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Invite accepted!

I’m just at the point where the varnish has scratched away enough for me to see the F2P underneath since I’ve not unlocked/found recipes for some key stuff like Orokin cells or orokin reactors both of which I can buy the recipes for but both of which I definitely don’t have the ingredients for - BUT! I can buy the recipes for those ingredients…and so on.

Not getting switched off by it since the combat is hilarious fun especially now I have some different weapons/a drone/am more powerful.

On the topic of mod points - say I were to acquire an Orokin Reactor would I only be able to double the mod point capacity of newly crafted weapons since using a weapon will make it rank up and block it from being upgraded - do I understand that right?

And does that mean that it is worth either waiting to be a higher matery rank or every so often recrafting a weapon and using a Orokin Reactor to take advantage of the additional points you would then get from the higher matery rank?

I’ve just figured out how to open relics so opened all the ones I had only upgrading a few I had void essence for - I get the feeling I should have kept hold of them now I’ve played a bit longer though.

I keep saying it but, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck there is a lot to learn in this game. I’ve literally in the last few hours figured out that you can have drones and something I crafted aaaages ago is a drone so have equipped the ‘Taxon’ with some freeze beam weapon thingy.

Also have enough shit unlocked to make my character not look complete dog turd so I’m more engaged with everything just from that.


Something I’ve reaslied which is pretty awesome and certainly adds to the creedance that Warframe is being done right in a lot of ways for a F2P game, is that it plays similar to The Division and has comparable content to the Division but it’s free and I still enjoy it as much - in places a lot more - than the Division.

Crazy what you get for Free from this game. The F2Pness of an F2P game usually shows its self pretty quickly and it is always emersion and will breaking when it does because the mechanics after a point are usually crippled beyond belief. In this they feel like they’ve been made lotsa levels more grindy than an non-F2P game but they don’t feel unatainable through play.

I will say that where you have the option to pay is bloody expensive. I was looking at getting some platinum to craft something (I think it was a landing craft or a drone) for 475 plat. Go to look at the currency bundles and I’d have to spend £32 for 1000 credits because you can’t just buy 475 and the nearest bundle doesn’t give you enough for the £15 their charging. So they’re charging me nearly £20 for the actual thing I want…


Quick note, don’t buy pure platinum packages! I would always recommend the “prime access” packages, especially the middle one. They are pricy, but well worth it! Usually the 2600 plat that comes with it are enough for me for at least 3-6 months, plus you get the Prime Warframe with installed catalysts (on weapons too) and a couple of weapons. The one right now is a good deal, as Mirage is an excellent fun frame to play, and even in higher level content effective. The Aka bolto primes are nice weapons too, only the melee weapon which comes with it isn’t too great, they deal good damage but I don’t like claw weapons. Give me swords or Katanas instead :smiley:.

I know what you mean though, I farmed 3h last week just to get my new amp, needed one ressource to get get another one and so on. Howeever, if you played a while you pick lots of essential stuff on the side. There are only a few ressourcs I run out of a lot, mostly to upgrading the Dojo right now. Once you reach a certain point, where you have mostly planets unlocked and just play for fun, the grind becomes far more manageable.

I only put Orokin Reactors on stuff I like to use later, but not for Mastery fodder. Mastery fodder is a term to describe not worthwhile weapons, therefor only good to level up once to 30 so one gets the experince for that.

The Orokin stuff essentially doubles every point the weapon has and is permanent, once installed everything is doubled. Lets say you have a level 15 weapon, then you get 30 mod points, level it to 30 it will be 60, it doesn’t matter when you install it. Have a look out for missions, especially for important parts (mutagen mass, Orokin Cell, Neural Sensors, Neurodes, Fieldron, Detonite Injector) there are events popping up every now and then where you get one for doing the mission 3 times, people often run those with high level gear. Other missions will get you the assembled ressources, like Forma, Orokin Catalyst/Catalyst and Nitain. they are rare but they pop up veyer now and then, especially after the Warframe Dev Talk (fridays) .


In the beginning I would focus on getting further in the chart, to unlock new gear and ressources, and pick-up blueprints for the frames/weapons you would like to get on the side. A must get early on is Nekkro, his ability makes farming far more efficient. Also useful is a Kavat (cat) as I feel like they do more stuff, like double ressource drops. damage, crti chance increase, open boxes and so on, for me they are nicer the the “drones” (Sentinels)

You need to get to the Orokin Derelict for specific essential mods and for farmable ressources to the Orokin Void (prime parts). There are few shortcuts to the void early on as it has level 10ish content. Prime gear and rare mods sell well on the market for plat (trade chat), one can survie just by doing that. I think GuidesForUsAll has a very old series where he doesn’t buy any plat but instead finances Warframe only from selling gear on the trade channel.

Let me know what you would like to see, I can make a new farm guide (where to get what most efficiently) a list explaining which weapons are good early on.

