Warhammer Painting


Love the work on the face! How did you get that snow base effect?


The face was actually an interesting cop out: I used a very very watered down brown/bronze, which pooled around any crevices, bringing out the features nicely.

The snow base was a pre-packaged thing, but it’s basically a lot of small white fibres. I just lay down glue where I wanted it to settle and sprinkled up layer by layer until it was enough.


What kind of heresy is this!?!?!?!


For the love of all that is holy my daughter must NEVER see these…


What teh actual feck…but i must admit…its very well done


Did a bit with my Space Hulk termis, drilling the barrells out.

Going to grab some copper wire from the Tech department tomorrow so I can stand them up for basing.


When you get 30 minutes to have a quick paint but spend the entire time trying to figure out just what the hell you’re meant to be painting…


Magnets and glue arriving today so I’ll do some assembly of my Genestealer Neophytes and base them along with the termis I keep not getting around to.

Forgot to order some bloody copper wire for basing so I’ll grab some tooth picks instead.

Hopefully if it doesn’t go dark before I’m home (At work for a Saturday session then shopping…yay) I’ll get to do it tonight.


Ok, some progress!

All termis weapons drilled and toothpicked read for basing:

Started a few of the Neophytes as well:

Some goodies arrived:

This is soo fucking cool, my inner child is screeching with glee:

Some issues with the magnets since the bodies are hollow and I’ve got plastic glue. The magnets are stitting in the glue too well and the ones in the bodies are falling through to the gap inside because I have to drill the hole so deep. Think I’m going to need some green stuff to close up the cavity.


That’s a lot of weapons for the Neophytes!


Yeah, I’m going to need to order some more magnets along with some greenstuff and the paints for the Neophyte scheme I planned.

Then I need to order the heads, some other arms and the Guardians models I need for the gang…SO MANY MONIES!!!


Chucked a couple more of the torsos together and checked how the magnets have held on the others. The magnets are working a treat but because I had to do so much adjustment because the magnets were falling inside the torso, the glue flowed a bit and has minced the contact area on the torso where the arms go melting the plastic and making it look really unattractive.

Going to have to be more careful with the next lot.


That is both a great thing and a terrible thing with plastic glue, it melts it to make the contact, so you can use it to correct small casting errors in places. However it does also cause issue with a few other things when you’re modifying stuff.


Good grief! @vredesbyrd you have vast tracts of plastic!!
I took a minor detour today and looked into making some very simple rough and ready barricades/cover. Going with the below - 4 of these as separate pieces can be moved about easily or can be put side by side to make a line of cover for about 20 models. Will convert with stuff and bits and paint etc. Just left over plastic from microwave meals :smile:


A jaw-dropping piece I came across - some inspiration for @NaloaC perhaps??


I’ve based the termis:

But I’m not happy. The coverage looked smooth when I applied it, but after a minute or two of drying it started to crack:

I was very careful to apply a thin coat but for it to do that it must have been too thick or maybe they’ve changed the paint formula of the cans or something.

I’ve applied a bit of the purple base to see how well it covers and how visible the cracking is and it doesn’t look bad to the naked eye but it is visible in pictures:

Going to test paint one of the termis in the fully planned scheme and decide if I’m going to strip and re-base with another primer or if it looks passable enough to go ahead with.

Kinda annoyed since I sat there for the 2 mins shaking the can like a spaz, had the model the right distance away, spray in sweeping archs whilst turning the model…all the stuff I’ve done a hundred times before and only had problems with when I was learning to airbrush.


That’s a shame - I had that happen to one small batch (ie 2 models including bits) of Plague Marines but for them the look worked. I put it down to being a far more moist day when I did the spraying, it rained just as I was finishing. Hope you’re happy with how yours come out - they don’t look too bad, not as bad as mine were.


I think you’re right about the weather being the cause. The can has been sat in the uninsulated conservatory and was probably much too cold maybe causing some clumping of the pigment in the paint.

I’ve spent a bit of time throwing the base colours on to see how they cover and seeing how the scheme works on the termis since it’s planned for normal marines - some quick and dirty pictures:

The paint is covering well so far and I’m really happy with the coverage of the Valejo bone white but I’m not sure about the way I’ve applied the scheme to the model. There isn’t enough purple, too much white and I’m not sure about the silver at the moment. It’ll all change when I apply the washes and highlights so I’ll be patient with it and finish before I go fucking around with it too much.

Next steps are:

  • Another coat of white
  • The first layers of the gold
  • Purple drybrush
  • Gold drybrush
  • Touch ups
  • Purple wash
  • Sepia wash over the white
  • Drybrush over the feet to darken them
  • Blue’d wash over the silver areas
  • Wash over the gold
  • Final drybrush over the silver
  • Final drybrush over the purple
  • Final drybrush over the gold
  • Final drybrush over the white
  • Final darkening drybrush over the feet

Haven’t decided what to do about the details like the blood drop emblems, wires and joints and stuff.

My knee jerk would be to repaint the top half of the torso in purple, keeping the bottom half white and painting the panel on the back white. Dunno yet though.


I find your lack of face disturbing…


So, back to the drawing board, at least in part.

The ‘blue’d’ metal doesn’t work with the rest of the scheme. I’ll take some pics in better light so you can see, but brighter silver just doesn’t work, at all. Going to have a think what to replace it with, maybe something darker like Boltgun+Devlan mud.

Since I’ve started a test model, I’ll try out the gold as well to see if it works or not.

Might scrap the scheme and change it to Soul Drinkers, maybe keep the bone white colour for the head.