Warhammer Painting



Kate gave me permission to buy one of the starter army sets today while we popped in to GW looking for the Eisenhorn model (no luck :frowning: ).

I had the Tau box in one hand and the Nid box in the other…

My collection of unpainted shame stopped me taking her up on it though but it was touch and go - those fish heads have some nice models…


Also looking to sub to the new mag since, if all 80 issues are released, you get a huge amount for the money.

Also seriously reconsidering the starter set…maybe I’ll start a Tau army?! Maybe some nids?!

I am such a plastic whore…


I’ve always really loved the Tyranid armies and nearly went that way this time. If it weren’t for the Death Guard in the Dark Imperium box I probably would have went that way…


There are…

No good…

Models for either army…

And the sheer…

Suggestions that you should…

Even consider getting either race…

Is a mockery…

Nobody likes Railguns…

Or swarms of chitinous nightmares…

But at least there is one good set of models for Tau…



Though, if you go for either, I would have a few units for each if you want them.

1 Tyrant
1 Carnifex (Screamer Killer).
1 Lictor
1 Tyrant Guard

1 DevilFish (I think)
3 Stealth Suits
1 unit of basic Tau grunts.

Welcome to them if you want any of them.

Both the Lictor, Guard and Tyrant are all metals too.


Was looking at that myself but would mean more models that would not be built and go with the other 20 odd 40k models to paint and the over 40 airplane models to build. Also I bought a massive pack of paints ages ago…left them as didn’t have time to paint…all dried up :frowning:


I thought the magazine release idea was scrapped? I could be wrong though.

EDIT: I stand corrected, it is going ahead. It ain’t cheap though. Issues 1 & 2 are 10 quid, then 4, 5 & 6 are another 30. The next 4 issues are a further 40 quid.

Now, that being said, you get a handful of models with each kit (I presume from each faction) and some modelling supplies and some extra gubbins. It probably works out financially, but the mish-mash of units is a bit off putting. Also, I’m broke, so that’s no more models for me for a loooong while.

Also, the plastic-crack backup :smiley:


Here are the 'nids available. I still have the weapon options leftover for the Tyrant.

This is my existing Spesh Mahreen army.

Really have to get my Primaris fucking moving…


She…she’s trying to convince me to get both sets now…she’s saying I can pretend the other army is hers if it makes me feel better…

I’m getting the plastic shakes…


Ordered a few sets of heads for my Necro-guardians gang:

Going to use the first three on the left.

Going to use the first two on the left:

Going to use the middle two:

Going to use one or two of the Neophyte heads and see if I can file one of the mohawks a bit to look a bit like Yondu then see about picking up the Guardians miniatures and hope the scale isn’t too off like I’ve mentioned.

Also figured out a possible solution to the magnets slipping inside the chest cavity, going to fill it with green stuff when I glue the torsos then leave it a few days to set fully and drill in to that.


Have you checked out Hasslefree stuff? There might be a few things there of interest.



Yeah the heads range isn’t what I’m after but there were a few models I could use as the base for Draxx and Gamora. It is suprisingly hard to find mixed alien/scifi heads.


So I might have also just started 4 new armies…



In for a penny in for a pound: Also ordered 200 magnets.


Those will certainly keep your brushes busy for a while!


Kate felt left out and wanted to dig her Orks back out but they seem to have gotten lost in the move (two lots of the Black Reach Orkies) so she’s asked for a box of Thousand Sons Rubric Marines which are now on the way as well!


Orks are actually the next Codex coming out. Ghaz is coming back (supposedly) in a scale big enough to rival Robbie Girlyman.


I’ve missed reading in the white dwarfs about Ghaz. Come to think about it, I have a shit ton of white dwarfs up in the loft all in plastic wallets. Might have to go see how they are doing and have a look through em :slight_smile:


Woah, wait, what in the…