Warframe - welcome to [ZiiP]


Done! How do these ascensions work? Are there specific things we can do to help earn more points towards to it?


You acquire points by research and building specific rooms. Right now we built every room (I believe) which counts, so the only thing left is clan research!


And what are those solar rail things in the far room? Are they for some kind of clan v clan thing?


You can use them to take control over one of the dark sectors. Not sure how exactly this woulld work out. I wil read up on it and see if we might have chance!


I’m guessing it would take quite a bit of “clan work” - we rarely seem to be able to link up at the mo - me anyway with my random brief spurts lol


If you didn’t notice already there is a big event going on, rebuilding one of the lost Relays. Its fairly straight forward, at the end you get a skin for your landing craft, a new weapon, and a riven plus a little noggle Ember. You can easily finish the quest within 1day, even faster if you build the parts every 3h (so 15h in total). Event is up for next 2 weeks!

I was too lazy for that, finished today morning though!


The new dev stream was pretty neat, new Chroma Prime looks fantastic as do the other new features. Probably still going to take a while until we get our hands on it!

The remaster of some of the tilesets looks stunning!

Have a look yourself, this devstream shows so much new comming stuff its hard to emntion everything. The new Venus footage is incredible!


I did wonder what that blueprint was for - thought it might be something for the Dojo so started one off. No idea what to do with it though - I got all excited cos I now have Titiana, Wukon, Revenant and Hydro to grind :slight_smile:


Titania and Revenant are pretty awesome, Wukong depends on taste and Hydro sucks.