Warframe - welcome to [ZiiP]


Wish I could have joined :rage: Wifey decided we all have to spend time at her sisters place, my frustration level today is very high


Up to now no one showed up, maybe we just do it at a later date.


Sorry was with the gf last night…Will try to make the next one!


So lets try again this friday/saturday?


This Fri will work out well :smiley:


There should be a nice update this week too, my guess is it drops tomorrow. New game mode as well as a new (bondage :smiley: ) Warframe to unlock. What I saw till now it will be awesome to play in teams as well as solo.


So I had a quick talk with spoon yesterday, he doesn’t has time today. Maybe we don’t do the Rift runs yet, BUT if my feelings are correct they release the new game mode today (I hope) which means we can play through it and acquire the new frame as a bonus. I think that would be pretty awesome as its meant to be played in teams (or solo).

Afterwards we can also run a few rifts if you like or maybe some Orokin missions to get you some mods. We can decide on the fly and improvise, whatever you need or like better. I’m mainly leveling new gear right (MR 21 is near) now and farm ressources (Kuva, for rerolling my rivens.


Dojo update, due to the Khora update I was kinda busy in farming the new parts BUT I also started the research for the new weapon (Veldt). It will be ready in around 2.5 days as its research time is 3 days total.

As far as I can tell the Veldt is a semi automatic gun similar to the Latron Prime, it has a slightly lower status chance but is also only Mastery Rank 8 instead of 10. The biggest change though is that almost all its damage is slash based making it a good choice for a Hunters Munition/Slash based build.

If anyone wants to try out the new game mode Sacntuary Onlsaught and needs a team mate, I will be occasional playing this week. Still hunting the last Khora part, so if you wanna team up give me a call.

I wil try and get a guide out for team compositions and/or solo play to get to Zone 8. I would love to have a clan event some time soon, it seems all the last events fall flat on their face as Iw as the only one atually showing up … . I planned so much stuff we could do.

So far my highscores are all around 1.6 Mio for team play mainly due to bug issues plaguing the mode right now. I cracked the 1.4Mio solo in non elite mode yesterday, still finetuning my setup. Once I got the last part for Khora I will try some Elite Sanctuary :grin:


My last game for today:


I have a big presentation next month in work but after that I will be free to actually play with you guys, I should also be able to drag my friend along too.


Seems like you get along well, try to do the 2nd dream if possible. You should have unlocked it already! Then I can take you on Kuva farming runs :smiley: and potentially hunt down Eidolons! Can’t wait for that :stuck_out_tongue:. It unlocks a couple of Warframes quests too, like Harrow.

If you got time tonight we can do some runs to get you the Mirage Prime BP and maybe a couple of parts more for other frames/weapons. I have enough relics ready for multiple attempts of the Nikana Prime and Saryn Prime. I would rather do that with a full clan group though, those relics are rare and don’t drop anymore. Maybe also play a couple of rounds in the new game mode?


Finished the Limbo quest, bought the blueprint, making it now (72 hours!!!) I only have one more space for Warframes though so I might start looking at home to sell things to get the currency to unlock more slots. I keep having to sell maxed weapons as well so that I can max out new weapons - my understanding is that all these levelling up dots help you attain mastery tanks so I’m only keeping the best or what might be rare and selling the bland stuff. Trying out some kind of whip right now…


I would be careful with what you sell. From my experience some of the weapons are needed later to build others. Most obvios example are the Bolto for the AKBolto, less obvious the Dual Skana + Akbolto is needed for a Akjagara.

I would just buy a Prime Package if there is a good one (not right now), the next one MIGHT be awesome. Eventually it will be Mesa Prime, probably with some sort of dual pistol (probably Dual Vasto Prime). The middle package might look insanely expensive BUT the plat itself is almost worth as much, plus you get a frame 2 weapons incl. all the catalysts and slots. Another option is to wait for a 50% / 75% off coupon as login reward and buy a plat package. Otherwise the typical selling of prime parts and mods, but that can be quite wasteful.

The best whips in the game are the Secura Lecta and Atterax/Scoliac mostly used with the extremely expensive Maiming Strike mod. I personally hate the playstyle (slide attacks for days)! Which one depends on what falvors you like better :smiley:

For 2nd dream you need to have finished the Natah quest and got the Neptune Junction done.


Ah ok, that’s a good tip. Is there a way to favourite or bookmark things so you don’t accidentally sell them?

One of the things I was happy to learn about the game is that you can get everything for free, just by grinding. With so many other expenses in my life currently I just can’t justify throwing more into games, especially when I can grind it…so I guess I just need to decide which bits to keep and which bits to get rid of. Don’t have the slots to keep them all anyway :wink:

Yeah I can’t slide strike to save my life! I’m literally just maxing these things out and selling them in the assumption that maxing things out goes towards mastery levels…half the time they just level by being carried at low rank anyway.

I think my next mission involves scanning drones in a sealab…


I finally got my Khora, after countless attempts the BP finally dropped today.

As far as I know there is no way to lock weapons away. If you go the full “free way” be careful and look up what certain items are worth. As I mentioned there are certain frames or weapons which are vaulted, aka the relics for them don’t drop anymore. Around 1-2 months after something like that happens the prices for those parts skyrocket. I typically stock a few parts to sell for good plat when the prices go up. Typically if one new primed frame appears, another gets vaulted.

Make sure you go the right direction with the planets, sealab sounds like Uranus. Uranus end at Eris, you need to go the other way too (Mars I believe) to get to Neptune. Here is a quick chart.


Ok I did the sealab one and a couple more, now I just need to do the “defeat blah blah” as the final mission before I can unlock the gate at the end of the planet.

More interestingly I now have Limbo. It’s funny cos literally last night I was muttering about that thing where you get phased out and can’t damage anything and now I’m the one doing the phasing! Need to find out how to play this thing to the teams advantage. Obviously very good on defend and excavate missions… but once I get this frame to 30 I’ll probably hit Mastery 8 or be very close.


Limbo is weird. Extremely nice for defense missions but he can also screw over his teammates immensely. He’s got some pretty nifty augments though. Most typically he gets modded for range and duration, simply to keep your team save. If played correctly you don’t even need to kill anything. For example if you banish a bunch of enemies they keep piling up, then when his ability runs out you might get overwhelmed easily.

I hate most Limbo players for that. They can’t deal any fucking damage and just hide behind there abilty but get themself into exterminate or survival missions where killing stuff is essential. Its not true for all of them but recently there is a shit ton of Limbo players trolling their team mates.


Agreed. I’m at work and suffering from firewall issues but there’s a damage build somewhere that I’ll try and find. Would be far more useful.


You can play a Limbo without dealing damage, no problem at all, but you need to make sure you are not getting your team into more trouble. For defense missions its a common tactic, its just easy to screw up too :smile: . Cataclysm is a typical pick in combination with the “Cataclysmic Continuum” augment. Extend its life time while killing stuff inside the Cataclysm.


So I’m aiming at short range, extra duration. Getting there, one of those Augur sets gives more duration so I have 2 duration mods on it now. I’m finding it very handy for archaeology, defend, sabotage, even assassinate. I ghosted through everything on an assassinate mission, got to the target and dropped the cataclysm on him. Killed him easy and was safe in the rift while I did it.