Here are some lists for weapons/frames that I like to use, without any regard for mastery rank


Lenz (Dojo), the Arca Plasmor (Dojo), Rakta Cernos (I can gift you one if you hit Mastery 12), Tigris Prime, Ignis Wraith, Baza (dojo), Vectis Prime, Sybaris Prime, and Vaykor Hek.


any Nikana with the Prime and Dragon Nikana being my favourite, War, Glaive Prime, Guandao (dojo?) and Cassowar (dojo) (my recommendation, low mastery rank and extremely powerful).


Akbolto Prime, Akstiletto Prime, Euphona Prime, Sicarus Prime, Aklex Prime, Brakk, Mara Detron, Spira Prime, Twin Grakatas, Pandero, Vaykor Marelok, Dual Toxocyst

For warframes Saryn (my favourite), Harrow, Ivara, Ember, Mag, Nova, Mirage, Titania if I wanna be a fairy, Trinity


Sorry for being such an utter twit. I thought I sent you guys friend invites ages ago and then realised I thought about doing that, but forgot.
Invites now sent.


@Zorndar sorry I missed your messages, I’m not used to looking out for the chat and it doesn’t (that I’ve noticed) really notify you that friends are online or that you’ve been sent a message. If it does, it doesn’t do it in an obvious way.

I’m just running the Exterminate Void Fissures (I called them Rifts in chat), Excavations when I run out of Relics and inbetwen all that I’m levelling weapons and building stuff I have recipes for (Just started building the Oberon after getting the three components and grabbing the final recipe).

I’ll have to post up some stats/screenshots of where my gear is to see how wrong I’m doing it!

Currently have the Excaliber (obviously), Braton rifle, two polearms (I LOVE POLEARMS!!!) a twin sword and an autopistol at max level.

Working on a heavy sword (Really hated this at first but now with a bit of time and some levelling it’s awesome - still not as good as a polearm though!), a Grineer rifle (weird spikey looking one with high ROF) and the pistol from the Prime Vault pack I picked up after you suggested.

Not decided when I’ll switch over to Mirage or (when it’s finished) the Oberon yet - also almost have all the blueprints for Rhino and working on the blueprints for two others I can’t remember the name of.


Get the cassowar from the dojo :smiley:, its one of my favourite weapons right now and low mastery rank too. Another one watching out for is the Guandao. The latter looks better but the former is simply a better weapon!


Thats what I’ve just moved on to - its insane, I love it!


The Cassowar is a nice upgrade from that, for me its hard to choose between the two but I have a really nice Riven for the Cassowar boosting its damage quite a bit, thats why I use that a lot. Even without riven the cassowar has slightly better stats. I defnitely prefer the Guandao though, it looks so slick!


Im dipping my toes in this, played ages ago but never got into it… tinkering about a wee tad!

not a clue wtf Im doing thus far…


That’s perfectly normal, I’ve very little clue about what’s going on right now


If you would like to join our cosy little Dojo I sent you an invite later today, whats your ingaem name? It already has all essential equipement for your daily slaughtering needs (trade post) with a few of the best weapons unlocked and I’m working on the rest too :smiley:.

Warframes are next on my list, last time I checked I was working on getting Wukong fully researched, unfortunately he needs insane amounts of Nitain … that will take me a while. Will be quicker with some help :wink: .

For beginners my tips will always be the same, try to advance in the star chart by any means and try to level up as many weapons and frames as possible so you can increase your mastery rank. Once you find something you like, stick with it and put lots of Forma in it.

By this you get access to more weapons, ressources and steadily build your combat efficiency. In the beginning the game is a bitch to learn, but it will be much easier once you got your first 100h in and got a hang of it … be patient. I would say its learning curve/experience is similar to EVE, just much shorter.

We are 4 people now (incl. Ronin), maybe we can organise a gaming session on friday?


I’d actually be up for this but having some issues with wifey reference gaming times…eventually lol


I’m game.

We’ll all be at different points though, won’t we?

Would we just default to whoever’s progress is furthest back?


You can taxi people around, as long as I invite we can go everywhere! We can however try to find some good spots for you to progress! MAybe get your hands on some juicy mods/frames/weapons ;).

We will probably do some derelict runs, one of the best activities in 4 man groups. We are guarantied one mod per run if we find the vault. Small advice, buy some derelict blueprints from the market and prepare a few Dragon Keys. You will need 1 each.

If you wanna try yourself, I propose extermiante and capture runs. They are pretty simple to pull off alone.


name is Takagi_tami (I think…)


Lol then I send the invite to some random guy yesterday.

When you guys wanna start? What about around 6-7 ish? If you wanna do more around 9-10ish I might have a quick nap in between :smiley:.


I should be fine for then, I’ll jump on TS - what time will that be for you?


6pm is already around 3ish here, so earlier is always better :smiley:. I will probably be online long before that, do some stuff in Vermentide and then switch to Warframe later or other way around.


I had to log off because of a work call that I’ve just gotten off, sorry Zorn.


I’ll hopefully be free next week in the evenings for a few runs