Warhammer Painting


Someone please help me…


i’ve ordered a few bits from victoria miniatures before but hadn’t seen these guys, now i’m tempted:


they do a lot of guard conversion stuff, which is useful if you have non-power-armour-wearing humans.


There are sooooo many minis I want. Too many. I want half of Forgeworld, loads from Hastlefree, there a bunch of Gundam and other mecha kits I want, Warmachine, the AVP models…

I’m such a sucker for minis.


The Plastic Meth…


doesn’t fuck up your teeth half as bad, and is less prevalent in poorer communities. The meth of the middle-class then…


Not far from done with this first Pox Walker. Using a very simple wash - based approach and just adding a little detail and highlights at the end, darken the base colour a bit more and do something with the eyes…


Lookin’ smashing Spoony!

We have our first picture of the new Sisters of Battle…


Oh wow, they look pretty damn good!


I may now be touching myself furiously…


These are some impressive looking minis!



Liking the look of the revers. Still kept a lot of their old model but nicely updated. Would love to see them do the Warhounds.

Loving the sisters model.

And schpooooon. I’m liking the Pox Walker. I like the un finished eyes on it. Makes it look more tainted


He he he he he!!!



Also, look at the teeny tiny knights! :smiley:


More progress on the Angryman!

The axe blade to do, one or two highlights, a little something to the base and he’ll be done. I could spend forever on him but I’ve got too much to do!


Rubbish pictures, terrible light - still need to do more highlighting though…


Having learned nothing from the previous lighting crapness, today’s effort is another Poxwalker mostly done:


Holy Terra! :open_mouth:


I want the Warhound there :slight_smile:




Well, it’s a hell of a pack for the super-dooper boxed set, but it’s a hell of a price too! $290!

Still works out surprisingly cheaper than the individual parts. Warhound and Reaver Titans will be released in the coming weeks.