Warframe - welcome to [ZiiP]


Limbo can be quite versatile, I saw people using him for Spy missions too. Still for some reason I can’t really get warm with him. I simply prefer other playstyles more. But you can “cheese” your way through with him in lots of tougher missions, which might otherwise be out of your reach, if you undestand how he works!


You guys any time this week? I really wanna try and play some games in a group. Would be awesome if we can finally get together :smiley:.


We can try Friday if you want? I should be free!"


I’m very much an “opportunistic” player :rofl: I jump on when I get the chance for as long as I can before I get in trouble!!


A little frustrated with it this afternoon. Went to do the 8th rank advancement thing and failed it - first failure so far. They’ve all been very straightforward and easy, and I suppose this is as well, as long as you know what you’re doing. For the level 8 one it’s just agility. And when I play a generally just run about shooting things and haven’t paid any attention to wall running or anything like that. Imagine my surprise when I get stuck at a sheer wall I can’t get up. Tabbing out to google it was some help but I promptly fell off by accident and that was my final attempt - for YESTERDAY. Today I tried again and got up the wall with no problem at all, although I did find it odd that for some reason I could only shoot the little orange globes with my pistol - where had my rifle gone? Never mind, this is all about agility and I know what I’m …oh hang on. I don’t have the range to shoot the next orange globe with my pistol…WHERE THE F*&K HAS MY RIFLE GONE!!!

Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be something else tomorrow…


If you got problems, there are Warframes which make this a walk in the park. cough Titania, Zephyr /cough,

I don’t remember it being a big problem though, I figure if you never used the parkour system before you defintely wanna train that, I assume thats where your problem lies. Its not only essential for navigating the levels quickly but also useful to circumvent damage in higher tier missions.

Bullet jumping ( while sliding ctr+space),
gliding (RMB),
wall dashing (direction + jump),
and wall latchin (RMB while wall dashing)

There is another MR test later on which is even crazier on the parkour part, they basically train you what you need to be able to do in the missions.

I always get annoyed seing people in high tier missions walking around like they own the world while everyone is waiting for them at the exit just because they never tried to learn the parkour system. Its not fucking rocket science … also I never understood the reasonening.

The parkour system, once mastered, is one of the best movement system I ever experienced in any game. It adds so much to this game when you can jump around like mad, do an aim glide, latch to walls, do a backflip everything while shooting stuff in the head.


Yeah it’s pretty straightforward, I gripped it right after the first fail. The second fail was because to progress from one jump to the next you have to shoot an orange globe that then releases the next platform for you to jump to, but for some reason (and only in the test I should point out) I was stuck on pistol which didn’t have the range to shot the globe… #ragequit
I’ve watched someone do it on YouTube and it’s a piece of pee-pee, I only had a glide jump to do… but PISTOL FAIL


Yeah its not too hard, aim gliding is one of my favorite things. Also started using Khora yesterday. She is a bit underwhelming for the amount of grind one has to put in. I hope they buff her a bit more, either her 2nd or 4th ability seems a bit redundant. I will wait with my final judgement until she is fully formad, still don’t like her 4th up to now.

Also to come back to the group thingy tomorrow, I will be on. Might play Ni Ko Kuni or something else though, so if you see me around just send me a message!


Yeah at the moment it looks like I may actually have tomorrow off so if it’s morning thing I should be there. Anyone got some timings?


Not sure, I will be home around 10-11ish and hop on right after dinner. Probably stay until 6-7pm, maybe leave earlier or later depending on how it goes. I will have steam running as long as I’m at the pc, so just send me a message if you are around and I’m not ingame.


Ok,so I’m at a point now where I have what I feel are some good weapons worth keeping and maybe a weapon or two which might be considered rare (?) so I’m running out of slots. I know there’s an in-game trade channel, but frankly it’s as daunting as the game was at the start. So in simple terms I just need to sell some prime warframe blueprints, get the plat and then buy more slots, and the warframe.market website is supposed to help, but I can’t see a single connection between what the website says and what is being said in the market chat.

Example - I want to sell Oberon Prime blueprint. Website says 3 plat highest, 2 on average (just how long is selling this stuff going to take!!!) The market chat is like a native language at full speed - selling line after line of stuff, it’s madness. So I type in 'WTS…" etc and get no response, and suddenly I feel like I’m in Jita, Eve online. It’s very off-putting. Anyone got some advice?


