Warframe - welcome to [ZiiP]


can help you tomorrow, just send me an ingame message :wink:


Anyone up for some Warframe on Friday/Saturday? I would love to get a 3-4 player team together and do some mid/high level missions. Probably get you guys some corrupted mods, maybe introduce you to sorties.

Also please get the 2nd dream done already, I really have to hold myself back not to spoil the entire f&*$% story till now, already slipped a bit with Xander. Not so much that I slipped some informations but used an ability out of habbit which is a big spoiler. When you are done with that it also opens up the gameplay for some more insane shit you might enjoy.

On a more serious note, this quest till now is one of the best quests I ever experieneced in a game. The combination of story itself, its presentation and impact/implications for the gameplay, how much it is opened up, is pure genius.


I’m in a cabin in the mountains surrounded by a metre and a half of snow so I won’t be free this weekend coming. Should be free the following weekend and I would be able to fresh my friend along too, assuming we’re still not frantically trying to get all the components for Loki and Ember prime.


Pay attention to the date of the video :smile: . He really didn’t change much, I find him boring as fuck.


Warframe Tennocon 2018 is coming and I wanna let you know early on. As last year there is a digital ticket again which gets you some shit which is typically worth it for new players, but thats debateable.

What the ticket gets you:

  • ingame armor set
  • glyphs and other digital stuff
  • 370 Platinum platinum worth the tickets price (so all the other stuff is some sort of plus)

The biggest thing you get is access to a special relay, where Baro Ki’Teer sells EVERY ITEM he ever had in his shop. The problematic part here is that

  • 1st you have to grind lots of prime parts to exchange for ducats (please look up the guide section)
  • 2nd you need insane amounts of credits

I did the same last year to get all the mods I missed, cost me around 5000-6000 ducats (roughly 200 -300 parts, depending on quality) and around 10 Mio credits.

To make this clear, I already had most of the mods. A new player probably needs far more then that.

This is a huge investment as I’m sure most of the parts you could use yourself, and credits are tight in the beginning. Furthermore, all those new prime mods require insane amount of endo to level up. Here I’m 1 year later and I still didn’t max each of them out. You get easy access to the prisma weapon range too, some of which are pretty nice. However, some of these mods are not available outside his 2 weeks schedule and his inventory is randomized. So if you want ALL his stuff at once, start farming: get the ticket. If you are ok with getting those items over a longer time period, then don’t get it.

To summarise this post, IF you want anything that Baro Ki’Teer sells, like the rare mods (Buzz Kill, Fanged Fusillade), all the Primed mods, special weapons, armor set, cosmetics, GET THE FUCKING ticket. If you have the patience to wait, then don’t


You mentioned somewhere else about getting the arcs done - I have no idea how far along I am, but I just made some quick progress followed by a sudden stop. To open one of the jump gates you have to forge a shade. I didn’t realise until it was the last thing I needed to do that it takes 8 hours to forge, so as a bit of advice, look at your jump gates and get the stuff for them in the forge long before you get to unlocking it.


Thanks Zorn for all the stuff you’ve put into this.

The effort on the clan, getting us up to speed, doing missions for resources… thanks man ^^

Properly got into this now. Fantastic co op shooter, and probably the best F2P model I’ve ever seen.

Just unlocked a bolter, which fires spikes like the gun from FEAR. Its pure joy to use :smiley:

Also, this is properly fascinating to watch: documentary on the creation of the game!


The Boltor is a decent gun and its insanely fun to see enemies fly through the air, ending up pinned to the wall. Unfortunately it didn’t age too well and is on the weaker side of the balancing curve. I like bows more though, the only full auto primary weapon I like right now is the Tiberon, otherwise Bows and shotguns all the way.

I still have stuff for you, I played too much Ni No Kuni 2 yesterday and forgot the time :smiley:. If you or I see you around today lets finish that off.


Just wanted to let you know the Plague event is this weekend again! I will try and get the research on the way today (if I can) so you can all get the extra goodies to drop. Defintely grind it out a bit, good stuff you can buy from the tokens + the special drops from the enemies you fight. Mogamu made a nice round up what you can get from the event, but I think the most important one are the set mod drops from Hemocyte, like hunters munitions.

EDIT: Sidenote Baro Ki’Teer is here and offers the Mara Detron beside some nice mods. Get it, my go to secondary right now!


Just managed to randomly pick up my first Prime Warframe - Mirage. Looks like a completely different game play and very interesting so I’ll make it and roll it out.


Love her, she needs some augments to really make her shine. Her Hall of Mirrors ability is my favourite to run around with, 4th ability close 2nd. Still using her with a aoe style weapon is amazing, and her 3rd ability makes for some good defense/offense capability.

