Warhammer Painting


I’m not so confident in my execution of the plan!

I tend to get really impatient and balls up what I’ve spent ages planning.


Also painting drunk…


Loving seeing this stuff. Love that colour scheme vred, curious to see how it turns out. That is a far more elaborate plan for painting than i’ve ever had!

i haven’t painted anything in years, though i did get some paints and brushes to faff with last year, i only got as far as installing half the magnets in my prototype necromunda gangers :confused:


Paints and brushes ordered!

Intended to go out to Halfords/Wilkinsons today and grab some primer but bit the bullet and got a new Citadel one called ‘Corax white’ which is actually grey…which makes total sense to no one.

Also forgot the Golden Griffon which has no non-Citadel equivalent since its a new type of ‘dry’ paint from Citadel, it also isn’t available on Amazon either so it’ll have to be a GW job…I hate that place.

This has also turned in to a big painting session for the weekend with hopefully @TOONFOOD, Kate, her bro and me working through the 600 or so models sat unpainted.

I can’t even remember exactly what I’ve got either…something like:

  • About 10-15k of Necrons
  • Space Hulk box (12 mahreens, 22 'stealers)
  • Two lots of Blackreach Orkies (Kates - 58 models)
  • A Harlequin troop (Kates, 6 models))
  • A dozen Skaven (Kates)
  • Three factions of Dust Tactics (Allies, Axis and Russians - 54 models)
  • Arcadia Quest (37 minis)
  • Zombicide (71 minis)
  • Fire Team Zero (46 figures)
  • Masmora (5 minis)

Probably loads of others I can’t even remember…I’m sure I have some more mahreens knocking around.

Edit: I should add that I don’t intend to get through all of the models…that isn’t even possible with the amount of paint we have and I don’t have any Quickshade yet!


Fook it, ordered the Quickshade ‘strong tone’ which is actually just the medium but is named confusingly.


Stuff is arriving in dribs and drabs which annoys me since I paid the more expensive delivery options on stuff but things were delayed at dispatch - thanks again, Wayland Games.

One thing to note, and something that is my mistake really but still: The Army Painter Quickshade cans are small for the price, really small. The images of the cans are fairly misleading and many pages don’t list the size of the cans so you’re paying upwards of £18 for 200ml of varnish which should do 200 minis - there are bigger cans, but the price catapults with the size.

Any way, for those who don’t know what this stuff is, here’s a vid (there are not many good ones, this shows it off a little better than most even if the quality is a bit naf):

Quick process for this is generally:

  • Prime (you can speed the process along if you use a primer colour that is the same as a base colour you will use a lot of like the video above)
  • All base colours
  • Quick shade
  • Quick edge highlights or dry brush with base colours

The last step is optional unless the shine on the models bugs you:

  • Matt varnish coat over the top - This can be tricky so you MUST follow the instructions on the can to the letter, fortunately it doesn’t take much of a coat to counteract the shine from the varnish

I have something like 12 Zombies from Zombicide primed in purple, green and blue which we’re going to use as a way of varying the rotting skin colour of the zeds and minus the matt varnish step, we’re going to try the process out on these models over the weekend.

I’ll post some pictures of the primed models up when I get home later.


Oh and I’ve de-sprued the Termis from the Deathwing set and trimmed all of the flash and sprue bits off them, I’ll throw some pics of this up as well.


Just by way of an update from me, this is what I’ve been working on when time permits. I spend a lot of time just looking at it trying to figure out what to do lol. I took these images to send to @naloac for advice on the 2 skulls. I’m committed to using dirty white for the cloth head dress and cape (at least for this unit) but was looking for a way to make the 2 skulls pop a little without looking like they’re the same colour as the cape. Caolan sorted me out though :grin:


The cape and the gem on the chain at the back are excellent mate!!!


Some pics as promised:

Everything barring the dry gold citadel I forgot to order and a set of cheapo extra brushes:

The assembled (but not yet glued or primed) Termis:

Turns out We’d based a lot more of the Zombicide models than I remember:

And I’d even done a practice paint on one of the fatties with the random paints I had at the time:

Fairly sloppy work really but I was just dicking around.

Size comparison of the Zombicide models Vs a Termi:

And a size comparison of the paints with a Termi for reference:

Edit: Dunno what the fuck is going on but I posted a load of duplicate images…updated now, fucking phone/imgur app/Firefox mobile…


That Blue set the latest cast from Strictly Come Dancing :smiley:


I was going to get the Termis based with what little light we had left but spent ages fucking around with the pictures and a bit of house work and now it’s dark.

I’ll base them and snap another pic tomorrow along with the other shizzle we get painted between us.


I still say that those Space Hulk terminators are among the best that GW has produced in the last 10 years.

Gideon (Thunder Hammer), Claudio (lightning claws), Leon (assault cannon) and Goriel (one-eyed decapitating stance) are the best of the lot.

Gideon will become my Terminator lieutenant for my Raptors.


Fuuuuuuuucking hell!




I wonder how many people are now looking at their collection and realising just how much money this hobby costs!


Found a bit of time today so pushed on with getting the second plasma gun ready for the unit. Completed one next to it for comparison;


So yesterday’s painting session went really well - @TOONFOOD, Kate, her bro and me painting Zombicide minis as a practice/intro back in to painting.

@TOONFOOD’s Zombicide fatty:

Kate’s Zombicide fatty:

Kate’s bro’s Zombicide fatty:

I was trying out a few different things so did a few of the normal Zombies.

First Runner:

First Roamer - not happy with his shirt or tie - I fucked up his shirt by not letting the washes dry before I started trying to highlight then and endless cycle of paint and repaint. And I chose a shit colour for the tie:

Second Roamer:

Second Runner:

Third unfinished roamer:

Lotsa messing with dry brushing:

The aftermath:

Shakey hangover hands and shitty lighting - I might retake a few pictures but these give the gist.


Love these!



Those odd photos look like the cast from the Thriller music video…


Probably my proudest work to date. Those troops will stay in line, even if some must be melted to be sure :wink: