Warhammer Painting


25 days later (Thanks - I assume - , GW) the Nids, Tau and Mahreeens have arrived. The ‘First Strike’ box is really heavy so I’ll do some pics of what you get in it - if it is as much as it feels from the weight it is worth the monies.

Oh yeah and the Hermes deliver guy threw the box over our 6 foot garden gate, the dick.

Another not so positive experience all around with Wayland but since both times the negatives have been the result of GWs sucky treatment of 3rd parties and delivery companies being fucking useless I really can’t chalk it up to being Wayland Games’ fault.

I might pick up my next boardgame from them instead of Fan Boy 3 or Amazon and see how I fair then.



Found out what these are today from a post on a 40k FB group. Revell are repackaing old runs from 2nd, 3rd and 5th edition 40k releases that GW apparently had a cache of as well as producing new models using old moulds/casts with changes to make them ‘easy assemble’.

They’re going really quite cheap in bunch of different places with things like the 3rd edition landspeeder kit going for less than £10 on ebay with P&P. Some dude on the FB group I joined with @spoonlamp went and spent £30 and got something like 5 bikes, a termie and a squad of marines.

Interesting behaviour on GWs part.


Kate grabbed us a Gundam each but with postage from Japan they take a while and only one has turned up after nearly a month.

They’re surprisingly easy to build and this one didn’t require any glue to build at all, using push pegs or different kinds of joints straight off the sprues. I’m a little disappointed with the scale since I thought they’d be bigger and this one is pretty fragile when it’s all assembled but it was good fun building it:

Oh and the pile of shame is begging me and Kate to get our act together which we’re looking at starting on again sometime this week:


Dam it Vred…now im gunna have to go through all my boxes in the loft to find out my Gundams


Oh, I’ll show you a pile of shame later on. I’ll stack up everything that I have at the moment that needs attention.

Also, interesting scheme on the Necron!


I’ll dig out my painted Crons at some point and post up pics, the scheme was a bitch to paint but I really like it.

Did a tiny bit on the pile of shame and started shaping Yondu’s mohawk on the test head:

Not sure yet, but I’ll paint it up and see.

Edit: I’m going for the prototype Yondu fin.


So… Ummmm, this doesn’t include the 50+ spaceships I have from Dropfleet Commander as there is no dedicated box for it. This also doesn’t include the half-painted army of Necrons, Lizardmen and Imperial Guard detachment that I have built.
This might take a while.


And let’s not forget about the 200+ models coming from 2 Kickstarter pledges and the inevitable purchasing of all future Necromunda gangs too. :blush:




Fairly crappy pictures but managed a couple of hours painting tonight. I’d already based and shaded the Primaris so I touched up the Mephiston red to brighten them up, leaving the recesses dark. Also painted the plasma rifles black. The scout snipers got a dash of agrellan earth on the bases, I painted the rims and I took the cloaks from a primed grey up to what they are now. Feels good to make progress, however slow.


Love the camo cloaks!


Thanks! I debated going super detailed with them but in the end I thought - keep it simple or get bored lol



Really thinking about abandoning my Mortifactors inspired SM scheme because I’m just not happy with how its turned out.

Thinking of changing it to just straight up Soul Drinkers…might even try my hand at making a Sarpedon conversion…


Sarpedon? Wotz dat?


Chapter Master of the Soul Drinkers:

Rejecting both the Imperium (though not the Emperor himself) and the forces of Chaos, Sarpedon followed the words of the Architect of Fate - who he and his chapter believed to be an aspect of the Emperor manifest; which was later revealed to be a Daemon Prince allied to Tzeentch. While following this daemon in disguise, Sarpedon developed a dramatic mutation of eight arachnid-like legs. One of these legs was torn off in a conflict with a Nurglite Champion, and replaced by an augmetic prosthetic which has yet to survive a book without being broken.

The books are great if a little heavy with the 40k outlandishness on a “Blood Angels teaming up with the Necrons to defeat the Tyranids” scale, but I love the story of them still being loyal to the Emp despite being physically corrupted by chaos and being renegades living on a space hulk.


Good lord I love this dudes voice!


Great isn’t he? I’ve watched tons of his stuff by now, fallen asleep with headphones on in bed more than a few times…


Loads of really good tips and general thoughts on tabletop gaming. I am itching to get my gang of Van Saar finished, then painted and finally start playing! :grin:


That’s why I imported DM to Belgium and have him read random internet articles to me - always fall asleep before he finishes the first paragraph.