Warframe - welcome to [ZiiP]


I found a THING:

In order to craft a new frame, you must get 4 blueprints for it: Helmet, Chassis, Systems, and the blueprint that puts those 3 pieces together. The last blueprint can be bought in the market for 25k-35k credits.

To acquire the other 3 blueprints, you must kill the boss of a planet multiple times. Each boss drops all 3 parts of a single frame, and different bosses drop different sets. Example: Jackal, boss of Venus, drops the Helmet, Chassis, and Systems for Rhino. Councilor Vay Hek, boss of Earth, drops the Helmet, Chassis, and Systems for Trinity.

The chance for bosses to drop a blueprint is random, so you can get all 3 pieces in 3 runs, or literally take dozens, if not hundreds, of runs to complete the set. If a blueprint drops, it will look like a small red version of an affinity sphere. Be sure to place a waypoint on it if you’re in a group so your teammates can pick it up too.

Once you have the blueprint, you can craft it in your foundry. It takes 12 hours to craft each piece, and 72 hours (3 days) to put all 3 pieces together. Once the crafting is finished, you can claim it and it will be added to your arsenal. You only start with 1 spare frame slot, so make sure you have enough space. You can buy additional slots for 20 platinum each.


Yeah welcome to Warframe. A new frame can be up to 3 days in the foundry. The RNG which part drops (the drop is guarantied) can really screw you over, sometimes you need 10+ runs to get all parts (my worst was around 30 for a full set), sometimes the planets allign and you need only 3 runs. Still these mission are typically assasinations and they can be quite quick to pull off. Depending if the boss has some sort of battle mechanic or not, 5 runs in 10-15 min are defintely doable.

If you buy the Prime packages OR Warframes they come with the slot and the Orokin reactor installed. If you calculate the platinum costs the Warframes are a decent deal, bare ressources are the worst deal ever and Prime packages, even as expensive as they are, are the best for what you get (the middle prices once, frame(incl. reactor and slot) + 2x weapon (slots+catalyst) + platinum).

Be careful with certain ressources, Ivara (13 Nitains) and Wukong (13 Nitains) for example cost quite a substantial amount of Nitain. Thats why I always tell people to get it any chance they pop up.

The worst frame in the game to acquire is Equinox, he consists of 8 parts. Cost me quite a while to get all the parts, and pushed my sanity a bit too.

Side question: I would like to play in 4 player groups on Friday/Saturday evening, who would like to join? I was thinking of doing sorties, corrupted mod runs and some void to get you some shiny primed frames/weapons.


I’m hopeful I can make this! My daughter will be on Easter break, but if I can’t make both I can hopefully make one. I’ll just lay off playing between now and then so I don’t get in trouble :wink:

I’ve currently got 2 pieces of Rhino being forged, but I think I’ve already got one piece made - I couldn’t tell whether it was telling me I just had 2 copies of the blueprint … so I think Rhino will be the first new frame I get. How much more difficult is it to get the exotic looking ones that do AOE damage?


Rhino is a decent starting point for AoE and/or CC. His stomp ability can be used for either CC or damage, depending if you mod it for range or power strength. In general most AoE abilites have some CC comined with them! Pure one button AoE damage frames are Ember, the one you probably saw, Octavia, Ash, Mag, Frost, Volt and Banshee. Have a look in the guide section, thats what its for.

Its not too easy to answer to be fair, Ash for example is a very damage heavy frame, its AoE though scales with the melee multpilier and requires line of sight. Ember is a pure damage frame, lots of CC too. She has some nice aoe based CC and her 4th ability World On Fire is a map clearing ability. If you enjoy fire, give her a shot. Mag is mostly effective vs. shields. Volt is a mixture between CC and damage and defense too. He can stun enemies with his AoE, make shields that protect him and his team or speed himself and his team up.

Octavia is sort of a Dj, you can program music sequences as most of her abilities are “rythm based”, she is one of the most powerfull aoe frames and in my viewing point also obnoxious and boring. Frost is an excellent defense frame but his 4th ability can be used as an excellent powerful AoE. Saryn can be modded as AoE dot frame and pretty powerful at it too. Still her abilities are a bit more complicated than one button presses.

