Warhammer Painting


The Thousand Sons arrived yesterday, just picked up what I thought would be the battle boxes but turned out to be my Necro gang heads (that look too small…) so just waiting on the starter boxes now.

Sat down last night and finished trimming down the torsos and legs for the Neophytes ready to fill the torsos with green stuff and glue them tonight. On the to-do list for the Necro gang:

  • Fill and glue torsos
  • Trim all weapon options off the sprue
  • Drill and Magnetise arms and weapons

Looking at the Thousand Sons and the Neophytes weapon options I’ve noticed that a lot of the parts have the hands detached from the arms and instead moulded on to the weapons, at least for handles/triggers. Thankfully the magnets I have (All 246 of them!!) are small enough to be able to magnetise these spots so I think I should be ok, I’ll just end up ripping through the magnets.

Might even get to basing the gang and maybe the Thousand Sons this weekend if I get in the groove!


Quick snap of the heads, they look really small compared with the Neophyte heads but I’ll take one of the smaller ones, throw a green stuff joint on the neck like the Neophyte heads and see how they look:

I’ll snap some pics and post them up later.


What do you think? One of the smaller heads:


The size seems about right. Good point on the green stuff around the neck though.


Been busy:

Kate too:

I’ve also filed down and based the head I’m going to try out for Yondu:


Almost done drilling the arms:

(Left are drilled and trimmed, right are left to do)

Started magnetising them but its trickier than I remember and I ended up having to quickly remove most of the magnets because I’d put them in the wrong way. Need super concentration when I’m putting them in the sockets because the little bastards like flipping around and its difficult to check before the glue has set.

Might see about using a sharpie to paint one side so I can tell which end is the right one.


All arms and barrels drilled, time for shoulder sockets now the green stuff and glue on the torsos has set.


Got in to the zone!

All torsos magnetised though I might have to do a bit of work on a few:

All arms magnetised as well but again some work likely needed on a few where the plastic doesn’t set around the magnets quite right:

Figured out a workflow for magnetising the arms since I’d decided at some point to magnetise the first few torsos with differing poles pointing outward on the left and right sockets for some fucking reason.

I figured out the right order for one left and one right arm, stuck them in to some foam and then stuck a stack of magnets on both. I then used a sharpie to colour the face of the end magnets on each stack so I knew if they’d flipped in the socket while I was placing them. If it didn’t flip the coloured face should be showing:

It seemed to work out well but I’ll have to wait until everything is set to tell 100% for sure.

Also realised I’d forgotten to shape Yondu’s mohawk so coloured in the rough negative of the shape based on a reference picture, I might have made it a bit too small, what do you think?

Kate has also made a load of progress on her Thousand Sons finishing the despruing, trimming and glueing on 10 lots of legs (only five pictured because these are still drying):

That gives her torsos and legs for 10 of 11 models in the box:

Next up for her are the heads then the big job of magnetising the arms/weapon options. She has left the Sourcerer captain until last because of the thin banners sticking off his various parts, she wants to get to grips with despruing and trimming the others before that.

Need to start planning the paint job on my Ravagers now, going to dig up a few tutorials on painting dark red leather and see which fits the best.

Finally progress!


All seems to be good with the magnets:


Fuckin’ awesome stuff dude! :smiley:


Never thought of using magnets for that sort of thing. Your doing a grand job buddy


Took a break from it today because my fingers are sore and aching from the hand drilling and I’ve cut my fingers to ribbons trying to trim everything smooth.

Started looking at some bases for these guys and some tutorials for different skin colours and red leather. The skin tutorials are fairly easy to find but I just can’t find a tutorial for the colour of leather I want. Most of the ‘red’ leather tutorials are just a weird shade of brown rather than actually red.

Going to paint up a few of the Neophyte heads I’m not using to test the skin colour tutorials - one seems far too simple, just an off-white base then a blue wash but it looks like it’ll work for Yondu.

Still waiting on word from Wayland on my main order - they seem to have a hard time getting stock from GW in a timely fashion.


do you happen to know if GW still do their whole asshole distribution thing? It used to be the case that to get whatever stock they wanted third party retailers needed to take a certain amount of other stock based on what GW needed to shift. One of the games places in town had issues because in order to get what they needed to fulfill pre-orders for some 40k release that GW had told them they’d fulfill, they were then told they needed to buy in a few grands worth of other random stuff. As far as i’m aware it’s still there waiting for someone to want to buy it.


Yeah from what I’ve heard they still do this plus impose loads of other restrictions like a forced limit on the size of discounts (20% max or you’ll get messed about), disallowing things like bundles, going ape if you stock certain brands close to their stuff on your shelves, all sorts of not exactly illegal but still shady stuff.


ten quid says that’s why Wayland struggle to get stock :confused: I wonder if that’s also why amazon ends up with a really random selection of old overpriced stock.

Also, wtf does the Revell shit come from?

as an example; they look like they’re from old degraded molds from the mid 90’s space hulk set. worst seventy four quid you could spend.


Yeah I’d bet you’re right, this is the second order of newer GW stuff from Wayland that has been delayed.

And what the hell are those Revel sets?!


i was hoping you would know. I don’t see how or why they exist.


So weird, that seems like the absolute opposite thing GW would do…




Very nice.

Would so love them to make a proper Sanguinius model that size