Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr

Well I grabbed this as a passing thing, thinking if its not great ill get a refund and be fine :slight_smile:

but alas… its actually really freaking good! as a review said “basically Diablo 3… but Warhammer 40k” and it holds up, hold true…

it looks awesome, the Voice acting is pretty good and so far the story shows promise :slight_smile:

Im just trying out each of the classes:

3 main types, Crusader, Assassin and Psyker with 3 sub types within each

Crusader -
Power Sword, Great Sword and Suppression Shield
The Assault Crusader is the master of hand-to-hand combat, wielding Power Sword and Suppression Shield or the two-handed, energy-infused Greatsword, cutting through several enemies at the same time or mitigating incoming damage with shocking efficiency.

Assault Armour
A Power Armour equipped with a light but effective Jump Pack. The wearer is capable of making long jumps across the battlefield and deal impact damage at arrival. This powerful ability can be used for offensive and defensive purposes alike. Also equipped with a Refractor field generator.

Laspistol and Autogun
The Tactical Crusader takes the fight to the enemy wielding the common, but versatile ranged weapons of the Imperium. They can be used for devastating burst fire and presice aimed shots alike, depending on the situation.

Sentinel Armour
An ancient Power Amour variant equipped with a sophisticated Tactical Cogitator and a Teleport Beacon System. The wielder can summon automated Tarantula Turrets from the dropship in orbit and wreak terrible havoc upon the enemy. Also equipped with a Stun Mine dispenser belt.

Heavy Gunner
Shotgun and Lasgun
The Heavy Gunner starts out with common Imperial armament, unlocking more potent weapons of mass destruction later down the path. The Shotgun is an ancient tool for close-quarters butchery, while the Lasgun is a versatile rifle for medium range encounters.

Demolition Armour
A heavy armour equipped with an auxiliary missile launcher system. This rare Power Armour variant was tailored specifically to the need of Inquisitorial retinues in need of fire support in desolate, isolated environments. Also equipped with a Frag Grenade dispenser belt.

Assassin -
Death Cult Blades and Assassin Power Sword

The Infiltrator has perfected the art of carving flesh with her two Death Cult Blades and the two-handed Power Sword. These deadly close combat weapons can launch a flurry of swift attacks and deal powerful killing blows.

Stealth Bodysuit
The Stealth Bodysuit grants chameleon-like abilities. Combined with the speed and agility of an Assassin Inquisitor that means virtual invisibility for a limited time. Also equipped with a Remote Mine dispenser belt for ambush attacks.

Sniper Rifle and Autopistol
The Sniper is the master of killing from afar with the extremely powerful Sniper Rifle. The Assassin Inquisitor can aim for weak spots, crippling or disarming the target. The Autopistol is a capable backup for close range work.

Hololithic Armour
Another ancient and extremely rare armour, somewhat similar to the infamous Eldar Holo-fields. The wearer can create holographic projections about herself to confuse enemies and evade fire. Also equipped with a Stun Mine dispenser belt.

Shotgun and Sniper Rifle
Eradicators revel in butchery at point blank range, turning multiple targets into flechette-ridden meat, or they punch gaping holes into their enemies with solid slugs. For targets that are out of the reach of the Shotgun, they can revert to the Sniper Rifle.

Fabricator Distortion Armour
This relic armour is of an extreme rarity, almost unheard of outside the Caligari Sector. It uses ancient xeno-technology to give its wearer incredible speed fos a short time by distorting the flow of time. Also equipped with a Refractor field generator.

Psyker -
Force Staff
The Force Staff is a psychic weapon, which is very hard to master: an arcane conduit to channel the wielder’s amplified will into the target.

Empyrean Armour
Even the existence of this ceremonial armour is fervently denied outside the Caligari Conclave. It uses long-forgotten xenotechnology to create a Warp anomaly that halts the flow of time for a short duration. Also equipped with a Rosarius Force Field.

Force Sword and Force Rod
The Force Sword can be a formidable psychic weapon in the hands of a trained psyker, capable of banishing Daemons back to the Immaterium with a single strike, Combined with a Force Rod that stores raw psychic energy, only a few can weather the wrath and insanity of the Aetherwalker.

Aetherwalker Armour
This ancient, psychically reactive armour phases its wearer between the Immaterium and Realspace, permitting to travel short distances in the blink of an eye. Also equipped with a Personal Void Shield generator.

Bolt Pistol and Force Rod
The Bolt Pistol is a sturdy, cumbersome weapon, firing mass-reactive bolts that detonate on impact or inside the target. Combined with a Force Rod that stores and channels raw psychic energy the Scryer wields the perfect combination of physical and otherworldly threat.

Warpbound Armour
This lightly armoured, psychic-attuned suit permits the Psyker to project it disembodied presence over the physical world, to gaze beyond the veil, making the Scryer the master of virtually undetectable reconnaisance. Also equipped with a Frag-grenade dispencer.

It plays very well, personally I am liking the Psyker but so far all classes play well!

only a alpha at the mo, but I think worth it and going to be a good game!


I remember having a look at some of the early access videos and some of the gameplay looked shoddy beyond belief! Some nice mechanics and all that, but cultists troubling a power-armoured Inquisitor with a damn storm bolter… dafuq?

Have they tightened up the mechanics and general gameplay?

well honestly I cant comment, as I did originally see clips etc and thought nothing of it… as it does not seem to show it well on video??

even now, some videos look crap… but it plays well… I am playing as a psyker and going up against many a different type of enemy and feeling pretty dam powerful :slight_smile:

not a fan of the assassin class type, the crusader types seems to be pretty good with the las cannon etc.

the combat feels good, flows well, but it is alpha and they seem to be tweeking things all the time!

so far Im liking it, cant wait till it unlocks more and I can get into the co-op side :slight_smile: and get me some good loot :stuck_out_tongue:

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well its been released, v1.0 now.

Much more stable, no glitches thus far :slight_smile:

also a good lil overview on the character classes

Ive been watching a load of vids on it and have almost pushed the buy button a few times.

How is it doing now Tak. Is it worth taking the plunge?

I enjoy it, with the release its basically D3 but 40k :slight_smile:

I am going to have a good play tonight, want to play around and see how much the full release has done!

if my laptop was better, id try to record some purge and show ya, but not sure this lil beasty could do it heh

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some co-op gameplay here, not been able to play with folks yet… may try some pugs later on

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Ok now Ive gotten into ait a weee bit more… I would say yes! without a doubt!

Ive not played many games of late but this is keeping me interested, the story is good and the lil side missions (or a good ol fashioned purge) are challenging but seriously fun!

not tried co-op yet, or any major multiplay but everything Ive seen looks good :slight_smile:

Thanks for that Tak.

As with all my gaming atm i dont get to do much at home and when i do its late so i look towards how the SP elements of games will keep me interested rather than the MP.

I may have to splash out on this.

Thanks Tak, I had dismissed this after seeing a few early videos but will give it another look now.

I hope more come in, as Im loving it thus far :slight_smile:

been a while since a game has grabbed me good, and kept me for a while.