EDIT: A nice walkthrough for Event Plague Star. All the important stuff is in there, incl. a Rhino build.


Yeah I got a bit ahead of myself there - I got all three prime parts and thought I could just buy the piece that puts them all together…


Got Valkyr today. Really fun warframe to mess around with!

Working on levelling up to Mastery rank 7 for some of the more fun weapons ^^


If people have the time to do the plague star event there’s a mod called sacrifice that can drop. This can be used in conjunction with regen or primed regen on your sentinel to give you extra respawns during missions which can be handy when you solo and are grossly inept like me.



Well if you like using Sentinels sure, I have all the mods (Primed Regen incl.) needed but I stick to my Kavats. Still for starting players its a nice combo to have. Not so sure about Primed regen though, for a starting player Endo is tough to get by, and you need 30k to max it. I think the normal Regen is good enough. Better to invest that much Endo in mods which actually boost your efficency.

Mastery rank 7 is indeed one of the first sweet spots for nicer weapons. Baza, Soma Prime (aka Basic Bitch, boring weapon but incredible effective), Sobek, Marelok, and Destreza to name a few. Baza can be modded as an endgame weapon with the usage of the Hunters Munition, obtainable from the Plague Event.

You’ve got 2 weeks to grind the shit out of it, otherwise ask me I might have a few mods extra :smiley:. I played a bunch of the missions already and stocked up on Zaw weapon parts, Radian Sentrium, Wisps and so on. Can’t recommend it enough, easy way to get your hands on some good mods, ressources and weapons. Probably play it a bit more and change from Trinity/Oberon as support to Rhino. The CC he brings to the table + the damage buff is quite a nice touch, and I’m sick of being the support frame and still doing most of the damage.

Spoon, if you like we can do a few runs for Mirage, otherwise I can sell you the blueprint cheap if you want it immediately :wink: .

BTW: The Clan Rank can be upgraded again. The “Ascension Ceremony” will be held starting today for the next 72h once I got home to activate it. This means if you go to our Dojo, its in the centre of all the grass/trees (relocating it tonight) and get yourself some Endo. I’m not sure how much but my guess is around 5k.

EDIT: Just checked, it is 7k Endo, so make sure you get your share! We bumped up to rank 7 out of 10, really close to rank 8 too.


Aha! That was it! The blueprint - I refined a relic to give me a stronger percentage chance of getting it on the only relic I owned which has it (Meso O1 or something?) but got something else instead. Happy to do some runs as grinding always gets you stuff you need. Think I’m also short a few plastids to make something, can’t remember what lol. My head is full of other stuff :wink:


I’ve got 8 radiant relics ready to go, I propose we do a big Clan event this Friday as IF I get the bp everyone in the team can get their hands on it. I also got 3 radiant relics for the nikana prime blade which will be vaulted soon too. Probably farming some more over this week.


Set a time and I can book a slot! P.S. that big hacky pole you recommended is a BEAST and I haven’t even maxed it yet!


ZiiP “Get together” - Farm train

Its better to have multiple people in the Void Runs. If any of us gets the relic drop desired, we can all chose it. So make sure you are stocked up on the appropriate relic types (Neo & Meso relics mainly, Axi maybe), if you can’t equip any relic, you can’t choose one either at the end.

Right now the plague event is a good palce to farm anything, you not only get the event tokens to trade in but also relics and other ressources on the side. If you wanna farm relics specifically feel free to use the wiki. I managed to find a decent build with Rhino) making it pretty simple. Weapon of choice so far is my Tiberon Prime or Vextis Prime, AkBolto prime as secondary or Mara Detron, melee Casowar or (Dragon) Nikana Prime.

I prepared some rare and soon vaulted Relics and upgraded them to radiant . You will have chances for Mirage Prime (BP x8) and Nikana Prime (Hilt x3), I try to get the other rare relics sorted too

Lets set Friday around 3pm soft start, open end. I might linger around in TS with Leepants playing WoT a bit before, or have only steam running. Hit me up whenever you like and we can start. I will try to stay up until around 7pm your time by myself, which is around 3am mine, afterwards it depends if anyone showed up! Maybe we do some more on Saturday, depends how I feel.

I have a full set for Mirage Prime and Saryn Prime, own a couple of Nikana parts too, so if anyone needs one part to finish of his set, maybe we can make deal ;).


Update for tonights run: I gathered 6 full sets of Nikana Prime Relics (+ a few extra of the more common relics), and a 6 sets of Mirage. This should make sure that each of us we will own at least one full Nikana prime part Set at the end.

Maybe if anyone wants to farm a specific frame on the side, make sure you upgraded your relics. We will gather a bunch of void traces when we run the missions so makes sure you’ve spent them beforehand!

See you tonight!