Warhammer Painting


Part of me just wants to assemble ALL of the Primaris marines, scouts and Land Raider, as well as the damn Knight, but I know I’ll never get them properly painted that way :confused:


I only have one Reaver primed and some of the lower armour plates done so far.

What I’m going to do is prep the rest of that 3-man team and a squad of Intercessors this evening and prime them all. See if I can get some momentum going.

@spoonlamp is putting me to shame :smiley:

I also have to make some progress on my Van Saar! Ambots are arriving this week :blush:


Right, well, there’s a fucking storm outside, so fuck spraying anything!


" The Foetid Bloat-drone, also called simply a Bloat-drone, is an aerial Daemon Engine of Nurgle, designed to provide aerial combat support for the forces of the Death Guard. Labouring through the air on buzzing turbines and driven by the trapped essence of a Nurgle daemon, the Foetid Bloat-drone drifts towards the enemy like an armoured plague fly.

This hideous war engine bears monstrous weapons onto the battlefield to annihilate the enemies of the Death Guard. Clad in rusting plates of rot-iron armour, their hulls overflowing with flabby foulness, Foetid Bloat-drones can withstand ferocious amounts of punishment and still keep fighting."


This is what the non-tainted version of a blight drone looks like:


That thing needs more cyber tentacles.


My hentai senses are tingling senpai