Warhammer Painting

So, Zandra has said that her kids would be interested in doing some painting with me! :smiley:
I’ve asked if they wanted to do Sci-Fi or Fantasy, and they pointed out Age of Sigmar Banshees to start off and see how they like it :slight_smile:

Gonna order this and will set up a painting night over at theirs some night :slight_smile:




What the hell have you done?

I’ve been thinking through the number of different Kill Teams we could put together and talking about trying to revive boardgame days/weekends at ours after they died.

So far:

  • Tau
  • Necron
  • Plague Marines
  • Rubric Marines
  • Speeeeeesh marines
  • Harlequins
  • Tyranids
  • Neophytes

And we may have some Orks left.

This feels like expensive idle thinking.


Happy days! Prices have been released for some of the standalone units from the Shadowspear box. I recently got the Phobos Captain for use as my Chapter Master - Lias Issodon. I picked him up for €15, release price is going to be €25 at least. Small victory! :smiley:


I was reading about the Raptors and was surprised to read they make lots of use of Landspeeders. I haven’t seen them about for any chapter since something like 3rd when tables were covered in Smurf and Templar speeders.


Unless Land Speeders get a nice buff, I doubt I’ll be running any.

However, I’ve made progress on the test model for my Rievers.
Going for a noticeably darker scheme, denoting their more sneaky nature and prevalence for stabbing people in the face.

Base coats of Castellan green, abbadon black, bestial brown. Face mask is Ushabti bone. All-over with Nuln oil wash.
Now it’s detailing and attempting highlights!


The Riever was actually really quick to do to that standard, so going to see if I can get the other 2 “easy-build” ones done this weekend. Just need to get more primer.


Fucking show off :joy: I couldn’t manage that in a month

Other than an Executioner, what are you looking at adding next?

I’d really like some Stealth Suits, a Stormsurge, a Ghostkeel and Commander Farsight (£32.50?!?!?! What in the living plastic fuck?!) for my Tau.

I think I might have convinced Kate to grab Arihman and maybe some of the other fancy Thousand Sons.


After reading the HH book about how the T sons come about and what an amazing bloke Ahriman is I nearly went down that road…probably would have if I hadn’t already invested so much into Death Guard


I’m working on the remaining 2 Reivers, just undercoating them now. Will get them painted with Zandra tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

After those, it’s on to the Inceptors and Aggressors, then the Chaplain.

I’m not sure what next to pick up actually. I have a 10-man squad of Intercessors and Hellblasters to do, as well as the Gravis-Captain, Ancient, 2 x Lieutenants and 5 more Intercessors with regular Bolt Rifles to do. Then there is my Chapter Master to do as well.

I might strip the paint off my assault terminators and re-paint them for use in the Land Raider, aka: Delivery system for punchy dudes.

In terms of new units, there’s the new War Suit, but also the new Infiltrators and Eliminators coming out as well.

Reading the rules on the War Suit, it’s Flame Cannon is damn handy if you use them in secret deployment. Have to deploy outside of 9", but the weapon has a 12" range and 2D6 auto-hits!


Anyone else watch any of Luetin09’s videos on youtube?

The guy boils my piss. He pronounces stuff so weirdly and spends sooo much time in his videos explaining totally irrelevant shit. His video on the birth of Chaos (I think) is 1 hr 30 mins and nearly half of it is him explaining why it is so difficult to explain stuff and talking about topics like causality in a real-world sense only to then bin that because he’s not talking about the real world…what was the fucking point then?

And the fucking mid-video ads! Not just one, five or six video ads spread out across his vids.

Guy does my tits in.

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For your tits’ sake, stop watching his videos!


Yeah I have given up on the channel.

If you’re able to dig through the spaff the guy is actually really well researched and reveals nuggets I’ve not heard before in every other video, I just can’t listen to another description of a description.

Also Its KUH-TAN, not SUH-TAN!!!

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@vredesbyrd dude, check this out!


Picked up these bits in town for €50. Should help with organising the painting station and for transporting a few odds and ends. Also got a hobby craft knife with 5 blades.


Thats awesome!

I’ve surprisingly not seen many Dredd gangs considering there are actual Dredd minis.

They have to go the whole hog, maybe pick up some Custodes bikes and bash them with some of the militarum or even the tau bits.


Tiny bits of progress;



Those are looking fucking awesome dude!