Warframe - welcome to [ZiiP]


A long time now I had a clan, but I didn’y realy liked it. Half of the members were offline, so I basically researched almost all items myself and contributed everything. This of course without any control, I couldn’t build the clan dojo, no impact on how it looks or decide who to invite or kick.

It was ugly, very effective but no decorations what so ever. Everytime I visited another Dojo I was shocked what you can actually do with it.

Today I had enough. Long Live the ZiiP CLAN.

I welcome everyone who wants to join. I will slowly build it up over the next weeks, giving me another reason to play this game a bit more. If anyone want to join it it, just send me your ingame name in here and I add you.

Setting it up will take a lot of ressources, I’m building most of the necessary rooms right now, the research labs should be up by monday. Splitting the ressources needed will speed things up quite a lot. I will prioritize functionality first to get all needed rooms and items, then decorate the shit out of it :smiley:.

I want this clan to be a small community, utilizing the forum to communicate with each other and have a clan conencted to it that I can actually influence. If anyone wants a specific item we can prioritize its research. I will also try to use this thread to answer your questions, if you have any.

The Dojo style will be HEAVY on asian themes, this is not negotionable :stuck_out_tongue: . This was the main reason I started this crazy shit. I hope you still like it.


Dude the effort and love you’ve already put into Warframe is ridiculous you’ve got me wanting to start playing so I’m going to have a look see if I can download it this morning/tonight when I’m not playing the Division :blush:.
Sincerest contrafibularities to my spare time.


Friend request sent :grin:


Loving the fast fluidity of the playstyle, character progression seems to be a tad on the slow side though. I mean, how long does it take before I’m able to … er … grind enough cash to buy a new weapon blueprint, then grind for the stuff to make one, then pay for the foundry to make it? I chose the bow as a starter weapon which is great but at range bad guys are dodging the shot…

Really enjoy it though apart from that gripe. Just as I was starting to wonder how long it would take me to get bored of the ship clearing levels, this happened;

Very, very nice.


Yeah money is an issue early on, later on you swim in it. I have around 5 mio right now, most of it from farming certain missions (Dark sector missions are great) and the daily Sorties. Higher level missions give more credits, especially if they involve lots of enemies :smiley:.

Plains of Eidolon is kinda fun but just as the rest of the game, grindy! The only downside right now is that most of its ressources are barely useful in the other areas of Warframe. Still, some of the mods you get there are VERY good. Fighting the Eidolon is very challenging (with randoms) but also kinda awesome, with an experienced group its far easier.

credit farming spots:
Hieracon, Pluto | extract after 1st extractor is done, repeat
Akkad, Eris | extract after 5 Waves, also great spot for farming xp
PoE is okish

I mainly like playing the game for unlocking new frames or weapons, some of them really spice up the gameplay. Nowadays I mainly do the sortie and then farm whatever ressource I need to get my next frame/weapon built. Right now its mainly getting ressources for the clan Dojo and get new stuff from PoE.


Oh no.

I’m hooked.

It’s like crack. Space-crack.



So after I’m back from my holidays, and midly inactive in Warframe beside a few researches activated, I started to actively grind again for some of the research.

Up to now it looks decent, some good weapons already researched, I list them below with a few comments. Still, some of my current favourites are not yet done, as they need lots of previous research and I ran low on a few of the needed resources. However the Dojo looks pretty neat now and I will soon try to farm ressources for the colors too, gray in gray isn’t really my cup of tea :smiley:.

Marelok - its Syndicate variant is a favourite of mine, great little side arm. It needs only 5 mastery, the Vaykor Marelok 6, its quite nice but I would only use it until you get the Vaykor for yourself

Jat Kittag - Giant rocket propelled hammer. Lots of people love it, I like its idea but for my taste too slow, still fun though to see your enemies ragdoll all over the place when you slam it into the ground

Ignis - Very good AoE weapon. The Ignis warith is nice too, but this one needs only mastery level 4 instead of 6.

Javlok - Very unique primary, kinda nice, but also a bit gimmiky.

Argonak - Not used it now but very nice mechanics, seems rather good. Mastery level 7 though.

Grinlok - Sniper rifle, mastery level 5. I didn’t like it but some people love it

Akstiletto - Its prime variant is one of the best side arms, and with only a mastery level of 2, these are very good as satrter weapons. The Prime variant is only mastery level 5 as well.

Sybaris - One of the fan favourites and one of my beloved weapons too. The Dex and Prime variant are some of the strongest weapons in game, very qucik reload, semi auto rifle. Defintely recommend picking this up. Mastery level 5

Baza - I fucking love this new weapon, thats why its already unlocked (and its considerable cheap to do so :smiley: ). Silenced,full auto PRIMARY weapon with big damage drop off. VERY efficient close to midrange, its absolutely lovely. Only downside, mastery level 7.

Cassowar - Rushed thois one too, very good polearme and right now one of my go to for farming. Good damage and speed and very good range. Low mastery rank of 5 too, but it looks absolutely disgusting.

Nami Skyla - Its prime variant is much better, a real power house, but this one has such a low mastery rank that everybody should pick one up.

