Warhammer Painting


I blame @NaloaC and @vredesbyrd for this entirely! After about a 20 year hiatus I’ve succumbed once again to the plastic crack! Bought the Dark Imperium boxed set and decided is concentrate on a Death Guard army, keeping the Space Marines for later (maybe Space Wolves or something).
Anyhoo - painting commences!


And a bit more;


Backpack containing meats, cheese, bread and various rotting body parts for the manufacture of biological weapons;


For someone who has been out of the ‘game’ for 20 years dude… that’s some seriously impressive work so far!


Thankyou! Went really slow on the first couple - it gets messy soon! :wink:


Snacks in place;


This Plague Marine just wants to share his grenades!


Stew you appear to be a master painter…


Haha! Very good! I’m often trying to improve my baiting skills as well! :rofl::rofl:


That moment when you realise you’ve gone a little too far… but still like it…


Has he been sick or shat himself?


Probably both I’d say @MicJules !


First 2 almost finished;


Next batch primed and base coated and hanging from the Nurgle Tree :rofl:


I usually only assemble to the point where nothing blocks other parts of the model. I know a lot of people just fully assemble first and then paint but I’m just not good enough to not end up with splotches all over the thing…


Oh how the details on their models have improved over the years! :smiley:


Absolutely! Unfortunately my eyes seem to be progressing in the opposite direction!!


Jesus how high def are these beautiful pictures


Thanks Buggs - Samsung S7 Edge :slight_smile:


Almost there. Got much quicker with the first part of the process;

I’d never used washes before so I’m really pleased with how much they help pick out the detailing on these minis;