Warframe - welcome to [ZiiP]


Mastery Rank 5!

Guandao mastered (Third polearm - I love polearms!!!) and I’m working on the Twin Heat Blades, Akbolto Prime and Vulkar currently.

Going to try out a set of the knuckle things and then work on the Gorgon and the Kraken next.

Getting towards maxing my drone out now as well so need to look what I’m going to work on next, probably the Deathcube.

Also going to start thinking about which frame I switch to next, Oberon or Valkyr Prime.


Also, I’ll double check, but I have from Friday 23rd - Monday 26th off so I can play much earlier in the day to work around you @Zorndar.


If you need help leveling things up we can do some survival missions during the week. I was amazed at how quickly things level up during long survivals while opening void relics. It’s a lot of fun followed by a period of panic while you realise you were too greedy and you’re not sure if you’ll make it to the exit in time.


I’ve switched from EXterminate void fissures to Survivals and Extractors now because I can level my gear while opening relics (and if I’m lucky get more relics while I’m grinding from the Extractor missions). The sudden difficulty curve you hit after a few rounds/waves is jarring though, jumping from a slaughter to cheesey bullet sponge enemy spam like the weird plant-head infested enemies that do poisen/fire AOE damage or the four legged Corpus mech that is like a boss all by its self.

The difficulty jumping all over the place is something I’m definitely not enjoying about the game. I don’t really get what the ‘levels’ on missions relate to which is probably part of the reason I’m finding the difficulty so inconsistent1 - I thought it was weapon level but I’ve had inconsistent experiences in missions of the same level where say one level 12-15 mission will be trivial to the point of boredom but another 12-15 will feel like a much higher level mission.

There has got to be something I’m missing about the difficutly scaling/leveling, it just doesn’t make sense to me from what I’ve experienced.

But yeah I’m up for some runs - give me a couple of days to grind myself a bunch more Lilith relics (unless you’re working on the relics) and I’ll be up for it.


Be careful, excavation missions are scaling, which means you START maybe at level 15 or so, whatever the game tells you, but they get higher with each wave you stay! More problematic then the actual level of the enemies is their type. The higher the wave number the more “special units” appear. For example the bombardiers of the grinner, the lancers or other units. They have more advanced weapons and “HP bars” with heavy modifiers, like alloy armor or proto shields. I go into some detail below.

The level indicator is actually spot on, BUT enemies have certain resistances. This is explained in quite some detail in Weapon damage 2.0, but doen’t get too deep into it, the new damage 2.5 or 3.0 is just around the corner so things might change a bit.

Enemies “effective HP bars” are usually put in 3 categories, health (red), armor(yellow) and shields(blue). There are certain damage types which are very effective against one, but do shit all against another. If you want a nice video an not my sloppy written list below try Tactical Potatos video, its detailed yet easily understandable.

The following explanations are very basic, “HP” for example or also called flesh which has 5 subcategories. Typical rule of thumb, if you don’t wanna go into too much depth you can almost ignore all the rest of the post, just have a read of the farming spots part at the end.

Against Grineer - Slash/Puncture + Corrosive against armor / Slash + Viral + Heat against flesh
Against Corpus - Impact+Magnetic against shields / Cold, Slash + Viral + Heat, against flesh
Against Infested - Slash + Heat+Gas against felsh, maybe corrosive for high level armor

If you want a quick chart to look through, here is one from the guy who made the Tactical Potato video. Its quite helpful in the beginning to make effective combos. One of my go to’s is often Corrosive + Heat as elemental damage, something which is effective in 80% of the game unless you play mainly vs. Corpus.

Pure HP is often seen in lower level content, also most typical with the “infested” faction. They are easy to deal with, there are some armored units in higher levels, but they rely heavily on numbers.

Grineer are very heavily armored, even in lower levels. Having some sort of armor stripping is mandatory for levels over 30ish. Grineer are considered the toughest enemies so most people try to have a good combination of damage type agaisnt them.

Dominantly Corpus units have shit tons of shields. Most typical people try to mod to bypass them and attack the underlying hp/armor directly rather then reducing the shields. Thats why slash damage is so good right now in Warframe, its very versatile.

The last enemy type, the corrupted, are a mixture of the above mentioned. Thats what makes them so annoying, they need a wild mixture of damage types to be effective against them. Or you just have shit tons of damage so it doesn’t matter :smiley: .

In general you have 3 physical damage types impact, slash and puncture.

Slash - bleed proc based on the weapons slash stat, amazing to have
Puncture - good against armor
Impact - procs sort of a stun, good vs. shields

In the recent meta slash is the most useful due to its proc effect followed by puncture as it is very effective against armor.

Next is the all confusing elemental stats, these are a bit complicated.

You have 4 “standard types”, electric, cold, heat and toxic damage.

Cold - good vs shields, bad against flesh (infested)
Heat - mostly effective against flesh (infested), nice CC proc, bad against shields
Electric - good vs shields and machinery, quite nice against Corpus in general
Toxin - very good against Corpus flesh, good against shields too

These can be combined into other damage types very useful against certain enemy types.

