It’s either a complete garbage fire or an excellent game - I just can’t tell.

It feels like it has been made to be intentionally convoluted. What is explained is done so poorly and then the remaining 90% of the game has no explaination what so ever. It doesn’t explain or even really broadcast what half the stuff in the game even does.

Take the mission ‘Everest’ for example. I just jumped in to this after beating the first campaign boss. The mission (which you don’t find out until you’re loaded in, because including a mission summary in the mission selection screen is apparently not possible) is to go to different locations in a level where relics have been found and to protect an extractor drill which is powered using batteries carried by the enemies (because that makes total fucking sense - I’m on a mission without the abilty to power my own equipment…total fucking sense).

While you progress there is no mission progress indicator aside from a resource counter that increases - at least not one I’ve been able to find - and the mission becomes progressively more difficult with each completed extraction/artefact find. After the first extractor the game tells me I can extract from the mission or carry on, giving no prompts on how I do so, no marker for the extraction/landing zone and nothing showing on the map. I begin to get the sense that this is some kind of horde mode since the only indicator that I’m making progress is that the game is getting more difficult and I’ve collected more of a resource for which I don’t understand the purpose.

So I go from basic enemies that are around level 1-3, complete 5/6 extractions and then it starts throwing level 10-13 enemies at me that have special weapons and abilities. This starts to get really overwhelming and by this point, from what I’ve been able to gather - because this game is fucking terrible at broadcasting what and how many rewards/pickups/items you’ve collected - I’ve collected a bunch of mods and some ‘artefacts’ (which I’m not even sure how to use or access) and start to look to see if there is any indication of how long the mission will last or if there is any way to leave the mission.

The only thing I can find is the ‘abort mission’ button in the menu which warns me that I will lose “mission bonuses and rewards” if I leave. That’s ok, I think I’ve built up a bunch of loot so I don’t mind if I lose the bonuses and rewards for completing the mission - Abort mission.

Mistake. By ‘bonuses and rewards’ it means literally everything from the start of the mission to the point I aborted. Everything. All the ‘loot’ I think I’ve picked up. Everything. rage quit.

I’ve read a few guides and watched a few videos but this is increasingly beginnig to feel like a ‘wiki game’ - a game I spend four times as much reading the wiki articles as I do playing the fucking thing.

ZiiP Warframers - what the hell am I missing? I feels like there might be gold in here but it feels also like it’s wrapped in burning, stinking trash at the same time.

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I believe there were multiple posts of me for this game already, and yes, they have some trouble in explaining things but not the extent you show here. Surely would be great if they do a better job in explaining things, but I kinda got used to it. Still, I believe you exaggerating a bit, its not that difficult. At least compared to a couple of years ago :smiley:.

I appreciate that it doesn’t hold me by the hand every time and tells everything I have to do, but on the other side… yes I got frustrated a bunch of times for not figuring out how some new mechanics worked. Especially the new focus and operator system is really confusing. I can just say, its worth it. After the first 10-15h or so one gets a grip how everything works together. But thats mainly because it has so many game mechanics piled on to each other.

To your question, you either missed the big green blinking symbol on your screen after getting the “exiting message” or you were super unlucky and the UI broke. Happens maybe every 200+ games once. Otherwise pressing [m] brings up a bigger map, shows everything relevant. The drops are also showed in the center of your screen, otherwise you can see what you gathered at any time by pressing [p] (or tab), gives a nice overview, all buttons are also labeled in the [control]s.

The excavation mode is pretty straight forward as you figured already. The artefacts do nothing, you just get a bunch of special ressources when you finish an excavation. Its an endless mode, unless you go to the exit which is marked on your map, AND in the game UI, by the green triangle. It also shows up right after you get the exiting message you mentioned. Still you should have seen that symbol marking the exit already a couple of times.

The game has around 5-7 mission types in total, which is mentioned in the initial mission screen (the big map when you select the mission). I get your frustration, to some degree, but its not rocket science, just a biot steeper learning curve then most games now days seem to have. Unfortunately most of the tutorials I wrote got lost in the old forums. Barely anyone read them anyway so I didn’t see the point in rewriting everything.

I had similar issues in the beginning, but the wiki helped me with most things as did youtube. I spent the first days trying to figure out how all the systems worked and sticked with the game. I’m still happy I did, its one of the best games I played in a long time and gets increasingly better. Especially since the last update. If you like, hit me up on Steam when I play and ask if you have trouble understanding something!

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Played that when it was still in alpha… got boring pretty quick. I can see from the post that nothing has changed on the explaining of things part.

I just started playing it again yesterday which meant I had to learn about figure out mods all over again. The game doesn’t really do a good job of introducing new players into the game. Currently building a second warframe and now have a puppy.

Plains of Eidolon has some trouble, few bugs I encountered. The fishing is probably the biggest turn off right now, its not really rewarding, the fish baits don’t work as intended, you need to farm a bunch of stuff basically sitting there doing nothing… its a big pain in the ass. I will wait till they patch it, until then I have yet to kill an Eidolon.

Maybe I start the Guides again … if some people actually play the game.


I’m playing very intermittently, really just don’t have the time, so don’t go writing more guides on my account, I’d feel terribly guilty when i stop next week :slight_smile:

The frost prime warframe, soma prime prinmary weapon and a prime melee weapon are all available to those that link their warframe account with twitch prime/amazon prime accounts