Warframe - welcome to [ZiiP]


Just to clarify, thats 32k endo each of the primed mods! I also farm Kuva right now for my riven mods, got some juicy once I wanna roll.

What about trying to get a 4 player team over this weekend? I would be up for it showing you how to get some corrupted mods and get the special mods from the puzzles on Lua. Maybe get some sorties done, if you have a lvl 30 frame. We can even do the new DEX missions. I bet there will be some Lotus gft missions on Friday, due to the anniversary and the devstream.

Otherwise we do it next week when you have some free days :smiley:


I’m now taking the plunge to find out what the hell all this is all about.



i played this a while back on PS4 but never really understood much and had no one to play with if ZiiPsters are in on this on PC im up for it


Installed and done first few missions didn’t get the aniversery thing though :S user name is Reno117


I logged in yesterday and got it. Did the 3 alert missions too and got the weapons in the “mail”. Did you check your in-game inbox (under communication)?

Btw. the new patch is out and with it a BIG Dojo update. I will defintely spent a few hours to pimp out our Dojo a bit!

The new Prime Time was quite informative, going to watch it during lunch break. They spoiled a few things, I can’t wait for the new devstream to get some details! The adorable poster art they got is worth watching alone, I think I like Steves the most :laughing:. The nerf hammer for Scott is probably my 2nd favorite!

Also I just noticed Megans Ghost t-shirt, she appearently share s my music taste.

If you’ve never seen the Stalker before, if you kill too many Bosses he might appear. Normally he is Ai controlled but DE made a so called Stalker mode where they can hunt you down manually, only available during special events. Have a look down below.


Our mock exam was Wednesday morning so I’ve been marking the papers for two days solid.

Have errands to run tonight and I’m in work tomorrow between 10am-2pm but I’ll try to get on tonight and/or tomorrow evening if I can.

Is it too late to get the anniversary stuff?


Ignore last, saw your other post.


I will be out tomorrow I think, Pizza and games with some friends localy here and then Bar & Bands in town. Might get on afterwards, but I wouldn’t count on it.


This game updates a lot, doesn’t it?

Irritating to launch the game for it to launch an launcher and only then I find out it has an update.


Oh and then it offers you the ‘cache’ thing and you have to sit there longer waiting for it to do its thing.

I know they’re adding content or fixing bugs and trying to improve loading times, but it updating so friggin often is getting irritating.


There is currently a bug in a early mission that is halting all progress can’t pick up a item so can’t finish the quest


Yeah there are a lot of updates but that does give you some amazingly bizarre update logs.

Is anyone about for a game tomorrow evening?


I’ve installed 6 today alone.

That just seems silly, regardless of the size.


Keep failing the quest for the anniversary sydana - it’s a survival but it just randomly fails on me.



Re-installing, would be nice to play this with ZiiPlanders :slight_smile:


They mentioned it somewhere that one reason the Syadana was delayed was it was a bit buggy, they probably didn’t completely fixed all of them To be fair, this wouldn’t be Warframe if new patches were flawless.

I hope you still had fun yesterday I tend to baffle a lot, just stop me when it gets too much :smiley:. Try that Dread and theJat Kittag, I mean what could be better than a jet powered hammer to pound the shit out of Grineers!

I recommend watching the new Devstream, lots of nice stuff in the pipes. Mostly the endless Kuva missions (spoiler if you haven’t finished 2nd Dream yet), and the Dark Sectors look nice. probably another highlight, for Spider tank obsessed people, is what they show in the first 5min. They will be added to the new opene area on … Uranus I believe. Zephyr Prime looks yummy, only 3 more days to wait!


A bit overwhelming but it was really good fun playing with you mate - I felt completely useless, but it was still fun!

I’l have to grind some credits to get some stuff built, dropped from 250k to 20k buying up all the stuff from the dojo!


If I get home quicker tonight we can do a Sortie. Defintely try those out with your best weapons and frame and adjust a bit beforehand. An excalibur build heavily for Chromatic Blade should be a a very good choice. The easiest and most annoying, are the Spy and Rescue missions, but with a permanent stealth frame easy to go through.

They give good credits, around 100k-250k for all three missions. Another place to farm credits is Hieracon on Pluto. The farm list I mentioned earlier is realy a nice to have, most good spots for different purposes in one look. Its not complete but has enough imformations on it to start :smiley:.


the quest that was bugged for me got hot fixed a few hours later done the intro stuff and got the anniversary thing


So I’ve been playing this for a bit now and would like a second Warframe, especially as there seems to be tons of variety. I love joining a team and being with so many different variations - the first time I saw an AOE guy literally just kill everything in a mission by running through it my jaw was open. BUT - their parts seem to drop rare as hell - what gives? How the hell do you collect Warframes in Warframe if it takes forever to get all the parts for one??