Grineer have a 2nd armor type which is more effective, corpus have 2 shield types and infested a 2nd flesh type. Corrupted are such a tough faction as they are basically all other 3 factions combined.

You also have access to elemental damage in your arsenal, electric, cold, heat and toxic damage. Typically these have these properties:

Cold - good vs shields, bad against flesh (infested)
Heat - mostly effective against flesh (infested), nice CC proc, bad against shields
Electric - good vs shields and machinery, quite nice against Corpus in general
Toxin - very good against Corpus flesh, good against shields too

The elemental damage is based on the total damage the weapons does, this takes into account pure damage bufss as for example Serration a mod for primaries. Other mods such as specific damage subcategory mods such as Buzz Kill for example which only increase one stat won’t be take into account for the elemental damage.

Additional you can combine them into other types, combined elemental damage usually has a higher damage buff. For example heat alone does only 25% extra damage against infested flesh, whereas VIral (toxic+cold) gives a 75% damage buff. Typically people run one combined elemental buff and if they have space for more mods, an additional element.

Toxic + Heat - Corrosive - the most used, its status proc strips armor which is the most combersome against higher level enemies, effective vs. grineer ferrite aromor and fossolized armor of infested (+75%), really bad vs. corpus shields

Toxic + Cold - Viral - proc reduces targets full flesby 50%, doesn’t stack | 50% - 75% damage boost vs. corpus and grineer flesh, bad agaisnt infested

Cold + Electric - Magnetic - proc reduces max shields, exceptional damage buff vs. corpus shields (both types 75% buff), really bad against alloy armor

Electric + Heat - Radiation - in the typical game its not that great, the proc confuses the enemy so they kinda shoot each other, nice crowd control but thats it. BUT it does massive damage to the big Eidolons, so lots of people use pure radiation damage builds if they hunt them, very good vs. alloy armor +75%

heat + toxin - Gas - Toxic aoe proc, very good vs. infested flesh, combine that with aoe based proc and its really good to use agaisnt infested

heat + cold - Blast- knockdown on proc, good vs. grineer machinery (75%) and fossilized infested (50%)

One can of course follow these rules to make one build for each faction for the same weapon. However in reality you will often make builds more suited towards the weapon, and only very infrequently change your weapons damage to suit the enemy.

Their are a few combinations which always work well, slash + viral is one of them if you fight Armored enemies are some of the toughest you will encounter, so having corrosive as a standard for most situations should work nicely. Gas vs. infested is another no brainer.

Typical usecases:

Against Grineer - Corrosive against armor | Viral (+ Heat) against flesh

Against Corpus - Cold | Viral (+ Heat), against flesh

Against Infested -heat or Gas against flesh | corrosive for high level armor


I will split the modding section for weapons in three parts, one for primarires, secondaries and melee weapons. The main reason is that each category has a few special mods. Typically if you understood the previous damage section you should be able to build effective mod combinations. Therefor I will keep it simple here and just show off possible mods which you might not come across too easily, or certain combinations which work very well.

Weapons - Modding Primaries

A complete mod list can be found here. A must use is Serration, a flat damage buff is always welcome. If you use shotguns the equvalent is Point Blank. The main question you should ask is what are the weapons stats, what is its class and what do you want. Lets start with the general stuff.

Crit builds are expensive as these rely on mods which need a lot of mod capacity, crits however are able to crit themself, increasing the damage potential significantly. If you have a cirt chance over 100%, lets say 125% you have a 25% chance the crit crits itself.