Toxic + Heat - Corrosive - the most used, its proc strips armor which is the most combersome against higher level enemies

Toxic + Cold - Viral - proc reduces targets full hp by 50%, doesn’t stack

Cold + Electric - Magnetic - proc reduces max shields

Electric + Heat - Radiation - in the typical game its not that great, the proc confuses the enemy so they kinda shoot each other, nice crowd control but thst it. BUT it does massive damage to the big Eidolons, so lots of people use pure radiation damage builds if they hunt them

heat + toxin - Gas - Toxic aoe proc, pretty nifty

heat + cold - Blast- knockdown on proc, can be useful

I would say the most used are corrosive for stripping armor, slash for attacking the HP bar directly and Toxic/Gas for reducing said hp bars. Some people love running viral too, in combination with a strong slash weapon and a 4 group with corrosive projection. If one runs high level stuff, like VOID 30+, were you have really awful mixtures of all enemy types, mixing your damage types is useful too. Magnetic is a must have if you want to run high level Corpus missions or you just have a Mag with you, viral and slash might be another option:smiley:.

Another powerful combinations is Slash + Viral and corrosive, a combination only available with certain weapons as viral and corrosive share Toxic, the same elemental damage. Try to find weapons with innate toxic damage. The better your weapon get the less of an impact all of this will have. Still, its nice to keep in mind which weapon/frame combo works well against which faction. I might make a small guide on that later on.

Some of the best Farming/leveling spots are:

  • Hydron, on Sedna | Defense
  • Akkad, on Eris | Defense
  • Hieracon, on Pluto | Excavation
  • Mithra, Void | Interception

All of them are very good in one aspect or another, Akkad is my go to as people stay to wave 20 pretty frequently (4 x 5waves), even in public. Hieracon is nice as it gives Cryotics and decent loot.

A user made a pretty nice farming/leveling list, I mostly agree with it. I might make a list of myself as I found a few nice spots for the rare ressources to farm which aren’t too popular.

We can try again this weekend or if you see me around, I play this game almost every day and if its only to do the Sortie.


I understand why the game has loadouts now, I’ll have to make one up for Grineer/Corpus/Orokin and make sure I switch between them going in to a mission - this part could be done a bit better, I find it awkward not being able to change your loadout as you enter a mission.

I often look on the map to see what is available, choose a mission and then go in. If I’m going to start using customised loadouts for different missions I’ll have to find the mission I want, leave the map to switch loadouts then load the map, find the mission and load in. That feels clunky - unless I’m missing a different way of doing it.

I could do with finding some duplicates of cards as well since I’ve upgraded a few of my cards and now can’t use them when I switch to an unlevelled weapon.

If I remember/get a chance later, I’ll find some way of recording what I’m currently running so you can see and tell me what I’m doing wrong.


Once you hit a certain damage output or better synergy with your frame/weapon it matters less simply because your damage output is so high you one shot everything. It matters later when you do level 80-100 missions and even then I mostly run standard stuff like corrosive + heat and a good weapon. Later warframe abilities and melee becomes quite strong depending on what weapon you are using, or which frame.

I might really have to start a dedicated warframe tips guide, otherwise everthing is spread out over the whole thread with no structure at all :smile: .


I’ve got a mix across my weapons of Magnetic, Toxic, Fire and Electric damage but I’ve focused more on raw damage output in most cases, attack speed and reach with the melee as well.

Something I have recently put some effort in to is increasing my recovery from knockdown - I HATE being grappled/knocked down so now I have something like +160% knockdown recovery.


On your advice I’ve redone my weapons with what cards I have so I have loadouts for Grineer/Corpus/Infested with as much of the right damage types as I can put together with what cards I have.

My Excalibur loadout - gone for: Health/Shield, some resistances, shield regen, some armor and knockdown recovery:

Vulkar loadouts (Grineer/Corpus/Infested):

Akbolto Prime loadouts (Grineer/Corpus/Infested):

Dual Heat Swords loadouts (Grineer/Corpus/Infested):


And this is my actual Excalibur frame:


If you see me online today, send me a PM. I have a few mods leftover I can gift you. Maybe I can show you how to hunt down some of the more popular once too and gift you some other stuff ;).

Quick note before I get home, your Warframe build seems overly defensive. I like to play to the strengths of my frames, Excalibur is one of the best damage dealers especially with his Chromatic Blade augment. Keep in mind the mods on your melee weapon augment this abilty too! So you need a sword for a starter, he gets a damage buff if he uses swords if I’m correct.

First major advice, get yourself a Syndicate, you should be able to I believe. For Excalibur I would advice Steel Meridian as they have good augment mods for him as well as their later weapons are excellent!

General advice for Excalibur, Vitality only, continuity is a must have on almost every frame. The best fast recovery mod is Handspring and mostly the only thing you need. I would mod for range (190% ish), Chromatic blade augment, efficency (150% ish), balanced strength (around 100% ish) and maybe Flow for higher energy pool. You don’t need massive strength to push your damage as the combination of the augment with your melee weapons mods, which count for his ability, are more than sufficient. Resistance mods are a waste of Endo.

