Warframe - welcome to [ZiiP]


Done! How do these ascensions work? Are there specific things we can do to help earn more points towards to it?


You acquire points by research and building specific rooms. Right now we built every room (I believe) which counts, so the only thing left is clan research!


And what are those solar rail things in the far room? Are they for some kind of clan v clan thing?


You can use them to take control over one of the dark sectors. Not sure how exactly this woulld work out. I wil read up on it and see if we might have chance!


I’m guessing it would take quite a bit of “clan work” - we rarely seem to be able to link up at the mo - me anyway with my random brief spurts lol


If you didn’t notice already there is a big event going on, rebuilding one of the lost Relays. Its fairly straight forward, at the end you get a skin for your landing craft, a new weapon, and a riven plus a little noggle Ember. You can easily finish the quest within 1day, even faster if you build the parts every 3h (so 15h in total). Event is up for next 2 weeks!

I was too lazy for that, finished today morning though!


The new dev stream was pretty neat, new Chroma Prime looks fantastic as do the other new features. Probably still going to take a while until we get our hands on it!

The remaster of some of the tilesets looks stunning!

Have a look yourself, this devstream shows so much new comming stuff its hard to emntion everything. The new Venus footage is incredible!


I did wonder what that blueprint was for - thought it might be something for the Dojo so started one off. No idea what to do with it though - I got all excited cos I now have Titiana, Wukon, Revenant and Hydro to grind :slight_smile:


Titania and Revenant are pretty awesome, Wukong depends on taste and Hydro sucks.


Was busy over the last 3 months trying to get MR 25 done. Unfortunately now MR 26 is the highest possible rank … well lets get farming some more I guess. Those weapons won’t level themselv :smiley:


So weird, I was thinking about getting back to this and just today might have managed to get Kate interested!


We unlocked almost everything in the Dojo. I think we miss the Archwing weapon deploy thing and the bloody Hema, thats it.

The new railjack will probbaly change that. Fairly sure there will be lots to unock once thats released!


As much as I enjoyed this I just doubled actual monies into World of Tanks, which I’m trying to justify, and have little extra time for more games…


You utter madman, well done


I’m around 25% into MR26 right now :smiley:.

Big changes are coming this year, not only are we getting Railjack but also a massive rework of the melee system and some other system reworks like the alert system. DE really took it to heart and is far more open this year around after last years “content draught” were everything was stacked toward the end and nothing big released in the first 3/4!

Here a list of whats to come!

The summary of the melee changes. Its a the biggest game mechanic overwhole in a long while. They tackle a few aspects at the same time! The system will go from the current combo system ; for example for great swords like the war, hold RMB in melee stance then press melee button over and over; to an easier combos system. Basically, going away from the big combo hits to where single hits have more impact! The problem with this is the insane amount of mods and melee systems this entails.

The combo counter/multiplier and mods affected by it (blood rush, weeping wounds,…), channeling and melee stances all have to be adjusted as well as the weapons themselve rebalanced!

Melee will be rolled out in phases, mainly as they are overwhelemed with the insane amounts of work associated. The first phase is some ease of life improvements. Later they will redo each melee category one by one.

Railjack, the big thing for this year! Basically we get real “space battle” with some mixture of big batlesship style fights mixed in with Archwing and boarding!


The first content drop is here!

Warframes new alert system 1st season “Wolf of saturn six”, is up and running. It replaces the old outdated alert system in a way where you finish challenges AND rank up similar to how syndicates work. Each rank gets you a certain reward. Not only are the rewards a huge improvement, you can also get “exclusive rewards” like mods, special Umbral formas or

Every time you finish challenges you get some sort of currency that can be spent on loot you can choose yourself, ALL currency has to be spent before the next season starts as it will be lost otherwise. The new system comes with some lore too, so even if you are not planning on getting stuck in, maybe give it a t least a try ;),

Gonna farm tonight to get my “Umbral Forma”, my Saryn is ready to get even more powerful :smiley: .



So after looking over it a bit more I like this a lot. Not only introduces it something to do during the week and keeps you engaged BUT you also get access to lots of good stuff for FREE.

Beside that some of the challenges looks simple, like kill 150 enemies with cold or magentic damage BUT they might incentify you to look for new methods. For example why not mod a Arca Plasmor for Magnetic and bring it into a Corpus mission? This might help newer players discover different methods and change loadouts depending on enemy type once they figure out how much more damage they can do with proper elemental setups!

whats included

  • Warframe and weapon slots, prior only availabe for Platinum now you get it just by investing some time
  • lots of cosmetics, ship decorations and so on
  • Umbral formas for your fancier builds like my ongoing Saryn build
  • Arcanes, rare mods and other rarer items
  • lots of Kuva
  • bragging rights, you get some nice emotes and cosmetics

They also released a new Warframe today!

Loosely connected, Arthur showed this to me and it resonated heavily with me! Check them all out, they are adorable.

Remember guys, we all were newbies once!

I also applaud the Warlord for his excellent choice of Warframe!