My two cents:

  • don’t try to sell one specific item, try to have a few on stash and be more fluid, I’m tyring to sell a couple of rivens already for ages, only sold 2 of them so far for cheaper then I hoped BUT I sold other items in between
  • SETS sell better, people barely want one specifc item, typically they rather buy a whole set, try to find the other parts for him and sell a set instead
  • high demand parts are always nice to have on stash, like the newest prime part (weapons, frames)
  • Syndicate weapons sell rather good right now, especially Sancti Castanas. I sold one Secura Lecta, a Sancti Castanas and a Rakta Cernos in the last 2 weeks
  • Filter functions are an immense help, I use it all the time to only show items I’m either looking for OR want to sell
  • Patience! As I said I wanna actually sell some expensive riven mods, but so far no luck. When I however sell them its like 100-300p a pop at least, potentially even more
  • use the chat features like linking your stuff directly via using brackets […], makes it easier to read for people

Hot items right now to sell are:

  • Riven mods for good weapon (2nd dream quest needs to be finished)
  • Rare or popular frames, Frost , Banshee, Rhino , Mirage , Saryn but its prices will sky rocket in around 1-2months, Ember Prime
  • Arcanes obtained from killing Eidolons (2nd dream quest…) or from the last Plague event (I told you to farm that, didn’t I) are always welcome
  • good primed weapon parts (Lex Prime, AK Lex primed Link, AkBolto, Tiberon, Nikana) OR from the new Elite Onslaught the Lato Vandal parts are really looked for right now
  • Syndicate weapons and mods, by now you should be through to max rank and able to acquire weapons and/or mods at least. Mods typically sell for around 10-15p, these are also mentioned in the guide section

I set up dates couple of times in the past where we would have gotten some rare parts, probably even some overhead so not only could you have built stuff for yourself but also could have sold a few. No one ever shows up, probably also because my times are kinda dumb for you guys…


Sold Oberon to fit Loki - stealth ninja master here I come :slight_smile:


The real Ninja is Ash and my most used stealth frame Ivara. Loki is borderline OP with what skillset he has though, I’m just bored of him.

Oberron (Prime) would be my choice between them, unless I don’t have a Trinity yet.


Well thats a surprise, HUGE Saryn rework incoming which kinda looks nice. I bet the prices for Saryn (which is vaulted right now) will skyrocket even higher now as demand will be overwhelming with her gaining popularity.

If you see me online give me a call and we do a quick game together to get you a complete set, maybe a few additional parts too for selling. Pretty sure we will see prices up to 300p initially after her rework is done.

I hope they don’t fuck her up, she is my most used frame right now…


I maxed Loki yesterday - he’s a close combat beast with that invisibility damage buff! Nice symmetry with his other abilities as well, like him far more than I did Oberon. I see what you mean about being op…


Quick heads up. Due to the big update yesterday I want to add the new obstacle course we can design ourself. For that reason the Dojo gets a major overwhole of its layout. Therefore a bunch of rooms are moved around or replaced, so some are deconstructed. I expect everything to be finished in around 2-3 days. You will be able to train some movement in a controlled enviroment once I’m finished :wink: .

New Saryn is dope as fuck btw, expect the Saryn prices to explode as predicted ;). I expect a nerf too as she seems a bit overtuned right now, I’m super happy. My favourite frame got a big buff and is defintely on the OP side right now :grin: . The demand for her primed set is still a bit lower than whats offered (40% to 60%), but the average price already increased by around 50p from 120p to 170p. The average might only have changed marginally BUT the outliers (people with more money than brain) are more frequent. Price spikes of up to 300p are already documented. It will only get better from here…


The new devstream was pretty informative. Beside the stuff they don’t wanna spoil before TennoCon (probably the new Venus open map, Sacrifice quest) they showed off a new warframe. It looks like a Vampire/CC frame with some baked in damage and energy restore, really cool. It also comes with an insane Ōdachi style weapon. I’m not sure what I’m more ecited for, the sword or the Warframe :smile: . I’m still not happy with Khora, she looks nice but her abilityset is still mediocre so this MIGHT be awesome.

They also showed parts of the new UI, not bad but not a massive change either.

Dojo is pretty much up and running again, I’m building additional rooms right now so we can afford the beautiful Observatory. If I got some time to spent I will build an Obstacle course, or if anyone would like to do it yourself ;). I’m playing a lot of Moonlighter right now so for Warframe I just log in and do some dailies if I feel like it …

Got Mastery Rank 22 yesterday, SOOOOO close to 25 (max right now). I also got ideas for new Guides, probably putting one up tonight or tomorrow.

new frame

devstream if you have some time to spent, not too much informations though


Looks like a nice update today, probably more sort of hi end content though - New Quest - The Sacrifice…


Yeah for people who lived under a rock, the new Sacrifice quest is out. You need to have finished a bunch of quests before hand connected closely to the main storyline as this is sort of a continuation of it. Still, major cliffhanger at the end… . On the other side it also answers a couple questions of the past!

Beside this you get a bunch of cool stuff at the end. Not only some powerful new mods but also a fully leveled Umbra Excalibur which is stat wise an Excalibur Prime but also a new Nikana (YEAH!) It also forshadows a possible new “Warframe” type, the Umbras, but thats not exactly confimed yet. Still the storyline is pretty much for the advanced users only as you need some powerful gear to be able to beat it.

I did tell you all to hurry with the storyline didn’t I :wink: . I enjoyed it quite a lot, it might be a bit short though and I hate the cliffhanger at the end.