Guandao - Another very nice polearm which also looks fantastic. Where the Cassowar is more of a hybrid (crit/status), this weapon has a very good crit chance. It struggles a bit with higher level content or armored targets (> ~40) but it shreds everything else.


Thanks for all your hard work with the clan and for the weapon advice above. I’m still playing the game, infrequently, but have had major issues with sound distortion and framerate since I had to re install windows 10 and nothing I’ve done has managed to sort this out. I suspect this may be an issue related to my realtek sound drivers but so far haven’t found a fix… and believe me I’ve tried everything.


If you like I can send you an invite for the Clan (send me your ingame name ;), if you are interested). As I said lots still missing but the essentials are researched, trading works already and I’m close to the most useful/fun weapons. I was hoping more people might join as some of the ressources are a bit hard to pick up all alone, like Nitaine.

Probably play a bit more over the next week, this week I sticked mainly to my switch.


I just checked and I can’t be a member of two clans at once, currently helping my friend with his clan. Including me there are two of us in it :slight_smile:


No problem, I like building the clan up anyway and have a blast decorating it. Its also nce to see how the Clan system works. Right now I’m almost alone, Spoon was playing a bit but stopped as he got suck in Eve again as it seems, Vred has an invite but wasn’t in the game for forever!


I’m secretly kinda glad I’m having problems with the game because I shudder to think how much now time I’d spend with it if the damn thing ran properly.


I had a huge amount of fun the other day playing an “endless” void fissure mission. It really scratched that borderlands loot itch despite being able to count my frame rate on one hand.


I did my first big Eidolon hunt this weekend in a random group. We made it to the 2nd Eidolon, the Hydrolist and then halfway through to Gigantalyst before the timer run out. Its so much fun, never gets boring constant moving, sliding and jumping required! Defintely wanna try again with a better suited built.

My favourite two weapons (at least for now) are available in the Dojo too, finally got the research done. Trying to get all the other stuff done too.

The Lenz is some sort of bow with a twist. It shoots an exploding projectile, causing a first frost explosion and a following blast explosion. Unfortunately it has a very low ammo count of only 6 and well, … you can kill yourself easily if you aren’t careful :smiley: .

The other one is the Arca Plasmor which is a Corpus plasma shotgun. Not only has it a substantial ammount of punch through but also a very large beam size. Combine that with a very good damage and you have an amazing weapon.

What I love about those two weapons are the unique mechanics and both synergize very nicely with Mirage and her Hall of Mirrors augment diue to the overlapping damage areas.

Right now the Arca Plasmor is my go to for farming with Nekro, main goto for having fun outside the Plains of Eidolon (Dojo colors mainly :stuck_out_tongue: ). The lenz is nice for everything, especially crowded places ;).

I will have a go today and try out all the new buffed weapons. Th new patch was really massive, lots of balancing and sort of a content update too!


Going to jump back on this this week!


Check your messages then, you should have an invite to the clan already which gives you not only access to trading with other players, but also to all the reasearched frames/weapons. If you want a specific thing to be researched tell me, or I make you the right rank so you can start stuff.

It also gives you entry to our wonderful dojo, shockfull of asian inspired interior :stuck_out_tongue:.

I will be off starting from Wednesday evening though as its Lunar new year holidays here and we make a round trip till Sunday evening.

Tactical Potato made a nice video of running the new Eidolons, similar to my experience but my run was far longer as we had nothing prepared.


Time to try and get my head around this whole confusing mass of stuff!!

I can’t even remember the spazzy jump thing that you showed me where you’re constantly zipping around like you’re of bungy rope - crtl+alt+jump or something?!


There are a bunch of them. You slide around by pressing [crouch-ctrl] after running, from that you can press [jump-spacebar] to do a long range jump usually referred to as “bulletjump”. You can combine that with an additional jump at the end (double jump) to cover really long distances. There are also “side flips”.

Other maneuvers include a backflip, hold [RMB] + [back] and tap [sprint-shift]. Wall jumping/dashing is any direction+ [jump-space], you can combine that with a bullet jump too. You can also latch on to walls by using [RMB] again after wall jumping. The wiki has a nice list how to do most of it.


I’m a “Mastery Rank 3 Gold Initiate” what ever the hell that means.


Enjoying it though.


Mastery Rank has little to no effect on the game. It limits the amount of daily trades you can do and how large your daily standing limit is. Weapons have mastery rank requirements to prevent people from getting the best weapons straight away. Another more important factor is “mod points”. If you mod anything, like your Warframe or weapons, even if your weapon is unranked you start with the amount of points equal your mastery rank. This helps immensily, I’m mastery rank 19 right now which means I can use 19 points on any unranked weapon. If I have an Orokin reactor/catalyst installed this doubles to 38 :smiley:.

You gain mastery “progress” by ranking up frames, weapons, or progress in the star chart and then level up the mastery rank in some sort of “mastery trial” which differs for each of the levels. Some of the later ones are actually quite challenging!

Btw. accept the clan invite at some point, I’m lonly as Spoon is stuck in Eve :wink: .

Right now I’m really looking forward to, Umbra & the new open area on Venus.

I hope the story impact of Umbra is as massive as the 2nd Dream quest ! I started doing Eidolons runs as I finally got myself a new amp for that! Its quite fun to be honest but very grindy to get