Warhammer Painting


Fuck I suck at shading… Still, it’s 1 of 10 done.


Trying to pick up where I left off before Christmas - need to do some details and edge highlights but I’m about to try and stick some transfers on 5 of these;

Slightly blotchy job in general but I’m not going to redo them. Happy with how the heat effect came out on the plasma gun barrels, just washes.


Thought I’d ditch the slow, high detail approach to the Pox Walkers and see how they turn out with just some quick washes. Added a dry-brush to the horns and will pick out some details but happy with how they came out. This is about 5 or 6 hours work for me;

…and no, I haven’t finished the Hellblasters :joy::joy:


That’s a hell of a result for base and washes dude! :open_mouth:


…I kinda know what you mean. I just opened this thread on a whim, clicked on that video because of Caolan’s recommendation, and I’ve been listening to this for six minutes.

I don’t even have miniatures. It’s just nice to listen to.


Niece is away for a few hours today, so I’m going to try and get one of the Escher models painted up for her.

Hopefully get one or two more Van Saar done this evening too.

Ah, the joys of not having any stable internet in the evenings :smiley:


Hot damn this dude has some skills!


So these Hellblasters are pretty much done. I’ve ordered little plastic blood drops, 3D printed thingies, to go in the middle of their shoulder pad to designate which company they’re from. I’ll paint that green for 4th Company and be done with them.


You got some skillz there schpooooon. Looking good.


OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG…they just released this pic of the new Sanguinius model they are going to be selling.

This will defo have to be purchased :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::money_mouth_face:


I didn’t realise that was his Cape billowing behind him
My first thought was a gas cloud… I was puzzled.


I’m not sold on this at all. I mean as a piece to collect and paint it’s beautifully designed and the detail is awesome, but as a playing piece it’s…awkward at best.


Check out this version by a guy called Andrey Demidov. It’s in the wrong scale but it looks a lot less like a banshee getting non-consensually penetrated by the finger of a Mountain Giant;


Oh I agree schpooooon. As a playing piece it is no good but as I have not played for a very long time I just collect and paint and this one is just that.

And yes…there are other models out there that look a lot better, to be honest, now I’ve looked at him again, they could have done him much better



Duuuuuuuude for the emprah bruh


Lol narley dude


The alternative base and weapon option look a shit-ton better!


Yep…want even more now :slight_smile:


This morning’s progress is just some basecoats on this guy. Something to help get the Pox Walkers up the board;


Think I’m gunna send all my models to you to paint :slight_smile: