Warhammer Painting


Definitely trying to make sure I don’t go too far on these. Also I don’t want to get bored of painting and have it become a chore!


Another thing I changed - sticking them on these cups helps with handling them when painting, never used to do that either.

Just need to paint the bases on these guys at the front and I’m calling them done;


Absolutely gorgeous fella apart from the troop choice haha


Holy shit dude! You’re churning through that pestilent little horde! :open_mouth:


They looking dam good schpooooon. And yeah, washes are great for picking out the details. Gets into all the little places :slight_smile:


I have never seen the fascination but what do you do with them once they are painted and modeled?


Either they sit around looking pretty and collecting dust…

Or you go to battle!


The bastards have a giant beer-glass tower of death in play! That thing has 3d6 damage and a range of 48" when spilt over!


AND you don’t need to roll to hit, automatically hits anything not in cover!


So as I said, finished the bases and these are good enough for me. Pleased how they came out;


Next two in progress;


Fucking superb stuff so far Spoon! :smiley: Not painted in 20 years my arse…

I will have my Redemptor finished today. Just ordered a set of custom decals for the troops as well.


automatic crits if prone too.

all your nurglers look fantastic btw :slight_smile:


Very kind of you to say so!
I’m constantly fighting a battle between doing them “quickly” and scruffily or taking my time, the balance is tricky and it’s doing terrible things too my eyesight!


Causes hell with your patience too! I was fucking tempted to scrap the missile launcher completely yesterday evening!


I’ll post up with my plans tomorrow including paints and process, but this is something I’ve seen recently and I love the scheme so I’m going to paint up the Termis from the Spacehulk box Caolan got me for my 30th:

It’s an alternative Mortifactors scheme that I love since the purple reminds me of the Soul Drinkers (Who I also love and want to do a lore-friendly build of, Spidey-Sarpedon and all) and the fact that the Mortifactors appear in my favourite Ultramarines novel ‘Warriors of Ultramar’ before the UltraSmurfs books went to shit.


One of the really helpful colour conversion charts I use - linky.

Here’s my process with a mix of Vallejo and Citadel and in some places listing both:

Original intention was to base with black but going to try out grey on Cals advice as well as black and see which shades of the white and purple I prefer.

Process taken from this video.

  • Naggaroth night/Hexed Lichen - colour base
  • Xereus Purple/Royal purple - first highlight/dry brush
  • Druchii violet wash
  • Xereis purple/Royal purple highlight/dry brush

Process taken from this video althought I’m cutting a bunch of his steps.

  • Bonewhite - colour base
  • Sepia wash (I love Sepia wash!!!)
  • Bone white highlught/dry brush

Process taken from this article.

  • Balthasar Gold/Hammerhead Copper - first colour base
  • Gehenna’s Gold/Glorius gold - second colour base (keep it out of the crevices)
  • Auric Armour Gold/ Polished gold - third colour base (very thin layer over previous layer)
  • Agrax Earthshade/ Umber wash
  • Golden Griffon light highlight/dry brush

Going for ‘blued silver’ here - can’t find the post.

  • Shining Silver - colour base
  • Guilliman Blue + Drakenhof Nightshade 1:1 - double wash with drying time in between
  • Shining Silver highlight/drybrush


Something I haven’t mentioned is why I’m not using Citadel paints and going to the effort of colour matching with Vallejo.

Couple of reasons:

  • Vallejo pots are 17ml as opposed to 12ml from Citadel and can be had on Amazon for £2.45 a pot for Model range and £2.96 for washes - a nominal saving especially since GW dropped prices on some of their range but you get 5ml more for 30p less per pot which mounts up when you consider my next points…

  • The washes come in different sizes right up to 200ml

  • The paints don’t need thinning nearly as much

  • They cover just as well as Citadel

  • They smell of mint

Also looking at picking up some Army Painter Quickshade and doing a post showing the results.


So much depth!
I tend to look at guides and things and have a quick read, digest it and then aim for an easy version, especially after realising how long it’s taking me to paint these Death Guard. I’ve been struggling to find the time as well what with daughter being on October break…but I’ve kind of hit a wall trying to get the DG Plague Marine’s Champion done, just getting my head around what is meant to be armour, or teeth or cloth or armour or tentacle… things just suddenly pop out when you hit it with a wash!

I’m aiming for ok table-top, not proud display :wink:


Got an email this morning saying that the Raptor decals have been shipped, so should have them in a week or so.