  • Argon Scope can increase the crit chance if you hit a headshot. Unfortunately it was is an event mod, only dropped by the Stalker’s acolytes. These mods are very useful as they’ ve shaken up the modding of weapons significantly
  • Critical Delay nice crit chance increase on the cost of fire rate, can be useful
  • Hammer shot increases crit damage AND status chance. Useful for weapons with high crit damage multipliers if you have a mod slot leftover.
  • point strike, straight forward crit chance increase
  • Vital sense, increases crit multiplier
  • Set mods got introduced more recently. Not only are they spread between each slot (Warframe, Weapons, Companion) but offer not only slot specific stats but also set effects. Some of them are very nice additions, the most popular one for weapons is Hunter Munitions. This mod causes slash procs based on the crit chance, making typical crit based weapons very effective status weapons. The other options are interesting too as they might be able to push your built towards a certaind irection. Like multishot from Vigilante Armaments or more Punch Through from Vigilante Offense

Status builds can be powerful and are increasingly popular for shotguns. The main reason for that is that if you hit 100% status chance, without ANY multishot, each pellet will apply the status chance. The typical weapon for that is the Tigris Prime where you only need 4 status mods to achieve that. High Voltage, Malignant Force, Rime Rounds, Thermite Rounds are very frequently used for Status builds as they not only boost the particular damage type but also the status chance! The order in which they are placed defines what combined damage type do. Multishot increases the number of bullets/pellets.

other useful but niche mods to have are

  • physical damage type increasing mods, one for each type which go either to 30% which are the common types, or the uncommon type which go up to 120%. They exist for each weapon category seperate, rifles, pistols, melee or shotguns. For example Sweeping Serration for shotguns. Keep in mind up to now damage over time procs like slash are based on that damage (35%). So these mods are useful for slash proc based builds or other physical status based builds.

  • Penetration mods are useful for single shot weapons, Beam weapons or AoE weapons. They basically increase the weapons capability to deal with multiple enemies. Metal Auger is a pure penetration mod for rifles Shred also increases the fire rate. Seeking Fury and Seeking Force are similar for Shotguns.

  • Charged Chamber is a nice mod for certain sniper rifles, particularly the Vectis. It buffs the first shots damage, combine that with a mod decreasing the overall capacity for higher reload time, like Depleted Reload and you have a nice combo. Btw. Sniper rifles do more damage for higher zoom levels, additional the shot combo counter gives a damage buff if youi hit multiple shots in a row.



Modding secondaries is suprisingly easy keeping in mind what you should know by now already. The only additional mods which make a big difference compared to the primaries are the event mods and the sheer amount of primed mods. The Alcolyte mods have already a slight impact on the rifles, Argon Scope is a fan favourite but there is far more variety for the secondaries. They always work the same, you do a certain action and they increase a certain stat. For example Hydraulic Crosshairs increases the critical chance on headshots for 9s. Basically these mods can be used to push certain weapons into one direction over another or be used complimentary. For example a Spira Prime is a pretty neat crit weapon already, imagine putting all crit mods on it PLUS the Hydraulic Crosshair, or maybe use a hybrid built with it.

The other big difference is the large amount of Primed mods for secondaries, especially for crit based builds. They chew through your mod capacity quite heavily so you will need lots of forma for a high end pistol built. For example a Prime AKLex only with the two primed mods only, Primed Pistol Gambit, Primed Target Cracker is already worth 26 mod points.

Otherwise you have the typical mods you find in each category, Hornet Strike is a flat damage buff, elemental damage buffs range from simple damage boosts like Heated Charge or its primed variant to the elemental boost with status chance increase (for example Frostbite) or the multishot mod Lethtal Torrent.

Additional the interesting choice provided by the corrupted mods like Hollow Point. If you for example have a really fast firing weapon, maybe consider putting Creeping Bullseye on it for a really nice additional Crit Chance increase.

Nightmare mods, dropping from Nightmare missions, are also useful just as for the other weapon classes, but as the corrupted and event mods very situational and dedicated builds are extremely niche.

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Melee Weapons

We finally got here, melee modding is in my opinion at least the most difficult to master. With the insane variety of different weapon types in this category its not hard to imagine why.

Due to that melee modding is even more about finding an idea that you want to achieve, find the right weapon for that and mod away. The mod variety for melee weapons is also second to nonehelping you to get there as its clustered with super niche mods for specific use cases.

A few basics to general melee combat first. If you equip your melee weapon you can perform basic combos, depending on the stance mod you used. These have specific multipliers attached to them. Furthermore there is the combo counter. Its displayed in the lower right corner just above your weapon (where the ammo counter typically is). The higher your combo counter is the more damage you do, it increases with your kill count. There is a certain delay time until when you have to kill the next enemy otherwise you losse the current combo counter. Additional you have a channeling multiplier. When your weapon is equipped you can “channel” it with your left mousebutton, using your energy pool to buff the damage. RMB is typically blocking. With certain frames or when in stealth you can use finishers on enemies. These deal additional damage.

PLEASE, I encourage you, have a read about the melee weapons in the wiki. This here is only a small amount of what the melee system is capable off, it is surprisingly deep for a FPS game.

Lets mention the most niche mods, I won’t go over the standards again. Of course you have the same foundation mods as in the other category, overall damage buffing mods, specific physical damage buffing mods, elemental damage mods with and without status chance buff and so on.

  • Berserker is useful for increasing your attack speed based on your crit chance, I personally like Fury more sas its easier to pull off combos, which I still suck at
  • Blood Rush + Body Count is one of the best combinations of mods you can do. One bases the weapons crit chance on your combo counter, the other increases the combo counter duration. They are often used together but are not mandatory for each other
  • Condition Overload is another “game breaking” mod. When it was released it opend up really cool builds for weapons which were basically useless before. It increases the raw damage of the weapon for EACH status effect on the enemy. High status weapons can get a massive damage buff due to this.
  • Drifting Contact fixed melee combo counter duration increase and status chance increase, nice to hit certain thresholds
  • Energy Channel increases channeling damage quite a lot.
  • Life Strike channeling costs more but when you use it you gain health, based on the dealt damage. This is an amazing mod for surviveabilty and high level gameplay.
  • Maiming Strike An entire weapon class is based on using this mod. It increases the crit chance on slide attacks. Its one of the most expensive mods in the game as its super rare. Still you can mod weapons with high range into AoE dealing monsters. Mostly used with whips like the Atterax, Scoliac and Lecta. Its so broken I still wait for a nerf on it and I despise the playstyle it requires.
  • Power Throw Useful for Glaive weapons as it adds punch through
  • Primed Reach adds range to your weapon, extremely nice if you built weapons for aoe like staffs, long swords or whips
  • Quick Return, reduces bounces of throwing weapons, can be useful for certain builds
  • Spoiled Strike sacrifice speed for damage
  • Seismic Wave increase ground slamming damage. You can use this in combination with Zephyr to make some sort of ground slamming build. Fun but maybe not very efficient :smiley:
  • Weeping Wounds increases status chance based on the combo counter, extremly nice for certain builds and unlocks lots of builds
  • Whirlwind increses projectile speed of throwing weapons
  • Covert Lethality this thing is purely broken, it adds damage BUT furthermore it makes ANY finisher LETHAL but only for the dagger class. If you combine this with a warframe which opens up enemies to finishers you can have lots of fun. Inaros is the most likely candidate.
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Grinding - what you can do on the side, what not

If you haven’t noticed already this game is shock full of farming for ressources. Some of them easy to obtain others more troublesome, a community member made this nice chart which is pretty accurate if you look for specifics. If you wanan take a look on the more standard literature, the wiki has you covered. However some stuff can be done “on the side”.

Relic farming is probably one of the biggest problems for “endgame”. Everyone wants those shiny prime parts, requiring either lots of relics and some luck or a well filled wallet to buy them for platinum in the market place. Another option, mostly for more advanaced players, is to use the standing from your Syndicates and spent it on relics. I typically run into problems where I just need to dumb 100k standing quickly, and as an older player I have most weapons and augment mods already in my inventory, incl. some extra. Each relic pack gets you 3 relics, of varying type and rarity. An effective method is to gather lots of standing with each of the 3 possible Syndicates, then to wait for an unvaulting (rare parts being optainable aghain) or new prime access. Then you just dumb all your standing into it and by chance get some good relics for little to no extra effort. This is of course only effective if you already reached max rank with the syndicates and dumb extra standing every now and then to make room for new.

Find the right multi purpose farming spots
You can make your farming far more enjoyable by fgrindiong special events, like the Plague Star event right now. You will get not only the tokens that you can hand in for stuff (weapons, mods, rare ressources) but also the reward for each stage absolved (rare relics for example, or rare mods) but also the drops from the enemies.

Effective specific farming
Everyone hates it but grinding out some specific ressources every now and then is part of the game. Plastids and Mutagen Sample are my pain of existence right now. Due to the Clan Dojo I always lack them.

Typical farming setups always included a Nekros built for Desecrate/Despoil or and Hydro with Pilfering Swarm for Tentacle Swarm, sometimes both. The rest boils down to enemy type and ressource. If a Nekro is used, slash weapons are of advantage too. Nekros desecrate works from body parts, as slash can “cut off body parts”, so “multiply them”, you get more chances for desecrate to trigger! Of course these two frames only makes sense for ressources which drop from enemies, credits awarded for finishing a mission for example aren’t awarded!

Wanna farm credits on Ceres Seimeni? Take a Nova with negative power strength (Speed Nova) and speed up your enemies, then you can rush through the enemies waves in a shorter time, finish the neceassary 5 waves and get your 25k credits in maybe 5min.

Farm plastids on Uranus/Assur ? Get a Nekros, find a dead end and use a punch through weapon to kill incoming enemy waves. If you really wanna plan for a long game with like 40-60 min, take a Slow Nova and some AoE frames with you. Easy ressouce farm guarantied.

Have a sort of defense mission? Take a CC frame with you, Frost with his Snowglobe is a good defense character, Limbo can entirely negate any enemy access to the target, Equinox … . There are mutliple choices to make your high level farming easier, and as the more effective you get, the less time you have to waste on it. Get creative, I’ve seen multiple meta changes over the years, and comebacks of older methods too!

To give you some numbers, a typical Plastid farm, lasting maybe 30-40min on Assur gets me around 5k+ plastids, additonally polymer bundles and Gallium, 2-3 runs are more than enough to last me couple weeks.

Farming Endo and Credits
I found a few good spots for credits and Endo farming while digging through youtube videos and the Forum. The most beloved spots beside Ceres Seimeni for credits with a Speed Nova and typical Dark Sector Excavation (Hieracon on Pluto for BOTH ressources + extra stuff) seems to the INDEX on Neptune. Both spots are for advcanced players only, as they need specific builds and access to later missions.

The game mode is a bit special, its bascially capture the flag with a few twists. You kill enemies you get points which you carry with your frame. The more points the lower your health pool due to a debuff. The more points you hand in at once the higehr the bonus points gained but the higher the risk too. When you start the game you can choose between different difficulties, low risk (50 points needed), medium (75 points) and high risk (100 points). I had good success with medium difficulty and Rhino (armor ability) gaining around 135k credits in one run. You can make around 1 Mio in 20 minutes or so.

Endo farming spots are rather vast right now, Plains of Eidolon runs can give up to 400 Endo per reward which is random, same for (Elite) Onslaught. Safer is doing Rathum, some sort of deathmatch. Not only do you get Endo for clearing a wave, enemies also drop them regularly. One match can easily gain you up to 1000+ Endo.


Zaws - customise your melee weapon of mass destruction

Zaws were introduced with Plains of Eidolon and after some initial balancing can be rather useful. Each Zaw consists of the strike, the grip and the link. As typically for Warframe parts can be bought for Ostron standing on Cetus (from Hok). Higher end parts have to be unlocked similar like you unlock higher ranks for Syndicates (gather enough standing for the next rank and contribute a certain ressource extra).

You can preview Zaws at Hok but there is also a rather useful community tool. Zaws can be whatever melee type you like, from Nikanas, to polearms or Scythes, the strike + grip typically dictates what it will end up like.

