Warhammer Painting

Some recent work I’ve managed to get finished.


Looking good mate, you play your marines as iron hands then?

Nope! Raven Guard successors: Raptors.

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Just saw this:

Holy shit.


That’s pretty fucking epic!


Been watching that guy for a while and he’s awesome!


Some recent stuff


Very nice indeed! The stone works really well on the bases.


I started painting again to try and help my mental health.

Still painting Tau but I found some unbuild orks in the loft so I shall start them soon


@Reno That’s looking really good dude! :smiley:

The Tau are getting their new codex soon and the guns they have are getting scary upgrades!


@Reno they look good dude.

Well for Tau :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hope your doing well man!


Well, considering they’re about to get a hell of a boost in-game, it’s a good time to start.

Just been building some old orks I had built two deffkoptas but I have a left over bit no idea were it goes. Can’t see it on the instructions

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They are shell casings that go onto the base. It’s just detailing for the stands :slight_smile:

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Ok so my new contrasts turned up today and have them a try.

I still suck and rattle can undercoating any tips would be great I keep getting uneven and patchy results.

But the plaguebearer flesh contrast and Biel tan green shade work brilliant for the Orks meaty bits

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i can’t remember who told me but it works well for me you start spraying to the side then you move over your figure so your not starting on the figure

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The guild I’m trying to follow for theses orks is a base coat of grey seer and just from the top wrathe bone white to help with highlighting the top of the model

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Contrast paint need those primers to really work. I’ve not used them yet myself, but I got an Orruk Megaboss today as I’ve been wanting to paint it for ages.

The Ork skin looks really good Reno! Get a squad together like that and it’ll look ace.

I got the decals done on my heavy Intercessors this evening.