Warhammer: Darktide

New co-op hack&slash / shooter from FatShark:


Oh yeah that looks amazing :drooling_face:


It certainly looks like it could be good fun. I haven’t played Vermintide, though I do have them both, but I’ve heard great things from @vredesbyrd and @Kate about it.

Fatshark should have enough experience under their belt at this point to get this right. The 40K universe is fucking huge, so there should be no shortage of potential enemies that they can put in there.

Absolutely looking forward to shining flashlights at enemies and hoping they fall over! :smiley:

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Well Vermintide is basically left for dead but with rats and magic haha.

Well looking forward to seeing this this develop, looks abit like the death wing game as well.

looks great can’t play it tho. my pc is old and xbox is a no

I’m in the same boat, I wanna play it but pc it well old and I’m wanting a ps5 not a xbox.

I don’t even have a PC at the moment! :smiley:

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Yeah I’ve played quite a bit of Vermintide, great fun, easy pick up, group up and play. This should be great

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