Zaws have to be leveled twice, the first for reaching rank 30 as always, AFTERWARDS you are allowed to gild the zaw. You will be able to choose a name and a polarity, additonal the gilded version unlocks the full power of the ZAW, hence the stat increase.

When designing a Zaw you have to decide between upfront damage (typical crits builds) or backhand damage (typically status) , lastly hybrids. Due to the damage calculation status builds are for higher end content as armor stripping and viral procs are essential whereas crit builds are amazing for clearing lower end to mid level content.

I give you two examples, my current go to monster a heavy blade I call “Halberd”, as it looks like a massive Scyth.

It consists of a Dokrahm striker, a Shtung grip and the Ekwana Jai II resulting in 14% base crit chance and 25% base status chance. It has a good base speed, massive base slash damage allowing for a nice hybrid build (Blood Rush + Drifting Contact). I mainly choose the strike as I had a very good riven for it.

An older build I did is my Plague Kripath as striker, a Plague Bokwin as grip and the Ekwana II Ruhang as link. The Kripath has the nice addition that it has a base viral elemental damage making it ideal for my Saryn and a condition overload build. Further it comes with a base crit of 14% and 32% status chance. Speed is a bit slower.

I’m working on a Staff and a Nikana too, more on that if it works out.

A rather typical advantage of Zaws are their good range (polearms, staffs heavy blade). Most of them have either similar top range to the top of the line in their category (Orthos Prime, Galatine Prime). You also gain Mastery rank points for each striker.


How To Saryn - or my favourite loadouts featuring Saryn

Who saw me play probably knows by now Saryn is my alltime favourite frame, long before her last rework which made her almost popular :wink: .

I thought I share a few loadouts of her for different level of crazyness.

Lets start with a solid starter pack. Typically I build Saryn for her spores, so for lower level content you barely need power strength. Its actually counter intuitive, if you have too much power strengths the spores don’t spread anymore as the target dies too quickly!

Saryn BUILT - low to mid tier

200+ range is more then enough for most maps, regen molt might be a bit over the top but some life regenerating is useful!

Saryn BUILT - Onslaught

Optimised for Onslaught (elite), you need lots of range, in this case its 265%, to cover most maps. Aviator gives you a nice damage reduction while aim gliding, very nice on Saryn as you can cast all abilities while gliding.

Saryn BUILT - Umbral monster

contains mild spoilers


This is my current built for some stupid big damage & armor stripping. Blows through top tier content like nothing (lvl 100+). The Umbral mods give you a really nice boost to your effective life pool as well as some decent damage boost. With alternative versions you could use overextended instead of transient fortidude for some big range rather than power strength. This will help you in Onslaught too. You can also exchange Cunning Drift for something else if you like.

Two arcane grace are a good idea to get some life regeneration, Arcane Energize could help you with Energy bottlenecks but Streamline should be sufficient. Of course you can also add other Arcanes to boost your weapon performance!

Primary Weapon
My goto’s right now are the Arca Plasmor, Sobek, Kohm and Strun Wraith. Maybe Lenz and Zarr too but I hit myself too much with them. Still some decent AoE is quite nice, all modded for Viral damage!

Differs between Pyrana Prime, Zakti and Euphona Prime. Zakti mostly for the delayed gas explosion to prime Spores to explode, Pyrana for its insane “AoE” stopping power and the Euphona for its massive single target damage!

Halberd, see above. Its using Healing Return to give me back life on status effects affecting enemies, Drifitng contact to boost its damage, viral damage, blood rush to boost crit chance, primed reach, fury and pressure point, Last is a Riven but its not essential. This weapon with Healing Return is essential to make the built work for high level content due to the heling received. I use Teempo Royale as the stance as its simply awesome and works well with its spinning attacks.

I’m still finetuning my setup, especially the secondary weapons and the arcanes I use. Might even reforma a few polarities on her, or just built a second Saryn for that :smiley: . Make it your own, use it as a guideline but there lots of room for changes

Ash loves this mod!