More problematic would be Mirage, she has an enomous weapon damage buffing ability, with the right aoe weapon she has insane clearing potential. Nova is similar, her 4th abilty is mostly used for CC but it can be very good for clearing large areas with weapons. It acts as damage buff and it deals damage on blowing up the enemies which can lead to chain reactions.


These drops are comedy gold!

I’ve got about 8 copies of one Rhino blueprint, 9 of another and none of the last…

Meanwhile I got all three of a completely different frame, dropped in one go with some random group I joined…eh!!!


Well RNG is RNG. The prime parts are a bit easier to farm once you have the right relics. I can only advice keeping it lightly with the specific frame farming. If its getting too crazy just take a break, I did that all time, meanwhile I build stuff I already had. The RNG is one of the worst parts of this game, but it definitely goes both ways!


One extra Warframe slot bought.

Oberon and Rhino - ready in 3 days :slight_smile:


…and I’ve just realised that I’m only about 300 plastids (plus the main blueprint) away from having Frost as well! What a difference a little bit of info makes, thanks for the guides :slight_smile:


Just got trinity and NYX built


Nyx is quite unique. I consider her more of a tank, but her 4th ability is quite offensive too if used right. It sort of absorbs damage done to her and reflects it back. She has an augment that lets her move around while using it. For Frost my favoured build is the snowglobe build, makes for an excellent defensive setup. You need the augment for snowglobe (3rd ability, augment not mandatory) which freezes enemies entering the snowglobe. You can also play as heavy CC frame with his 2nd ability if modded for strength and range.

I’m working on a unique Trinity setup right now. I saw many people abusing her link ability (maybe with augment ?) to kill enemies by damaging herself. Not sure yet how, but I will experiment a bit tonight. My guess is she is modded mainly for range, maybe strength too.

ALso leveld up the new Zephyr Prime frame and her two weapons, the primary I already formad 3 times :smiley:, got an affinity buff as login reward and put it to good use.


Research update, I was a bit busy and unlocked quite a few new things. Have a look in the dojo and maybe you can contribute a bit (we need new pigments for teh dojo :wink: )

all current researchable frames are now unlocked or soon to be (Volt, Zephyr, Wukong)

Energy lab, almost everything researched except: Ferrox

lots missing in Bio lab due to lack of Mutagen samples

Tenno Lab missing only a few items:

  • stims
  • scourge (Oxium needed)
  • Okina, most archwings & archwing weapons

Chem lab misses only a few items:

  • Kesheg
  • Knux
  • Grattler
  • ammo restore medium

I’m a little proud of myself, almost everything is done. Going to farm Mutagen samples now as those are missing mostly for Biolab. Still all good weapons are already researched, as are the Frames. Enjoy.


Baro Ki’Teer is here this weekend. If you have the relays unlocked give him a visit, he has some good stuff this time.

You can pick up a Quanta Vandal, which is an insanely fun weapon to use and some nifty prime mods too. If you stocked up on prime parts as I told you earlier in the guide section you should have enough. If you only have enough for one mod I would get the primed crit mod. Its in almost every pistol build!


Im enjoying this quite a lot.

Name’s Xander617, be around for games and shiz for this for some time I reckon.


The constant disconnects over this weekend made it a bit annoying. Back to work for me anyway and some food. I hope you both enjoyed it :smiley:


Had good runs but wow that last game was laggy as hell - got disconnected and couldn’t get back on! Trying again now…


The forum has a statement that they have to deal with some DDOS attacks recently. Started yesterday the same time.


Any way to get an Orokin reactor without spending real money?


Orokin reactor sometimes are alert mission rewards, drop from sorties with a lower chance or “tactical alert”. I have 5 right now on stash but there were no new frames in a while where I could put them on :smiley:. As typical the more you play the higher the chances are that you get one as alert mission. I always try to do those as the rewards are kinda rare.


Weekend was bith good fun and a little disappointing. Sounds like Warframe was subjected to ddso attack most of Sunday creating server death, but I still managed to get level 5 mastery, max out Rhino and get Oberon to 27 while getting some spy help to progress me through the Stolen Artifacts arc. Really notice a lack of power in my new frames without those slot unlocks though.


I can’t do the survival mission for the lotus unlock. We did it fine but because of the DDOS attack I lost my progress for it…any hand would be appreciated. Solid on your own!