If you want to use Chromatic blade to its full strength your sword should be modded for it too as well your frames energy color should be bluish or green. With the energy color blue, you get energy damage from your Chromatic Blade augment as base melee damage, green gets you toxic as base.

In general I assume you are missing most of the good mods, hence the mod hunting run I was planning on Friday :wink: . Typically damage+ mods are a must level up, always useful. Depending on weapon, Status, Crit or Hybrid builds are adviced. In todays meta pure elemental damage mods aren’t used that much, rather use Elemental mods with status chance on them (for example High Voltage), every weapon group has one for each element.

I highly advice geeting your hands on primed mods, so visiting Baro Ki’teer every two weeks is highly adviced and stocking up on Primed parts too.

Maybe give Flareeyes imgur a go. I use his builds a lot for quick guidance, but he is leaning heavily towards power/damage, whereas I like mine a bit more balanced. Still nice starting point.

A basic setup for your frame would be, stretch , vitality, intensify, handspring (you said you like recovery), chromatic blades, continuity, flow, steel charge, power drift and streamline . These are all easy to obtain, corrupted mods, which you need for more advanced and specialised builds, we can farm in Derelict on Friday!

For the gun, Serration (level up first), Split chamber, Shred (punch through is a must have for snipers), Point strike, Argon Scope if you have it, High Voltage + Malignant Force (corrosive), I can get you Lasting Purity which is nice to have for the Vulkar. I prefer other snipers though, Sybaris, Vectis or Rubico, Lanka to some extend.

AkBolto - Hornet Strike (level up first), Pistol gambit, Target Cracker, Lethal Torrent, Barrel Diffusion and corrossive, preferable Jolt + Pistol Pestilence (my advice for almost every situation), probably Fast Hands

Heated Sword is tricky: Pressure Point, Fury, Life Strike (optional), Body Count + Blood Rush (I have a set for you, I think it can be obtained as reward from PoE quests), Virulent Scourge + Voltaic Strike

I will start writing a Warframe guide tonight, starting with modding frames, later weapons, explaining the impact of each mod and different approaches in general. I could write a small essay when to use vitality/Redirection/Steel Fiber alone :laughing:. Its probably the most important part of Warframe and the most confusing too. Otherwise this thread becomes a mess looking for advice :slight_smile:. I will spottlight some of my favourite Frames and / or loadouts too as certain frames favour certain weapons styles.

Quick note, half an essay later…


I’d need to check with @Zorndar here - but all those things you have 20, 30, 40 copies of - I reckon you don’t need more than 4? Sell the rest for upgrade points and shizzle…


You are right, it used to be different but now its hardly of any use having more then 3-4 copies of the same mod.


But doesn’t that limit what you can do with different weapons and loadouts?

Say you sling a load of points in to a card for one weapon but that card is less of a focus for a different weapon you use it on - that would potentially mean your options for the other weapon are limited surely?


You only upgrade one mod fully, with a few exceptions, they are not for only one weapon, you can “reuse” them. Lets say you upgraded one serration to lvl 5 for your Vulkar, you can use the same mod in your other loadout/weapon too.

If your question is more along the lines of wouldn’t upgrading your mods to max level require shit tons of endo? Yes it would, thats why I recommend upgrading the pure damage mods first.


I get the feeling I’m playing this differently to you guys/what is intended.

As I am levelling a weapon I will start adding mods as I am levelling it rather than waiting until it is max level and then adding a mod.

What I’ve found when I’m doing this is that if I have levelled a mod past a certain point I wont be able to use it on what I’m levelling until I’ve maxed it out.

My intention is to have some unlevelled or only partially levelled cards so that I can still modify what I’m levelling as I’m levelling it.

This means I’ll need multiples of the cards I’m using but will only have one max or highly levelled.

Is this making sense at all?

Endo isn’t a problem since I’m getting it as rewards from missions and got loads from the two Ayatani statues I levelled up to max and then traded in for loads of Endo.


Thats why we said you need a few copies (not leveled), but later due to your increased mastery rank you get enough starting mod capacity to put in the most basic stuff. Another approach is to only have ONE unranked weapon/frame for leveling, the rest is either empty or really good. Then you can kill shit with that and the exp gets counted towards the unranked weapon/frame. Still leveling too much of the same mod at the same time isn’t too efficient. Depending on what your intentions are it might not even be a massive buff to the weapons performance. More than 3-4 mods of the same type isn’t too useful.

Your playstyle will change over time, don’t force it. Cute, you think Endo won’t be a problem. I need to level 3 primed mods right now each requiring around 30k endo for amx level… .


I agree, that’s why keep a few. But they’re so common and and the number of suits you’ll have set up at the same time is limited, so having that many is just not necessary. Sell them, use the skill point improvements for things and kill things better/faster = earning more of them anyway…


Guys…I’m a being a spastic, it has just triggered in my head what you mean - the number on the top left side of the card means how many I have, doesn’t it?

I was wondering what the hell that meant.

This game makes me feel so stupid!!! :roll_eyes:

Ignore me, I get what you mean now!

Thanks for being patient with me guys :kissing_heart: